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5 Baseball Caps Customers Will Want To Wear Every Day


Baseball caps can be worn by a wide variety of people thanks to how versatile this type of hat is. Whether paired with streetwear, athleisure, or preppy outfits, baseball hats can be used as a daily fashion item. These are the trends in baseball caps customers will want for everyday wear.

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Overview of the baseball cap market
Top baseball cap trends
Reaching a wider market in baseball hats

Overview of the baseball cap market

The global baseball cap market was valued at USD 15.57 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand to USD 21.79 billion by the end of 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.76% within the forecast period.

Although baseball caps were originally used by baseball athletes and fans to shield their eyes from the sun during games and training, baseball hats are now being worn by both men and women as a fashion item

A growing participation in sports by women is also driving market growth. Women of all ages can wear baseball caps during sports activities, like softball, jogging, or exercising in the gym, or during leisure time outdoors.

Top baseball cap trends

Distressed snapback

Man wearing gray faded baseball cap
Blue mesh back cap with loose threads

Distressed snapbacks are hats that have a significantly aged appearance. They are popular because they are unfussy and can match the aesthetic of other distressed clothing.

There are a variety of ways to design a distressed baseball cap. Faded color and fabric can make caps look as if they have been frequently washed, while snags, nicks, streaks, and worn spots along the brim or crown give baseball hats a tattered appeal. Frayed ends or loose threads and an unstructured design are other ways to give distressed caps a weathered finish.

The distressing can also be slightly different on each hat for a customized design that looks truly vintage. 

Unstructured caps

Black unstructured hat with nylon strap adjustable back
Blue unstructured cap with orange embroidered lettering

An unstructured cap is a hat that does not keep its shape once it is taken off the wearer’s head. This lack of structure is created through the absence of a buckram, which is a piece of stiff fabric generally inserted into the two front panels of a structured baseball cap. 

Unstructured baseball caps are popular as painter’s caps or for casual wear. Most unstructured caps come with a lower profile because they cannot support a taller crown. They are commonly made of cotton and can have either a solid or mesh back.

Unstructured baseball hats can come with embroidered logos, but their softer feel and floppier style may not display branding as clearly as a structured cap.

Custom logos

Light pink cap with teal 3D embroidered logo
Beige baseball hat with melting ice cream cone logo

Baseball caps are appealing partly because they can be customized with any logo or design along the crown. Custom logos are great for promoting a brand or giving customers a way to express their interests, beliefs, and affiliations through headwear. Baseball hats with custom logos are also ideal for work uniforms or branded merchandise.

Different areas of the hat are often customizable, including along the front, back, and side of the crown or on the top of the brim. Branding can also be added to the cap in a variety of ways. A 2D or 3D embroidered logo is most common, but embroidered, woven, rubber, metal, or leather patches can also be applied to the hat. Screen printing or heat pressed printing are other techniques for custom branding.

Suede material

Woman in black suede baseball cap
Blue suede baseball hat with white logo

Baseball hats can be made from many different materials or blends, including canvas, nylon, trucker mesh, poly-twill, or twill. Suede baseball caps are becoming a hot item because the material strikes a balance between sporty and refined. 

Suede is soft leather made from the underside of an animal skin, which gives it a napped surface finish. Suede baseball hats are generally produced in neutral colors to give it a more fashionable look for everyday wear. 

Suede caps may come with eyelets to ensure the hat remains breathable or an adjustable back to enable fit for a wide range of head sizes. Adjustable closures can be designed as a snap closure, leather strap, nylon strap with plastic buckle, cloth strap with metal slider, or a Velcro strap.

Dad hats

Man on mountain hike wearing a beige dad hat
Man with khaki green dad cap

Dad hats are a simple 5-panel or 6-panel baseball cap with soft front panels, a slightly curved bill that is more flattering than a flat brim, and a lower profile that sits higher up on the head. 

Dad baseball hats are adored for their relaxed vibe and comfortable design, which allows them to be worn daily by the average person. They are commonly used for outdoor leisure activities like fishing, camping, or hiking. 

Dad caps are generally made from cotton or canvas with a small and uncomplicated logo or no logo at all. Simple colors like olive, navy, black, or gray are most suitable for this type of hat since dad caps are frequently worn with khakis, jeans, or sweats. They will often come as a one size fits most design with a Velcro or slide closure.

Reaching a wider market in baseball hats

Baseball caps are fashion accessories that can be worn on a daily basis. The latest trends in baseball hats are focused on a carefree look that is easy to wear. Distressed caps, unstructured snapbacks, and dad hats promote a casual style, while custom logos give customers an opportunity to express their personal tastes. Caps made from suede materials are also a hot item for customers interested in a dressier look for day-to-day use.

The versatility of baseball caps enables them to be paired with almost any outfit, which provides enormous opportunities for growth in the market. Businesses are advised to offer baseball hats in designs that are laidback and relaxed enough for everyday wear to ensure they reach as wide of a customer base as possible. 

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