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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide to Winter Hats 2023


The holiday and winter shopping season is in high gear. Shoppers are out in stores and online searching for the perfect Christmas gift. While there are plenty of gift-giving options, a cozy winter hat is a useful gift. Winter hats are ideal for men, women, and children of all ages.  They are an effortless way to top off cold weather outfits in style. This article will highlight 6 key winter hat trends ideal for gifting.  Read on to discover how retailers can leverage this Christmas gift guide to winter hats for the 2023 holiday season. 

Table of Contents
Overview of the global winter hat market
Key winter hat trends
Reasons why shoppers buy winter hats as Christmas gifts
How to leverage this guide to maximize Christmas sales

A Woman Wearing A Brown Pom Pom Beanie Hat

Overview of the winter hat market

The global winter hats market size was valued at USD 25.7 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% from 2022 to 2030. This growth is due to a number of factors. The influence of social media, cold weather, and the growing acceptance of online and mobile shopping all fuel the interest and further growth of the winter hats market. Beanies were the hat that dominated the winter hat market in 2021 as consumers have embraced the beanie as a fashion statement-maker that can be worn all year. Beanies accounted for a revenue share of over 40.0% last year. 

Key winter hat trends

A Woman Wearing A Dark Green Knit Beanie Hat

Beanies have become a must-have winter staple

Beanies lead the wave of trending winter hats.  Beanies can quickly pull together any look as they are available in many iterations. At Christmas time, consumers are making a statement by wearing a holiday beanie.  Consumers who want a playful look can opt for beanies with cute animal ears. Beanies in bright colors topped off with a pom-pom add a fun element to everyday looks. 

A Woman Wearing A Fuzzy Beige Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are fuzzier and bigger than ever

The surging interest in 90’s fashion trends has pushed the bucket hat into the spotlight for FW22. Designers have taken notice of consumers that faithfully wore their bucket hats in spring and summer.  Fuzzy and oversized bucket hats made of heavier fabrications make this hat ideal for the winter. 

A Woman Wearing A Bright Yellow Wool Beret

Berets in heavy fabrications are ideal for winter

A chic hat to add to any winter wardrobe is the beret. Consumers can update their winter hat rotation with a bright beret for a pretty pop of color. Fabrications like merino wool will keep the head warm on cold winter days. Adding a beret to one’s look is the simple way to achieve the cool French girl aesthetic. 

A Woman Wearing A Black Wool Fedora

Fedoras are a gender-neutral favorite

The fedora is another hat that provides plenty of style mileage. This classic hat can transition seamlessly between seasons. Wool versions of the fedora provide extra warmth in winter.  Fedoras with bands made of grosgrain ribbon, suede wrap cord, and velvet add an extra special touch for the holidays. 

A Man Wearing A Black Balaclava

Balaclavas offer extra warmth on cold winter days

Designers continue to include iterations of the balaclava in their collections. Similar to a ski mask, the balaclava keeps the face and neck warm. Balaclavas are typically spotted on athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. In recent fashion cycles,  they’ve been seen on fashion insiders, celebrities, social media, and on the streets of major cities. Balaclava options range from full coverage to partial coverage.  Balaclavas in holiday colors and prints will delight fans of this hat trend. 

A Woman Wearing A Beige Baseball Cap

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are the hat with no expiration date. They can be worn all year long and with almost any look.  While not typically considered an official winter hat, they take on a whole new guise for winter when made from cold weather fabrications like faux fur, leather, suede, and wool. Custom baseball caps are popular for consumers who prefer a personalized topper.  Baseball caps with sports logos and brand logos are highly sought after as holiday gifts for fans. 

Two Women Wearing Multi-Colored Knit Beanie Hats

Reasons why shoppers buy winter hats as Christmas gifts

When it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, Christmas clothing and accessories—especially winter hats are ideal gifts to give and get. Trending hats such as beanies and bucket hats are stylish, practical, and useful. Winter hats sets that feature matching extras such as a scarf or gloves, offer added value and simplify gift-giving. In addition to giving a hat as a gift, consumers want holiday-inspired hats for themselves. Holiday gatherings and family photos are all opportunities for consumers to stand-out while wearing their favorite festive winter hat. 

A Woman And Child Wearing Knit Beanie Hats

How to leverage this insight to maximize Christmas sales

The holiday shopping season is in full effect.  Holiday shoppers are searching for the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers. The best hat trends that holiday shoppers will be looking for are beanies, berets, fedoras, balaclavas, baseball caps, and bucket hats. Retailers that embrace these key trends as a part of their holiday buying plan, will be in a strong position to satisfy their style-savvy consumers this holiday season. 

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