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5 Remarkable Women’s Color Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24


Women are adjusting to a new lifestyle while exploring diverse influences and motivational forces that will drive well-being, discovery, simplicity, pleasure, and transformation. Wellness, rest, and recuperation lead the charge as consumers prioritize healing and health.

Interestingly, these influences will play out with energizing colors tapping into consumer demand for a new start, while subtle shades and nature-inspired hues remain trendy moving forward.

This article will discuss five women’s color trends retailers can capitalize on in A/W 2023/24. 

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Overview of the global womenswear market
5 alluring womenwear color trends to leverage in 23/24
Final words

Overview of the global womenswear market

The global women’s apparel market size generated US $965.3 billion in 2022. Moving forward, experts predict the industry will reach US $1,207.4 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5% over the forecast period. 

The demand for luxury and premium clothing has increased recently due to rising disposable income and increasing social media influence. These factors positively contribute to the global market’s growth.

In addition, the increasing influence of e-commerce platforms is a primary factor driving the global market’s expansion. Online retail stores offer convenience, discounted prices, faster delivery, and easy accessibility. Experts expect these benefits to push the market forward.

5 alluring womenwear color trends to leverage in 23/24

1. Bold sunset tones 

Woman in sunglasses rocking a bold sunset-toned shirt

Bold sunset tones are evolved variants of S/S 23’s sunrise-and-sunset-inspired shade. The hue capitalizes on the mood-enhancing elements of natural light colors and vitamin tones. Plus, it also adopts a cross-seasonal appeal.

This color tone easily matches a handful of other sunset colors, ranging from parabola to mindful maeve. Alternatively, customers utilize dark-colored pieces to make these hues pop. 

One fancy way to rock this color is with crop tops. Ladies can rock a bold sunset-tone crop top with darker jeans to focus attention on the bright beauty.

2. Perennial shades 

Red-headed lady in a red net top

Perennial shades come with aspects of romance and grunge while offering a refreshing way to style timeless monochrome, blues, and reds. In addition, this hue draws influence from the darker emo mood making rounds across global brands. More importantly, it provides consumers with a dark aesthetic popular among millennials.  

Consumers can breathe new life into perennial shades by pairing them with darks and black. Interestingly, adding chalk-colored pieces lightens the overall work while providing a love-worn alternative to stark white.

Perennial shades match the comfy party trend perfectly. Consumers can rock them in jumpsuits, mini-dresses, and mini-skirts. Ladies may also use this palette to tap into print stories like #darkground florals.

3. Nature inspired darks 

Lady rocking a wholegrain-colored jumpsuit

Take a dive into nature’s grittier side with nature-inspired darks. This color trend draws influence from unlikely natural sources, like swamps and eerie winter gardens. However, the palette elevates these earthy tones into refreshing territory. 

Nature-inspired darks have no problem matching with various skin tones. Plus, consumers can rock them in different categories ranging from sophisticated partywear to tailoring and base layers.

Such outfits may even take a dressier route with metallic finishes. One style that stands out with nature-inspired darks is dressing the hue tonally or combining it with wholegrain and alpine frost palettes for patterns and prints. More importantly, nature-inspired darks are great alternatives to the classic black hue.

Brunette lady wearing a sepia-colored shirt

4. Warm neutrals 

Woman in blue jeans rocking mindful mauve colored polo

With the metaverse emerging as a major trend, more color palettes are evolving to make digitally appealing styles. Consumers can tap into the soothing side of tech by using warm neutrals (mostly digital pastels and purples).

Digital aesthetics are becoming more influential in product design. Hence, this color trend draws inspiration from dreamlike 3D-rendered artworks to focus on the cozy and soft side of tech.  

One stylish way to rock warm neutrals is by combining them with cold pastels (like digital lavender or light silver). The style exudes a technical, yet cozy mood for relaxing or hanging out with friends. Warm neutrals are key hues for partywear but also look wonderful in workleisure outfits. 

Woman wearing a pink clay jogger and sweatshirt

5. Clean brights

Lady rocking a lemon-colored long-sleeve top

Dopamine dressing is not going anywhere, regardless of how many hues rise to take its place. Since silhouettes don’t change as much as in previous decades, colors are the only ways to breathe newness and refreshing ranges into classic staples.

Ladies can adopt this color trend by opting for bold shades. However, Clean brights only work with minimal designs to exude a more timeless and sophisticated appeal. 

Alternatively, consumers can pair neutral shades with clean brights for a toned-down but eye-catching appearance. Think pairing an Alpine frost blazer with bitter lemon turtlenecks. Luminous pink dresses also feel spectacular with this trend, and women can complement the outfit with a pink clay jacket.

Final words 

A/W 2023/24 is the season to focus on colors that flex commercial muscles and exude a versatile aesthetic for different occasions. Consumers are becoming savvier as they adopt more flexible lifestyles and these color trends reflect this change.

Sunset shades, nature-inspired darks, warm neutrals, clean brights, and perennial shades will resonate with consumers searching for a new burst of energy and a renewed sense of optimism.

Retailers must focus on items adopting these shades for an updated and irresistible catalog this season.

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