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5 Highly Popular Breathable Caps That Will Go Viral in 2023


The temperature is rising and more consumers are taking skin care and protection seriously.  Wearing hats during summer is a great way to enhance basic outfits while staying sun-smart. But comfort is another factor driving consumers’ cravings for hats this season.

With the trends discussed in this article, businesses can offer breathable caps to unleash consumers’ inner aesthetic and keep them cool & comfortable in 2023.

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A brief overview of the cap market
5 breathable caps customers will love to have in 2023
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A brief overview of the cap market

The caps market was one unlucky segment deemed as “non-essential” during the lockdown period. For this reason, the market witnessed a significant decline in demand, which reduced its total value during that period.

However, experts expect the cap industry to witness a growth boost this season. The great outdoors are returning with force, and fashion standards are changing among millennials & Gen Z. They expect the market to register a CAGR of 6.53% from 2022 to 2027.

5 breathable caps customers will love to have in 2023

Mesh trucker hat

Man looking sideways in a mesh trucker hat

Trucker hats always seem to dominate the trends when it comes to breathability. These hats typically feature mesh backs which cool down sweaty heads. Mesh trucker hats mostly have snapback closures but can also provide fitted variants.

Mesh trucker hats are also more structured with one-size-fits-all. They also offer oversized and relaxed favored fashionistas, connoisseurs, and cool kids.

Although mesh trucker hats feel natural with casual looks, consumers can match them with smart-casual outfits. However, nailing the look requires minimal-style caps without bold prints or logos. Pair the headwear with chinos and neutral or muted button-up dress shirts to complete the look.

Hip-hop outfits can effortlessly complement mesh trucker hats. The edgy vibe oozing from trucker hats can perfectly blend in with such looks. For this look, opt for hats with sleek, bold designs and match them with graphic tees & ripped black jeans.

Wearing the brim facing forward is one classic way to rock mesh trucker hats. Although it feels casual, the style provides a cleaner look than facing the cap backward. Forward-facing trucker hats can make any outfit feel bold and fashionable.

Man looking serious in a black mesh trucker hat

Skull cap

Man wearing a multi-colored skull hat

Skull caps are here to save the day when sweating becomes a nuisance. These hats have designs that provide snug fits on the wearer’s head. They also use breathable materials, like nylon, spandex, and polyester, to keep consumers cool during summer.

Keeping wearers dry is the goal of skull caps. They come with moisture-wicking features, which soak up the sweat from the consumer’s head for maximum comfort. Skull hats don’t irritate the skin or cause chaffing either.

Most skull caps have odor-resistant treatments to absorb most of the wearer’s sweat. On top of that, some variants provide thermal regulation to retain body heat during colder conditions. Skull hats are incredibly functional and can offer considerable protection.

Person wearing a brown skull cap

Some models provide foam layers that can absorb energy from sudden pressure, protecting the head from injuries. Other varieties may have gel pads in strategic positions around the wearer’s head.

Skull caps are also stylish accessories. They come in various colors and designs to complement different outfits. It’s also easy to find the perfect fit. Some models are one size fits all, while others have categories (adult, teen, and youth).

Crochet trucker hat

Man in a crowd wearing a multi-colored crochet hat

These hats introduce a handcrafted twist to the classic trucker cap. Crotchet trucker hats offer peak breathability and can look incredibly stylish. However, there are a few rules to follow when rocking crochet trucker hats.

These accessories feel elevated with casual outfits and won’t pair well with business or formal wear. They can also look amazing while facing backward. Though it may feel outdated and awkward, consumers will look chic if they pull it off.

Crochet trucker hats can pair well with contemporary and modern designs. They easily exude a relaxed and carefree vibe when paired with casual get-ups. Consumers can also rock urban styles by pairing this hat with streetwear.

In addition, women can pull off an all-crotchet look with these pieces. Staples like crotchet dresses, cardigans, crop tops, and skirts can accentuate this hat’s handcrafted appeal.

Crotchet hat on a mannequin’s head

Crochet trucker hats can host extra exciting details like embroidery. Since they retain the features of classic trucker hats, crochet variants have enough space to showcase various designs.

Straw hat

Woman in a sunflower field rocking a straw hat

Straw hats have evolved from showcasing royalty and class to trendy items. Both men and women can wear them to enhance their personalities and look stylish. These hats are lightweight and breathable enough for a trip to the beach or summer camping.

Styling straw hats with rompers is a heavenly combo. The look is ideal for hanging out on a boardwalk, at the beach, or at pool parties. These hats paired with breezy and light-colored rompers would make the perfect summer-ready outfit.

Fedora straw hats are top picks for consumers interested in the straw style. Wearers who want to look glamorous and exude carefree vibes can match them with jumpers.

Beautiful straw hat resting on a field

Western ensembles are not complete without straw hats. The western-style look and straw hat combo is an all-time favorite for consumers nailing adorable outdoor looks. One trendy way to rock this look is with a denim shirt and wide-leg pants topped with a Bangora cowboy straw hat.

Rock the summer streets with a straw hat and streetwear outfit. White striped pants and denim button-down tops would feel elevated with a Panama straw hat.

Half hat

Beautiful woman rocking a pink half-hat

Stray away from traditional hat shapes with the half hat. These kidney-shaped fascinators provide coverage on only one part of the head, typically the back. They usually have tight-fitting designs and stop above the ears.

Classic half-hats typically rest at the back of the wearer’s head. But innovations have allowed consumers to rock the item sideways or in the middle. Half-hats also won’t fall off the wearer’s head because they possess clips giving sturdy grips.

Half hats are incredibly unique. Businesses can offer them in various styles with high appeal. For example, there are half hats embroidered with flowers. This style combines a headdress aesthetic from the 50s with contemporary materials.

Woman wearing half-hat with net details

The cocktail hut style includes lace in the humble half hat’s design. The half hat fits the head beautifully and adds a touch of lace for a decorative appeal.

Some half hat models like the bandeau hat don’t have fixed bases. Instead, they come with wires that women modify into the perfect shape. These designs may even feature crocodile clips for a stronger hold.

In summary

The rising need for functional and stylish headgear makes the hat market more profitable than in previous seasons. Consumers looking toward summer activities will prioritize breathability, comfort, style, and protection before making purchases.

For this reason, the trends listed in this article are sure to grab consumers’ attention. These hats nod towards different styles and provide impressive levels of functionality and comfort. Most of them would look fantastic regardless of gender.

Hence, businesses can leverage these trends to dominate the hats market in 2023.

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