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5 Irresistible Kid’s Shoe Trends for 2023


Children need a pair of everyday shoes that they can wear on any occasion. However, finding an excellent pair can be overwhelming for parents, given the countless online options and how fast children outgrow their shoes.

This article will briefly highlight the market size of the kid’s shoe industry, before offering five outstanding kid’s shoe trends for different lifestyles and climates. 

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How big is the kid’s shoe market?
Five shoe trends kids will love this upcoming season
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How big is the kids’ shoe market?

Little girls on sneakers playing

Shoes are a necessary item for daily life. They shield the foot from hazards, including glass, stones, microbes, and other objects. In addition, children’s shoes have designs that encourage healthy foot development, provide comfort and support, and promote safety.

Experts estimated the size of the global market for children’s shoes was US$ 34.1 billion in 2018, and they anticipate it to grow at an 8.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2025.

The quick rate of kids’ physical development, parents’ interest in matching footwear to their kids’ clothes, and kids’ interest in footwear featuring their favorite cartoon characters are some of the key factors propelling this market’s growth.

Because children’s feet grow rapidly, manufacturers make their shoes in various sizes and patterns to meet the needs of every child. They also have flexible soles, lots of room, sturdy heels, and different closure types like laces and straps to limit excessive foot movement.

Additionally, social media has contributed significantly to the growth of this sector. The industry draws many customers thanks to retailers’ marketing and promotional efforts and appealing features like lights and sounds in baby footwear. The preference for branded children’s clothing is also growing, which has helped the kids’ footwear market expand at a healthy rate.

The demand for shoes also increases during the school season, boosting market sales of various designs for toddlers, preschoolers, and early graders. Other significant growth drivers are the innovations in children’s shoe designs, an increase in stylish yet affordable footwear, a rise in disposable income, and the expanding lifestyle trends of parents.  

Five shoe trends kids will love this upcoming season

Beach sandals

Beach sandals are the ideal pair of kids’ shoes for endless hours of fun and play. They are solid and lightweight, in addition to being incredibly versatile. In addition, these children’s sandals have perforations that allow air to pass through and reduce odor. In addition, manufacturers make them from injection-molded EVA, making the sandals soft, flexible, and super stretchy.

Beach sandals are also round, flat, and shock-absorbing, helping to cushion and protect the feet when children jump or play. They are also waterproof, allowing kids to wear them in the rain and to the beach. 

Extreme temperatures are no match for this sandal’s strength and resilience. Plus, all they need for cleaning is a simple hose down, and they dry fast.

Beach sandals are effortless to clean and have quick dry qualities. Retailers can stock up on them in expansive size ranges and colors, offering consumers multiple options.

Casual sneakers

birthday girl wearing a pair of cute sneakers

These casual sneakers are a complete classic for the too-cool kid. They’re round and firm while also providing flat, anti-slip, and lightweight properties. Also, manufacturers often make them from genuine leather, imbuing the footwear with attractive designs and lettering. 

In addition, the hook and loop closure, natural rubber sole, and soft shoe pad make them easy to wear and provide enough traction. They’re also incredibly breathable and comfortable with every step, providing excellent support while preventing stuffy feet.

They’re a great option as they allow free and full foot development thanks to the roomy toe holders that prevent squeezing deformation. These all-season shoes are available in various sizes and are fit for endless hours of fun.  

Sock shoes

a pair of baby sock shoes

Sock shoes are the perfect option for kids to toddle around in style. This footwear combines a premium cotton sock with a flexible rubber sole, keeping the feet warm, snug, protected, and ready to explore.  

But that’s not all. Sock shoes are lightweight, waterproof, and anti-static. In addition, their designs have no hassles or ties, removing any delays in wearing them. 

As a result, kids can easily slip them on and be ready for action in no time. Also, the footwear’s soft material makes them unique, comfortable, and breathable.

One more reason parents will love these kids’ shoes is how easy they are to maintain. A quick refresh in the washing machine and they’ll come out clean and good as new.

Mesh sneakers

young child wearing blue sneakers

Young children live in a world full of games and adventure. These mesh sneakers have designs that specifically cater to that. Their flexible designs are light and also provide excellent support and cushioning. 

Mesh sneakers come with a non-slip rubber sole, providing grip for traction, and a breathable mesh upper that prevents overheating. Also, the insole has excellent moisture-wicking properties that keep the feet dry, odor-free, and comfortable.

On top of that, they’re easy to clean and maintain. They don’t need washing: a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth or soft brush will do. In addition, this option comes in various sizes for children of all ages.

Baby canvas

two toddlers wearing red canvas shoes

These classic and stylish canvas shoes are fantastic for a baby’s first steps. The premium canvas and cotton upper are incredibly light and breathable, with excellent moisture-wicking properties. 

Baby canvas comes with lace-up closure, round-toe design, and EVA midsole that offers an all-day long super soft, breathable, and comfortable fit. In addition, they protect and preserve the child’s toes encouraging healthy foot development.They also reduce pain by providing cushioning and traction.

Babies’ feet won’t slide, smell or slip in these shoes. In addition, these shoes are machine and hand-washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Sellers can purchase them in multiple designs, styles, and colors for the budding explorers between 0-18 months.

Final words

Shoes are an everyday necessity, especially for kids. They either need a pair for school, have outgrown their old ones, or are just taking their first steps.

Every parent knows how difficult shopping for kids’ shoes can be. For these tiny feet, the ideal pair of shoes are those with solid grip that can prevent slipping, and protect the feet from injury. 

Retailers can focus on beach sandals, casual sneakers, sock shoes, baby canvas, and mesh sneakers kid’s shoe trends to satisfy consumer demands in 2023.

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