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Eyelash Tweezers: An Essential Tool for Beauty Enthusiasts in 2024

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Tweezers have an indispensable role in pulling off superb lash applications. Although the process requires many other tools, the lash look may go down the drain if tweezers fail.

Although every lash artist needs a pair of quality tweezers, a lot needs to be considered before choosing the right option. Hence, businesses can’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to offering eyelash tweezers.

Thankfully, this article will serve as a guide to show businesses the different types of eyelash tweezers and what they should look out for in 2024.

Table of Contents
An overview of the eyelash tweezer market
3 types of eyelash tweezers in the market
What to consider when choosing eyelash tweezers
Wrapping up

An overview of the eyelash tweezer market

Eyelash tweezers are part of the beauty tools market, which experts project will surpass US$ 97 billion by 2025. They also predict it’ll grow at a speedy 17.40% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their physical appearance in 2023. Coupled with the increasing desire to look healthy, attractive, and young, these factors boost demand for beauty tools, including tweezers.

Experts suggest North America will hold its dominant market position over the forecast period. However, Europe is following closely behind with enough momentum to dominate the leading market.

3 types of eyelash tweezers in the market

Isolation tweezers

Two tweezers next to multiple eye pads

Consumers can’t have gorgeous and durable lashes without isolating them properly. In fact, not isolating eyelash extensions correctly can lead to various problems, including lashes falling off faster than expected or making wearers uncomfortable. However, isolation tweezers are here to solve these issues.

These multifunctional tools are perfect for applying eyelash extensions and isolating natural lashes. Isolation tweezers have special, fine-tipped shapes, making it easy to separate and isolate individual natural lashes without pushing glue on other lashes.

Two tweezers on a circular wooden surface

It’s great for quickening the process and preventing glued lash clumps from forming under the eye area or on the eyelid. More importantly, isolation tweezers offer various shapes and sizes, coming in models that may be curved at the end or straight. Lash artists will also choose between the two depending on which one gives them more control.

Curvy isolation tweezers offer more freedom of movement, allowing consumers to securely hold pesky baby lashes that often poke from the bunch. On the other hand, straight isolation is less beginner-friendly since they’re trickier to get used to—but lash stylists still love them.

Interest in isolation tweezers has been consistent in the past year. According to reports from Google Ads, the beauty product attracts a steady 720 searches monthly, even in October 2023.

Classic tweezers

Woman choosing eyelashes to pick with tweezers

Isolation tweezers are just one part of a set. Consumers can pair them up with others to easily pick up and apply different lash extensions. As a result, classic tweezers are also a popular choice for every lash stylist.

Classic tweezers are a beauty staple—and they use a simple technique, too. Consumers only need to attach a lash extension to its natural counterpart. While this simple approach means having a different tweezer for classic extensions is not compulsory, some options will make this process easier, making them a great choice.

Hands holding two tweezers on a white background

For instance, quality straight tweezers can easily create an everlasting classic style. Since classic extension lashes are the thickest, they don’t need the extra fine tips of isolation tweezers to pick up and install.

But that’s not all. Consumers uncomfortable with straight tweezers can opt for ones with a more defined finish. 

Classic tweezers are quite the hit commodity according to Google Ads data. On average, they’re getting around 6600 searches every month. What’s even more intriguing is that they’ve kept up this search trend all the way to October 2023 after increasing from 5400 in November 2022.

It might not be a massive number, but it’s a steady and impressive performance!

Volume tweezers

Stylist applying lashes on a woman

Volume lash tweezers are different from other styles. They need a very specific pair of tweezers to look glorious, so straight tweezers aren’t the best options for them. But why do they need specific tweezers?

Well, lash stylists can create looks with volume lash extensions by applying different falsies on a single natural lash. So, creating the perfect shape that will stick to the lash effortlessly requires the specific design of volume tweezers.

Eyelash tweezers with other lash accessories

Volume tweezers are long, featuring a curve or twist at the tip. The best types for creating the perfect dramatic look are L-shaped and J-shaped tweezers.

L-shaped tweezers can grab larger lash extensions simultaneously and create narrower fan shapes. As a result, many consumers prefer L-shaped tweezers for mega-volume lashes, which involve looks with 20 individual extensions.

In contrast, consumers prefer J-curved volume tweezers for fluffy and wide styles involving 5-6 individual lashes.

In 2023, volume tweezers are making quite a splash. They’ve jumped from 1300 in 2022 to 1600 in 2023 (January to October). A small but significant surge in interest.

