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5 Popular Accessories for Console Gamers in 2024

A set of game console accessories

Game consoles are fast becoming a burgeoning business. With so many people becoming more interested in playing games, it’s one of the most trendy markets (20.4 million searches for PS5 alone!).

However, consumers can’t buy these consoles alone. They’ll need accessories to create the ultimate gaming experience. Although the list is endless, this article will highlight five console gaming accessories worth investing in in 2024.

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How big is the console gaming market?
Console gaming accessories: 5 trends for the best gaming experience
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How big is the console gaming market?

PlayStation 5 gaming console and game controller

The gaming console market closed 2022 with US $24.1 billion, growing from US $22.9 billion in 2021. Forecasts suggest the global market will reach US $33.8 billion by 2030, growing at a 5.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The additional features and benefits these consoles offer (like being an entertainment console) are key growth drivers.

Also, adopting visual display resolutions like 4K and 8K is boosting market growth. Here are other relevant stats to note:

  • The home console segment led the type market in 2021, with experts predicting it will remain dominant and experience the fastest CAGR over the forecast period.
  • Based on end-user insight, the residential segment was the leading market in 2021. Forecasts suggest it will also be the fastest-growing segment over the forecast period.
  • North America is the dominant regional market, accounting for US $9.8 billion of the 2021 revenue. Experts predict the regional market will register a 43.20% CAGR over the forecast period. 

Console gaming accessories: 5 trends for the best gaming experience

1. Controller charging stations

Two PS5 game pads charging

Picture this: consumers are engaging in an intense online battle or completing that hard level, only to see the notorious “controller battery low” notification pop up. It seems like they forgot to charge their controllers again—maybe sorting through countless cables put them off.

But one of the best ways to ensure controllers remain charged for the next session is with controller charging stations. Plus, they can keep the user’s controllers in one place, keeping them organized and easier to find.

Even if consumers frequently knock over their controllers, they can rest assured that these charging stations will reduce the risk of damage from falls.

The best part is that if console gamers have more than one controller, they can charge them all at once with charging stations. There is no need to wait for one to finish charging or use multiple cables (these make any setup look disorganized).

To top it off, controller charging stations are user-friendly and have very little setup time. All users must do is plug them into an outlet, place their controllers on the dock, and watch them juice up for the next session. 

Plus, charging stations simply look amazing. They can effortlessly enhance any gaming setup’s aesthetics. With sleek, streamlined designs, most charging stations look fantastic next to consoles.

Charging stations are on an impressive growth path. They grew from 33,100 searches in November to 60,500 queries in December—a 70% search interest boost in one month!

2. Gaming headsets

A red and black gaming headset

The audio of games can be as important as the visuals. Without quality equipment, gamers may fail to get audio cues or lose their competitive advantage in FPS titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

For this reason, many console gamers turn to gaming headsets to help fine-tune and improve their gaming experience. While good-quality speakers are not bad for gaming, there will always be an unavoidable distance, meaning some reflected sound may spoil the immersion.

But with a gaming headset, consumers will enjoy direct game audio, allowing them to hear even the slightest sounds. Some gaming headsets even come with dedicated mixers for gamers to adjust the sounds to their preferences.

Gaming headsets are must-haves for players interested in multiplayer titles. They always feature microphones that stretch near the user’s mouth for easy and clear communication with other gamers.

Here’s what’s interesting: gaming headsets are closing the year with a bang! According to Google Ads data, they’ve been getting 450,000 searches from August to November 2023. But in December, interest rose by 80% to 1,000,000 queries.

3. Keyboards and mice

RGB gaming keyboard and mouse

Traditionally, controllers are for consoles, and keyboards and mice work for gaming PCs. But modern gaming blurs those lines on gaming PCs, where using controllers is considered “normal.”

But can a keyboard and mouse work on a gaming console? Yes, they can, but it’s a bit complicated. The big question is: why would console gamers want mice and keyboards in the first place?

Well, the answer is simple. Some genres play better with keyboard/mouse combos than controllers. FPS games are perfect examples of such genres, as computer mice offer more precise aiming and control.

Now, would consoles support these accessories? The good news is that mouse and keyboard support on consoles is not new. In truth, it goes way back to the early Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems and PlayStation 1. Now, the PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch (keyboard only), Xbox series X/S, and Xbox One can use these accessories.

Keyboards and mice for consoles go beyond gaming. They also make entering text on consoles and navigation easier. These accessories make browsing the web on a console feel like a traditional computer.

These console accessories have also been garnering some attention lately. They’ve boosted from 74,000 searches in November to 135,000 in December 2023.

4. Controller grips and skins

Various types of controller skins and grips

Extended gaming sessions on a controller can get sweaty, causing consumers to lose grip or feel uncomfortable. That’s why controller grips exist. They help keep the player in control by adding non-slip surfaces.

Although anyone can get sweaty, controller grips appeal to gamers with oily skin. Even better, they’re fully customizable, meaning consumers can tick off aesthetics and functionality in one accessory.

Consumers can use any skin they desire. Whether Camo or their favorite game character, there’s no limit to what they can put on their controllers. Some grips and skins have custom buttons to upgrade the controller’s aesthetics fully.

Interest in controller grips boosted from 12,100 in November to 22,200 in December. Similarly, controller skin searches also surged from 9,900 in November to 18,100 in December 2023.

5. Console cooling stands

A console cooling stand for an Xbox

Console games are graphical beasts that require a lot of processing power to run. While manufacturers build consoles to handle them just fine, they’re not immune to heating problems. In truth, running consoles for a long time can cause them to overheat and throttle (or turn off completely).

Thankfully, cooling stands offer the perfect solution to keep consoles cool during extended use. They come with more than two fans to improve airflow, kicking any overheating issues to the dust.

Console coolers also have stands that are sturdy enough to hold consoles safely. These nifty accessories also have USB ports and power cables to perform charging duties.

Console cooling stand for PlayStation 5

Console cooling stands may not be as popular as the other accessories on this list, but they’ve had their fair share of growth. Search interest for cooling stands boosted from 880 in November to 1,000 in December 2023.

Final words

It doesn’t matter how often consumers game or the consoles they prefer; their accessories can make or break the console gaming experience. While cheap gaming headsets or low-quality monitors cause headaches, the best console gaming accessories keep gamers comfortable, well-equipped, and ready to dominate the ranks with peak precision.

The category may be broad, but businesses can focus on controller charging stands, gaming headsets, keyboards and mice, controller grips and skins, and console cooling stands to attract more avid gamers in 2024.

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