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6 Popular Hair Trends: Blair Waldorf Approved


The top hair trends to look out for in today’s fashion world are dominated by hair accessories such as headbands and hair clips. Changes in consumer demands in recent years has seen a resurgence in popularity of the classic headband, which is starting to receive a modern overhaul with unique designs emerging. 

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Global market value of hair accessories
6 popular hair trends to follow
The future of hair accessories

Global market value of hair accessories

With fashion trends and hairstyles constantly evolving, the market has seen a big demand in recent years for hair accessories. Having a healthy hairstyle that also speaks to the personality of the person sporting it has become essential in many parts of the world. Hair accessories are now blending with the fashion world, which has made them more appealing to a wider range of consumers who may not necessarily have used them before.

In 2021 the global market value of hair accessories reached USD 18.29 billion. At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4% between 2022 and 2029, that value is expected to rise to at least USD 46.60 billion by 2029. As more hair accessories start to hit the market, this growth is only set to continue among both female and male consumers who are interested in fashion and practical hair solutions.

Woman dressed in black wearing pearl earrings and headband

6 popular hair trends to follow

There isn’t just a single hair trend to follow, which is why it’s important to stay on top of which trends consumers are following and which are the highest in demand. Hair trends such as the headband with crystals, the pearl hair clip, the fabric headband, the velvet headband, the knotted headband, and the chain link headband are the most stunning trends that consumers can’t get enough of. 

Headband with crystals

Headbands are classic pieces of hair accessories that have started to grow in popularity once more. As a result of this new demand in the market, there are plenty of unique styles emerging that are catching the attention of consumers. The headband with crystals is a prime example of this. The headband itself is covered by a soft material so that it isn’t noticeable, and the main component of the headband is covered with different styles of crystals. These crystals can be large or they can be small, but either way they definitely make a fashion statement for whoever is wearing them.

The big draw of the crystal headband is how many different styles match with the glitzy additions. Embellished headbands can be a plain design but they can also be bow tied, padded, or knotted. This is a very comfortable type of headband that the likes of Blair Waldorf would be seen wearing along the streets of New York City and it appeals to the consumer in a big way.

Woman wearing a baby pink headband with embellishments on top

Pearl hair clip

One of the biggest trends to emerge recently is the use of the pearl hair clip. Like the embellished headband, this style of hair clip is worn by consumers who want to make a fashion statement, and is best paired with a plain outfit so that it stands out more. This hair clip gives off a Renaissance feel, with large amounts of pearls and other jewels sewn onto it. These hair clips can often come as part of a set with a matching headband so the consumer has a choice of what to wear, and in some cases they can be paired with matching earrings too.

Woman wearing red velvet hair clip with pearl in center

Fabric headband

The fabric headband is one of the most common types of hair accessories on the market, and has been popular for decades. It’s known as a minimalist style of headband but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can match almost any outfit regardless of the time of the year. Whether a wide headband or a narrow one, there are plenty of colors and patterns for the consumer to choose from, which is why many people have at least one of them readily available. 

Woman sitting at table with box of fabric headbands

Velvet headband

There aren’t too many different materials to choose from when it comes to headbands, but one of the most popular is the velvet headband. This type of headband brings a sense of nostalgia with it, as many consumers in their younger years would have had one of these headbands at one time or another. It’s a classic type of hair accessory to own, and can either be a plain color or have beautiful embellishments on it. This is a popular type of headband that never really went away, and with new designs it’s only going to be more in demand.

Woman wearing a beige padded velvet headband on brown hair

Knotted headband

A big trend to emerge in the hair accessories market is the knotted headband. This is a chunkier style of headband that’s been reimagined with unique patterns and vibrant colors. Many consumers turn to the knotted headband when they want to add a bit of excitement to their plain hair, and it’s one type of headband that doesn’t disappoint. Even in a plain color, the knotted headband is a beautiful hair accessory that only works to add a touch of class to any look. 

Red and green knotted headbands sitting on a table

The chain link headband offers the wearer a more unique look than other styles. This headband can come in a fabric material, but it’s equally as popular in plastic. The twisted nature of this headband is the perfect hair accessory to wear on any occasion, and is a great addition to a daytime casual look. This is also a popular type of headband for younger children thanks to the thinner nature of its design and the ease at which it can be worn.

Woman wearing a light pink chain link headband

The future of hair accessories

The latest hair trends are very focused on headbands and hair clips thanks to a resurgence in demand over the past couple of years. They’re the perfect accessories to have to help spruce up an outfit or bring to life an otherwise dull hairstyle. The biggest trends include headbands with crystals, the pearl hair clip, the fabric headband, velvet headbands, the knotted headband, and the chain link headband in either fabric or plastic.

In the coming years the hair accessories market is expecting a big demand for more headband styles and hair clips. As new designs emerge to keep up with modern trends, consumers will be looking to add more unique styles to their headband collection that will make them stand out even more, but that will also be perfect for casual and stay at home looks too.

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