What to consider when choosing eyelash tweezers

Tip shape

Tips are the most important parts of professional eyelash extension tweezers. They’re responsible for picking, selecting, and separating eyelashes during the procedure.

More importantly, tweezers have different tip types, each serving a specific function. Here’s a table showcasing all the available tip types and what they’re ideal for.

I shapeThis tip (straight tweezers) is perfect for classic lash extension procedures and isolation. However, the longer and thinner I-shaped tweezers are better for isolation, while the thicker, shorter ones are ideal for classic lash extension.
A shapeThis tip is ideal for picking and attaching classic lash extensions.
X shape It’s also great for classic lash extensions. However, these tweezers can secure classic extensions without tensing the user’s hand.
F shapeThis tip is perfect for isolation and classic lash extension attachment.
S shapeThis tip is the best option for picking and attaching fans when performing volume lash extensions. Plus, it can also handle isolation for women with deep eye sets or more prominent foreheads.
Round shapeThis tip is ideal for safely removing tapes or eye pads.

Note: L-shaped and J-shaped tweezers are also available, but they’ve been discussed under “volume tweezers.”


Manufacturers often craft professional eyelash extension tweezers from stainless and titanium. Although stainless tweezers have high rust resistance, they may still rust if users don’t look after them. Stainless tweezers may also have small amounts of nickel and may cause some people to react.

On the other hand, titanium tweezers offer lighter and rust-free designs. Plus, it’s a strong and springy material, making it the perfect fit for professional eyelash extension tweezers. Since it is also allergy-free, titanium tweezers are compatible with medical procedures.

Carbon fiber and plastic are less common materials manufacturers use to make eyelash tweezers. They’re both less durable than their stainless and titanium counterparts, with carbon fiber being more difficult to find.

Magnetic or non-magnetic

Most eyelash tweezers are either magnetic or non-magnetic, each with unique benefits. Magnetic tweezers have a built-in magnetic tip or feature to hold and manipulate magnetic eyelash extensions.

Usually, magnetic eyelash extensions have tiny magnets attached, allowing the tweezers to secure them. However, magnetic tweezers are specific to these eyelash extensions and may not offer the best experience with other types.

In contrast, non-magnetic tweezers are the exact opposite. They don’t have any magnetism and are more versatile, allowing consumers to use them for classic, volume, or hybrid lash applications.

More importantly, they offer more control and precision in separating, isolating, and placing individual lashes.

Grip and weight

Although often overlooked, grip and weight are important factors impacting the users’ finger joints, wrist, and overall posture. Hence, it’s necessary to look out for tweezers with the correct tightness and weight for the consumer’s hand.

Here’s a table showing the different eyelash tweezer grips and weights and their ideal consumers.

Consumer typeGripWeight
BeginnersRegular gripLightweight
Consumers with small handsPencil gripMedium-weight
Consumers with large handsRegular gripHeavyweight
Consumers with arthritis or other hand conditionsErgonomic gripLightweight


The perfect eyelash tweezer length would not be too long or too short in the consumer’s hands. However, it mostly depends on the user’s hand size and pick-up style. So, check out the table below to see the best length for different types of consumers.

Eyelash tweezer lengthIdeal consumers
4.5 inches (11.5 cm)The most common length. It’s also suitable for most consumers.
5 Inches (12.7 cm)The perfect length for consumers with larger hands or who prefer a longer reach.
5.5 Inches (14 cm)The ideal length for experienced consumers who need more control.
6 Inches (15.2 cm)The perfect length for consumers with hooded eyelids or deep-set eyes.
6.5 Inches (16.5 cm)The best length for experienced consumers who need maximum control.


When choosing a pair, aim for tweezers with an appropriate tension balance—enough to grasp individual lashes securely with an easy release. Ensure the tension is not overly strong, as consumers won’t want to exert excessive effort when using them.

Eyelash tweezer tensionIdeal consumers
Soft tensionIt’s perfect for beginners and consumers new to eyelash extensions.
Medium tensionIt’s ideal for most consumers.
Hard tensionIt’s perfect for experienced users, especially for volume eyelash extensions.

Wrapping up

Stocking up on eyelash tweezers requires considering numerous factors including: size, weight, tip shape, length, and even tension. It’s no secret that the market offers various options, but the choice ultimately rests with the buyer.

What suits one lash artist perfectly may prove highly inconvenient for another. However, this article provides enough information to help businesses decide the best offers for their consumers, and it allows them to cater to a range of needs.

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