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5 Outstanding Clubhouse Prep Apparel Trends for Young Men


Prep styles emerge this season as an ever-popular direction for young men’s fashion. Interestingly, these trends combine varsity sportswear and academia-inspired pieces to create commercial successes that appeal to more conservative consumers.

This article explores five young men’s clubhouse prep trends that will leave consumers wanting more in A/W 23/24.

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Overview of the global men’s apparel market
5 electrifying clubhouse prep trends to adopt in A/W 23/24
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Overview of the global men’s apparel market

Young man rocking a gray long-sleeve shirt

The global men’s apparel market crossed the US $400 billion threshold in 2018, and experts expect it to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% from 2019 to 2025. Interestingly, they attribute the market’s growth to increasing fashion consciousness among young men and a surge in internet exposure.

Offline markets generated 83.3% of the total revenue, meaning the channel accounted for the largest share in 2018. Such statistics were achievable due to a chunk of the men’s population feeling skeptical about purchasing clothes online.

Meanwhile, experts predicted the online distribution channel would witness the highest growth over the forecast period. Online markets are catching up to their offline counterparts due to more e-commerce portals making the experience stress-free and convenient.

Regionally, North America accounted for the largest market share in 2018 due to the unrivaled purchasing power present in the region. However, research suggests that Asia-Pacific will register the highest CAGR (6.6%) from 2019 to 2025.

China’s menswear market alone concluded with a US $53.11 billion value in 2018, and experts estimate it will keep growing at a 6% CAGR. Finally, they expect such profit potentials to drive Asia-Pacific’s growth rate at a rapid pace. 

5 electrifying clubhouse prep trends to adopt in A/W 23/24

1. Collegiate sweatshirt

Young man using phone while wearing a collegiate sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are a man’s wardrobe secret weapon. This loungewear item has unrivaled comfort and versatility that keeps consumers wanting more. However, this season updates the classic apparel with varsity-style typographies that tap into the #BadgedUp trend.

Collegiate sweatshirts are pieces that feel natural with smart-casual looks. For example, consumers can pair a slim-fitting gray sweatshirt with selvage denim or chinos. Then, they can layer the outfit under their favorite jacket or coat.

Although collegiate sweatshirts can work with most casual outerwear, they look better with a bomber, varsity, and leather jackets.

Even a formal overcoat works wonders with this piece but in more traditional prints like houndstooth checks.

A jersey collegiate sweatshirt’s oversized and comfortable silhouette makes it one of the best options for loungewear. But men can also follow a more daring styling approach to sportswear.

For instance, young men can experiment with color blocks and big varsity-inspired logos. Then, pair the piece with a pair of jeans or joggers. Finally, some fashion experts advise wearing a branded collegiate sweatshirt over a white tee and denim combo.

2. Tailored Bermuda

Young man rocking black Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are famous for their transitional appeal that takes men from work to lounge time. Although shorts are unconventional for formal occasions, many consider tailored Bermudas as semi-casual shorts, making them a perfect match for most business-casual outfits.

But there are other things these beauties can do. In truth, Bermuda shorts carry an air that makes them school-appropriate. As a result, they can appeal to a younger demographic interested in youthful appearances.

A/W 23/24 also updates the piece’s tailoring allure with slightly shortened lengths and broad cuts that provide comfort-driven fits. But, more importantly, tailored Bermuda shorts maintain their put-together aesthetic regardless of these few enhancements.

Men can rock this piece with slightly oversized sweatshirts for a streetwear-inspired look. Baggy tees also feel fantastic with Bermuda shorts, and men can make things extra by layering the outfit over a short-sleeved button-down shirt. Alternatively, they can throw a jacket over the ensemble for an enhanced casual aesthetic.

3. Fitted tee

Man in a fitted blue shirt holding a bottle

Nothing beats the classic T-shirt regarding versatility and style potential. But men are becoming more comfortable experimenting with new silhouettes that redefine masculinity. As a result, this season overhauls the piece with form-fitting and slightly cropped designs that were previously womenswear exclusives.

This season’s fitted tees don’t have basic designs. Instead, retailers can style them with collegiate fonts and sports-inspired graphics, helping to push these classic tees into the clubhouse trend.

Consumers can style fitted tees under an unbuttoned shirt for an optimal cold-resistant outfit. Then, they can finish the look with a nice pair of jeans or chinos.

Young men can also upgrade their most elegant casual office outfits by swapping button-down shirts for fitted tees. In addition, they can give this piece a preppy touch by matching it with a blazer. Alternatively, consumers can wear an athleisure jacket to rock more sporty vibes.

Speaking of sporty looks, men can match this piece with a tracksuit. However, the style involves pairing the track pants with the fitted tee and tying the track top around the neck.

4. Track-tailoring hybrid

Young man posing in a stylish purple tracksuit

The youth appetite for tailoring is rising significantly, and businesses can tap into it by offering track hybrids that adopt the streamlined cuts of tailored trousers. This trend also prioritizes active-inspired fabrics like fleece and nylon. Elastic waistbands help make this piece more comfortable and practical while contrasting brights props up its retro sportswear appeal.

T-shirts and track pants are a tried-and-true loungewear combo that creates the perfect youthful outfit for working from home and running errands. However, the key to pulling off this look lies in the fit. For this reason, consumers can opt for slim-fit track-tailoring hybrids and T-shirts to look sophisticated, not sloppy.

Sweatshirts also pair nicely with track-tailoring hybrids. Young men can opt for hoodies or crewneck sweatshirts to rock a streetwear-compatible look. For a more athletic aesthetic, they can go for matching tracksuit ensembles.

Track pants and denim jackets are essential wardrobe items, and marrying them crafts one of the best weekend outfits for men. Consumers can start this outfit with any slim-fit sweatshirt or T-shirt layered under the denim jacket. Then, they can balance the streamlined silhouette of the top with the tapered legs of the track-tailoring hybrid.

5. Upcycled blazer

Man posing on a car while rocking a blue blazer

Blazers are widespread for being practical and stylish, and the upcycled variant is no different. They offer a stunning combination of charm and comfort, allowing them to solidify their spots in every man’s wardrobe.

One irresistible benefit is the upcycled blazer’s ability to make any color combination and outfit coordination look classy and radiant. So whether consumers are rocking these comfy coats with jeans or pushing toward a more formal look, the blazer will handle any ensemble they throw.

For starters, young men who love button-down shirts can enhance their office vibes by wearing a blazer. This effortless ensemble only requires a neutral-colored shirt and dark-colored pants to feel complete.

Upcycled blazers also have a casual appeal, especially when consumers pair them with their favorite jeans. A simple cotton blazer mixed with gray jeans can make any man look attractive and exude a vibe that will leave anyone in awe. Finally, young men can complete the attire with polo T-shirts or crew necks.

Last words

With more men going against conventional practices and opting for sports-inspired looks, retailers must balance the put-together quality of prep styles with more casual sports references. Consider embracing upcycling and circular mindsets to help create contemporary, youth-focused designs.

Lastly, these trends draw inspiration from the changing notions of masculinity to create new de-gendered silhouettes. Collegiate sweatshirts, tailored Bermudas, fitted tees, track-tailoring hybrids, and upcycled blazers are the young men’s clubhouse prep trends to follow this season.  

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