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5 Must-Have Products for a Makeup Tool Kit in 2024

Different makeup products in a container

A makeup tool kit usually comes in handy after a makeup beautician or enthusiast learns the basics and wants to get more equipped. This allows them to practice and grow in the art and to get more flawless results.

Every makeup tool is undoubtedly useful, but the user’s skill level is a major factor to consider when deciding which is right. On top of this, given that there’s a large selection to choose from, it can be tricky to create the perfect makeup tool kit.

Nevertheless, navigating this market is not impossible. This article will highlight five remarkable product trends consumers see as a must-have in their makeup tool kits, which sellers can capitalize on in 2024.

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Why are consumers rushing for makeup tool kits?
Will the market boom in 2024?
Five fantastic tools worth adding to makeup tool kits
The bottom line

Why are consumers rushing for makeup tool kits?

Consumer touching tools in makeup kit

Every makeup artist needs a set of makeup tools to create killer looks. After all, achieving a beautiful result needs the proper investment. For this reason, many consumers show interest in purchasing makeup tool kits or making theirs from scratch.

Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why consumers love makeup tool kits. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main ones:

Increased hygiene and sanitation

One primary reason consumers want makeup tool kits is the increased hygiene and sanitation they provide. 

More importantly, makeup tools like brushes, applicators, and spongers frequently contact the skin, so having personal ones is necessary. Consumers find cleaning and ensuring makeup hygiene easier when they have personal makeup kits than borrowing or sharing them with others.

It’s also beneficial for makeup artists with multiple clients. A cleaner tool set will prevent skin outbreaks and irritation, saving consumers and makeup clients from the hassle. 

Better product control and management

Another reason consumers love makeup kits is the ability to select their preferred tools according to their needs and budget. For instance, makeup artists may choose an entire brush set from one brand or go the mix-and-match route, adding single brushes from various brands.

More precise application

Consumers with personal makeup kits are more familiar with the tools, making them more comfortable during applications. And with better handling comes a more precise makeup application.

Will the market boom in 2024?

The predictions for the makeup tools market promise impressive performance in the coming years. According to experts, the global market will move from its current value of US$ 2.7 billion to US$ 5.1 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.01%over this period.

The rising popularity of the do-it-yourself trend and the advancement of makeup tools are the primary drivers reinforcing the market’s growth. North America is the leading region in the makeup tools market, while Asia Pacific comes in second with a US$ 16.37 billion value in 2020.

Five fantastic tools worth adding to makeup tool kits

Makeup brushes

Multiple makeup brushes in a cream container

If there’s any technique consumers want to try, there’s probably a makeup brush for it. That’s how vast the makeup brush landscape is—and it can be overwhelming. But the many options aren’t the only thing to worry about.

Makeup brushes can be expensive, but the prices have more to do with the materials involved. For instance, animal hair brushes will cost more than synthetic fiber variants, but it doesn’t mean the former is more effective.

Regardless of material, makeup brushes should be high-performance-focused because they’re one of the most important tools anyone can have in their kit. Quality brushes should feel full and soft on the user’s face, while shedding bristles on the consumer’s face is also a big no-no.

However, as mentioned earlier, makeup brushes have a lot to offer. But most consumers only need the following essentials:

  • Concealer brushes to cover blemishes and dark circles with precision.
  • Eyeliner brushes to use with gel eyeliner. Some consumers will prefer pencil brushes if they use pencil eyeliners.
  • Shadow brushes for applying shimmer and eyeshadow on lids.
  • Blush brushes for adding color to cheeks.

Depending on the consumer’s makeup routine, they may also want to add the following to their brush set:

  • Fan brushes for highlighters
  • Eyebrow brushes
  • Kabuki brushes for bronzer
  • Foundation brushes
  • Angled brushes for contouring cheekbones

In addition, makeup brushes perform excellently based on consumer search interests. They attracted 165000 searches in November 2023—a 20% increase from October’s 135000 inquiries.

Cotton pads

Three cotton pads next to some makeup products

Cotton pads are multi-functional beauties. They’re the go-to product for makeup removal, as consumers can use them to wipe their applications after a long day of stunning looks or experimenting with different styles.

While most consumers use them for makeup removal, they’re also excellent for other applications. For instance, consumers can soak cotton pads in moisturizing toners or skin conditioners for pre-makeup applications.

But that’s not all. Cotton pads can also serve as facial masks, allowing consumers to concentrate on drier areas like foreheads, cheeks, and chin. Even better, pre-soaking cotton in toners or cleansing water can make them useful for on-the-go or travel routines.

Cotton pads are also great for applying translucent powder and contouring—there seems to be no end to their versatility. These makeup tools have also enjoyed a consistent search interest since 2022, attracting 74000 searches monthly.

Powder puffs

Multiple powder puffs on a white background

Powder puffs have been in makeup kits for decades for a good reason. These tools are simply amazing at smoothing and mattifying makeup without disrupting it. Modern powder puffs can even create eye-catching airbrushed effects, especially around the under-eyes.

These tools are almost the size of a regular human palm. They also have velvety textures and may come in triangular or round shapes to powder the contours of the user’s face. 

Powder puffs lock makeup easily, creating a lawless finish and eliminating the notorious tugging or streaking from brushes. They also help conceal pores and minimize uneven skin textures, making them a must-have for any makeup kit—beginner or professional!

With all their benefits, it’s no surprise that powder puffs are currently trending. Based on Google Ads data, up to 90500 consumers have searched for them in November 2023—and it has been that way since June.

Eyelash curlers

Two eyelash curlers on a white background

With lash lifts and growth serums gaining popularity, it’s clear people want fuller, longer, and curlier lashes. That’s why eyelash curlers are still super popular, with 135000 searches monthly since March 2023!

Although they look medieval, eyelash curlers are must-have beauty tools in makeup kits worldwide. These hand-operated beauty tools allow consumers to transform straight lashes into curvy ones in minutes. They’re a great way to create lift and make lashes look wide-eyed.

These tools’ instant results are one of the reasons consumers love them. All they have to do is press and position lashes upwards, and voila! Consumers will instantly create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.


Four tweezers arranged on a white box

Not everyone wants to go natural—some consumers prefer rocking eyelash extensions. One tool they’ll need for it is tweezers. Tweezers are the go-to tools for picking up and attaching lashes without messing up any applied eye makeup.

But there’s more! Tweezers can also help consumers keep their brows in check. Some pesky eyebrow hairs may threaten the perfect makeup look for most consumers. So, they can use a trusty pair of tweezers to remove and shape stray hairs for flawless brows.

Tweezers are the most popular beauty tools on this trend list, so makeup tool kits must not ship without them. Google Ads data shows that these tools have witnessed a 20% interest uptick from 201000 in September to 240000 searches in November 2023.

The bottom line

Makeup tool kits are the best way for consumers to get everything they need to enjoy a cosmetic experience in one bundle. They help take the stress of choosing tools off beginners, and experts can use them to experiment with any style they desire.

Businesses must consider stocking up on makeup brushes, cotton pads, powder puffs, eyelash curlers, and tweezers to take full advantage of 2024’s makeup explosion.

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