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5 Exquisite Spring/Summer 2023 Men’s Denim Trends


The 90s came with various fashion trends that have stuck around in contemporary fashion. Denim is one of the many timeless staples hailing from the 90s.

The men’s fashion industry continues to receive a wave of sustainable and innovative denim trends, offering more consumers the chance to look stylish with durable clothing. Various updates bring different styles to the table, making 90s nostalgia appealing to young men.

This article will discuss the top denim trends businesses can leverage for greater sales and profits in S/S 2023.

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Overview of the men’s denim market
5 amazing men’s denim in S/S 2023
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Overview of the men’s denim market

In 2020, the global denim market had a US $56.2 billion value. Marketing experts predict the industry will hit US $88.1 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2021 to 2030. Regular-fit denim contributed significantly to the global market’s growth in 2020.

The segment generated approximately US $9,182.8 million, and experts predict it would expand to US $15.371.1 million over the forecast period–with a 4.9% CAGR. However, the slim-fit denim segment generated the highest share of 42.4% in 2020.

The men’s denim segment was a prominent contributor to the global market’s expansion, with a market share of 46%. North America holds the spot as the highest regional contributor to the denim market, and experts expect the region to maintain its position over the forecast period.

5 amazing men’s denim in S/S 2023

Premium trucker

Rockstar styles have become staples for young men due to the influence of rappers like A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. One trend that embodies this aesthetic is the premium trucker.

This item comes packed with reduced details that give the denim jacket a minimalist feel. Premium truckers also provide tonal black stitching and elevated hardware details, enhancing the apparel’s simple cuts.

An updated perspective removes the trucker’s button-front closures and replaces them with zips for a more directional feel. Premium truckers can also sport squared-off chest pockets, contributing to the item’s directional aesthetics.

Men can use stay-black denim or dark raw indigo versions to rock a polished appearance. Premium truckers are also excellent matches with skinny pants. Consumers can pull off a denim-on-denim look by opting for skinny denim jeans. Alternatively, they can go for leather or chinos.

Men can also match the trucker’s color with equally dark-colored pants or offset it with brighter hues. Premium truckers are great for casual activities and can work for formal looks.

Two-tone jean

Man standing in two-tone jeans

Playing around with colors can generate eye-catching outfits. Consumers can indulge in color experiments with the two-tone jean. Paneling and color blocking are two specialties of this item.

Two-tone jeans add surface and color interest to the otherwise plain denim. This piece comprises clean paneling details with easy two-tone constructions. Two-tone jeans also feature asymmetric piercing and twisted seam details (with curved lines) giving the items a contemporary aesthetic.

Although tonal indigo or black are standard colors, consumers can take a more directional approach by exploring other seasonal color combinations. The two-tone jeans can help them evolve past the classic denim aesthetic.

Man striking a pose in two-tone jeans

One way consumers can rock this item is with a colorful tee. It could be printed, striped, or patterned. The top would dress down the two-tone jeans and enhance their crafty aesthetic.

Men can opt for V-neck cardigans to enjoy a more techy feel with the two-tone jean. Or, they can wear a dress shirt that highlights the two-tone jean’s multiple colors. A denim vest is an excellent addition to the look. It will create a denim-on-denim appeal for consumers looking for a uniform style.

Cargo short

Man sitting on railings in denim cargo shorts

Cargo styles keep gaining traction as men look towards utilitarian and functional styles for everyday wear. Denim also offers some incredible cargo styles in the form of shorts.

This item nods toward an oversized aesthetic creating a youthful look. The denim shorts features 3D cargo pockets that match the trending streetwear obsession. Men can also opt for variants with oversized utility pockets to enjoy utilitarian themes.

Denim shorts can come in different shapes and sizes for various consumer preferences. A black long-sleeve makes a fantastic pair with denim cargo shorts. The tee should fit more on the relaxed side to avoid any uneven looks.

Man posing with washed denim cargo shorts

Alternatively, consumers can opt for  white long-sleeve tees with denim cargo shorts, leaning towards the sporty side. They can also style their cargo shorts with a buttoned long-sleeved shirt and a white tank top. To add more pop, consumers can leave the dress shirt unbuttoned, allowing the white tank to highlight the short’s beauty.

Men can go for a resort shirt and tank top combo. The ensemble pairs well with denim cargo shorts and can accentuate an effortlessly streetwear aesthetic.

Grunge jean

Various grunge-style denim pants

The grunge style started as a music genre before evolving into fashion staples. The style exudes individuality, carelessness, and zero interest in social norms. The resurgence of this trend sees items like grunge jeans taking the spotlight.

The wide-leg denim is one of the fashion items to receive a grunge update. The roomy nature of the piece fits perfectly with blown-out knee styles. Other denim items also look great with grunge elements.

Flannel shirts present one of the most effortless ways to rock grunge jeans. Flannel shirts are crucial for consumers looking to complete the perfect grunge look. They can wear the shirt over black or white graphic tees and leave it unbuttoned to complete the look.

Man sitting on a red seat in grunge jeans

Graphic tees can also make eye-catching grunge outfits without the flannel shirt. Consider pairing them with regular-fit grunge jeans for a sleek aesthetic. Ripped jeans are also grunge-styled jeans. Consumers can opt for a vintage pair to enjoy a more authentic and edgy look.

Raw resort shirt

Man wearing a black denim resort shirt

Resort shirts have a cemented presence in menswear, making them eligible for conversion to denim. Raw resort shirts update the style from their vacation roots and offer more street-ready and sleek items.

The trend swaps bold and loud prints for more refined raw denim. However, it keeps the silhouette and details true to the classic resort shirt. Men can still relish the oversized fit, front button styling, and short sleeves mixed with open camp collars.

Raw resort shirts also offer a more directional approach using cropped hems, wider sleeves, and dropped shoulder seams. These pieces make a heavenly match with denim shorts. However, the ensemble must be the same shade for this look to make sense.

Man posing in a denim shirt

Men can rock an outfit perfect for spring days by layering and opening a raw resort shirt over a long-sleeve tee. This long- and short-sleeve combo creates an effortless length balance.

Mesh creates an unrivaled combination when paired with resort shirts. Leave the first set of buttons open to expose the bold mesh layer underneath. Complete the look with some denim pants or shorts.

Go get these trends

Fashion styles from the 90s have a strong influence on contemporary fashion for young men. Many of these items speak to Gen Z’s nostalgic appetite, from baggy cargo shorts preferred by surfers and skaters to the ripped denim jeans grunge collections.

Denim trends reemerge with updated sustainability and innovations. There’s also a return to raw denim that helps smarten the pieces for S/S 2023.

Businesses can stay up-to-date with these premium truckers, two-tone jeans, cargo shorts, grunge jeans, and raw resort shirt denim shirts.

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