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Large Claw Clips: How To Make Beautiful Customizations


When it comes to hair accessories, large claw clips are the definition of fun and funky. They only take a few seconds to wear but instantly transform one’s appearance, making them perfect for date nights, coffee dates, and running errands.

Every season, a new selection of hair accessories hits the market, and there are many different styles. Making decisions about what to create to stand out in this dynamic and competitive market can be difficult.

The following sections outline three ways to personalize large claw clips to grab and hold customers’ attention in 2023. Also, it provides a global overview of the hair accessories market. Keep reading to learn more.

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Global overview of the hair accessories market
Three ways to customize large claw clips in 2023
Final words

Global overview of the hair accessories market

Woman rocking a seashell customized claw clip

Hair is essential to one’s self-perception and appearance. People look and feel better with well-groomed, shiny, and healthy hair. Because of this, they try out various hairstyles, take good care of their hair, and accessorize to look fashionable. There are many different types of hair accessories on the market right now for women, who buy the majority of hair accessories.

In 2018, the world market for hair accessories was estimated at $3.5 billion. It is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% throughout the forecast period, reaching $31.6 billion by 2028.

The availability of numerous appealing accessories, the emergence of new fashion trends and hairstyles, and the rapid advancement of production technology are significant drivers of increasing demand for hair accessories. Consumers’ growing preference for fashionable products that serve a practical purpose while giving hairstyles excellent aesthetics is also significantly driving the market’s growth.

The internet also influences this market through social media, blogs, and vlogs, increasing consumer perception and the use of hair accessories. In addition, many people develop their grooming, makeup, and fashion skills by following internet celebrities and influencers. Customers can access many outlets selling beauty products, including hair accessories, thanks to the internet.

The last few years have seen an increase in consumer demand, and the coming years will likely see this trend continue.

Three ways to customize large claw clips in 2023

Add studs or jewels

Lady wearing a studded large claw clip

Pick out some decorative studs or jewels

Head to the craft store and select some fake jewels, studs, rhinestones, or pearls to dress up plain big claw clips.

For stylish statements, use gold studs or pearls. Earth-colored jewels are perfect for a more toned-down look. Tiny pearls transform ordinary clips into chic pieces. For nature-loving consumers, try trimming the stems of some artificial flowers. Metal letters are a perfect way to add words to clips.

These are popular ways to embellish claw clips: use a few small studs or jewels for a more subdued decoration; apply a few large ones to fill the clip; use only one size of studs or pearls; mix the sizes; cover the entire surface; cover just one side; or use just one large accent pearl.

Add some hot glue to the large claw clip

After settling on the ornament and design, the next step is selecting the glue. Hot glue is good for quick crafts. However, super glue gel is better for a more secure hold. Again, it depends on the style in mind and the type of ornaments chosen.

Pearls come off quickly with hot glue but are held in place by super glue. Hot glue works well with studs, letters, and rhinestones. The hot glue gun also needs a power outlet to warm the adhesive.

Put pea-sized glue dots on the sides of the clip. Keep them neat, so they do not drip down the sides. When using hot glue, apply extra caution. Hot glue is scorching; touching it before it dries can burn the skin.

Secure the stud or jewel to the glue for 10 seconds

Place the beads, studs, or letters on the glue dots and press them down for a few seconds for the glue to dry. For tiny jewels, use tweezers or needle-nose pliers.

As mentioned earlier, hot glue is ideal for quick crafts because it dries almost instantly. Super glue gel also dries quickly.

Add the decorative stones until satisfied

If using a single large jewel, once the glue is dry and the gem is fixed nice and square, the clip is ready for sale. Keep adding jewels on the claw clip for full embellishment until the entire piece is bejeweled.

There are various ways to spice up a plain-looking clip. For example, mix and match jewelry sizes and colors for a vibrant statement piece, or add some faux feathers.

Decorate with washi tape

Blonde lady rocking a large green claw clip

Washi tapes stick best on smooth surfaces, so ensure to pick clips with no openings or holes on the sides. These tapes are not extensive and may not seem ideal for large claw clips. However, there are ways to decorate oversized claw clips using them.

Cut a strip of washi tape

The first step is to measure and cut the appropriate length of ribbon to cover the clip. Cut as many strips as possible for full coverage of the claw clip.

There are various colors and patterns, such as floral, polka dots, and stripes. Anything is possible, and that includes mixing patterns or colors.

Put the washi tape on the large claw clip

Place the tape over the flat side of the clip. Carefully adhere the tape to the clip’s surface. Smoothening out with the fingers will help remove any crease or bump. It is okay if the tape protrudes a little bit. Adjusting the placement is easy; simply peel the tape off the clip and give it another go.

For complete coverage, place the strips of tape one after another as desired.

Remove the excess tape with scissors

Remove any tape hanging off the clip’s edges with scissors. Also, remove any sticky spots to prevent the accessory from sticking to the hair when worn.

Plain ribbons can be used instead of washi tapes. For this, use double-sided tapes to attach the ribbons to the clips.

Customize with a bow

Brunette woman wearing a flower-shaped claw clip

Cut a rectangular-shaped fabric (preferably 22 by 11 cm)

Choose the material for the bow. Businesses can use any fabric type or design to make the bow, depending on individual preferences. Floral patterns give a sweet springtime look. Stripe or polka dot fabrics are suitable for making versatile bows.

Lay the fabric on a flat surface. To create the central part of the bow, measure and draw a rectangle using a ruler and fabric chalk. Cut it out carefully using a pair of scissors.

Cut another rectangular-shaped fabric (10 by 3 cm)

Measure and cut out a smaller strip of material for the bow’s center. A statement piece of fabric with a distinctive pattern can be used, or create a cohesive bow using the same cloth.

Fold the larger rectangle in half and glue

Turn the larger rectangular fabric over so the wrong side faces out. Fold one side up lengthwise until it reaches the center of the rectangle. Fold the other side down until it barely overlaps the first fold. Join both folds using hot glue, super glue gel, or double-sided tape. Precision is not a priority here.

Fold the ends of the fabric widthwise and glue

Fold the right and left ends of the fabric until they meet in the center, forming a rectangle. Join them together with glue. Ensure the ends are fully adhered to and dry. Ultimately, there will not be any ruffles or curves, just a loose bow shape.

Wrap the smaller strip around the bow

Wind the thin strip of fabric around the middle of the large rectangle. Pull in firmly to create a curved bow shape and crease in the bow’s center. Use glue to secure the fabric on the back of the bow.

If necessary, fluff up the middle of the fabric before gluing it down. The bow should have a crimped center, similar to a bow tie.

Glue the bow to the claw clip

Put a pea-sized glue dot in the middle of the large clip. Ensure the bow aligns lengthwise on the claw clip to cover it completely. Add some pea-sized glue dots to the edges of the clip for more hold. Press down the bow on the clip and hold for about 10 seconds for it to adhere.

And voilà! The clip is ready for sale.

Final words

Decorated clips are having their moment! Oversized claw clips are favorites because they are easy to use with all hair types and lengths. Throw in some pearls, buttons, or even a feather, and they will become more chic and appealing.

Clients are usually impressed when they learn that these accessories are custom-made. Customizing is a go-go to stay winning in this incredibly dynamic industry. Decorating these large clips is easy and fast, and businesses can make many of them at a go. A plain claw clip can become a statement piece with jewels, washi tape, fabric, and glue.

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