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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Smartwatch Exposed – To Support Blood Glucose Monitoring


According to recent reports, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series will consist of three models: the standard Galaxy Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, and the top-of-the-line Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra model has been spotted in various database entries, with model numbers SM-L705U, SM-L705N, and SM-L705F representing the US, South Korean, and international versions respectively. According to a report from Android Headlines, it appears that Samsung will ditch the Watch 7 Pro name. It is now more likely to use “Galaxy Watch Ultra” if AH’s database reports are true.

Model introduction

Model introduction


One of the key features rumoured for the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is the inclusion of a blood glucose monitoring function. This capability has been a long-standing goal for both Samsung and Apple, as they aim to provide users, especially those with diabetes, a more convenient way to track their blood sugar levels without the need for invasive finger-prick tests.

Samsung’s digital health chief, Hon Pak, recently met with the advisory board of the Samsung Health app at the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul to discuss the future of the digital health industry and the role of wearable devices. During this meeting, Samsung emphasized the importance of improving health monitoring through the use of artificial intelligence, with a focus on areas such as diabetes, blood sugar monitoring, arrhythmia, and hypertension.

Galaxy Watch for sleep apnea detection


In addition to the main Galaxy Watch 7 series, the database also reveals that Samsung will be launching a Galaxy Watch 7 FE (Fan Edition) model. The Galaxy Watch 7 FE will have model numbers SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N, representing different regional variants.

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The Galaxy Watch 7 FE is likely to be a more affordable option in the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup, providing users with a more accessible entry point to Samsung’s wearable ecosystem.


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series, particularly the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the company’s wearable lineup. The inclusion of a blood glucose monitoring function on the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could be a game-changer for users, especially those living with diabetes, by providing a more convenient and non-invasive way to track their blood sugar levels.

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