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5 Stylish Men’s Jackets & Outerwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Men’s jackets and outerwear are making waves in the clothing industry as the demand for these items continues to skyrocket. And with the unpredictable weather just around the corner, men will naturally gravitate towards fashionable items that can offer protection and comfort, without sacrificing quality and style. 

This article will explore the evolution of the men’s jackets and outerwear market, and then highlight the top trends that retailers can use to update their catalog for the upcoming 2023 summer and spring seasons.

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A brief overview of men’s jackets & outerwear market in 2023
Five top jacket & outerwear designs of S/S 2023
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A brief overview of men’s jackets & outerwear market in 2023

The global men’s jacket market in 2021 showed impressive potential by reaching $48.5 billion. Experts also predict the market will continue its growth at a 5.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 through 2028. Jackets and outerwear are handy items consumers use for weather protection in summer and spring.

Lightweight and appealing jackets are crucial for summer and spring. However, these items are incredibly trans-seasonal, driving their appeal across other seasons. Additionally, the rising variety of jacket and outerwear styles is a positive contributor to this industry’s growth.

Men’s coats and jackets are not just protective pieces. They also open various incredible styling opportunities. Jackets and outerwear are particularly versatile, which helps to drive the market’s growth. These items also come with outstanding details like pockets, lapels, and collars to keep the market fresh and exciting.

Five top jacket & outerwear designs of S/S 2023

Layered gilet

Man wearing a brown gilet

The word “gilet” refers to light and sleeveless. This padded outerwear responds to the rising need for indoor-outdoor looks. Layered gilets update the classic piece with more refined and tech aesthetics.

These jackets are often collarless with two-layered constructions. They are incredibly functional extra layers consumers can add to their outfits effortlessly. Since layered jackets are lightweight and flimsy, men can make them ideal traveling pieces for uncertain weather conditions.

Layered gilets are so versatile that men can style them in more than one way. The item pairs with a wide range of clothing, and consumers can look amazing–regardless of what they wear underneath.

Man wearing a black gillet vest

Men can layer a fashionable layered gilet over a classic crew neck tee for casual styles. The crew neck top will keep wearers comfortable and is flexible enough to look fantastic with the gilet.

Alternatively, male consumers can dress up a bold checkered shirt in a modular layered gilet. The shirt adds colorful and exciting prints that complement the gilet’s solid colors. Men can rock this outfit to various semi-formal events.

Volume cagoule

Man drawing the strings of a cagoule

The cagoule steps up this season as stylish rainwear for men looking towards the great outdoors. The volume cagoule takes tech details from hiking gear and adds them to an oversized silhouette. The outerwear has a strong appeal for men looking for stylish and practical items for everyday purposes.

This lightweight jacket provides outstanding protection against changing weather. Volume cagoules can also give a subtle athletic look, complete with hoods to protect the wearer’s head during downpours.

Senior citizen wearing a grey cagoule

Customers can pair these weatherproof jackets with o-neck t-shirts underneath. Slimfit bottoms, chinos, or denim can complete the look and add a smooth aesthetic. Volume cagoules also feel excellent with shorts, but pairing them with long pants is more practical.

Men can also team up the cagoule with v-neck shirts. Some versions may come with extra pockets making the outfit even more functional. The ensemble pairs well with denim or joggers.

Belted shacket

Smiling man wearing a denim shacket

Shackets are here again to dominate men’s summer and spring wardrobes. This shirt-jacket hybrid is the perfect layering piece, and this updated version adds a belt to the premium item.

Wool blends and leather are popular materials used to make shackets stylish. These fabrics make the piece heavier than a classic shirt, but lighter than a thick winter coat. For this reason, shackets are the go-to for consumers looking for the best of both worlds.

Men can effortlessly layer shackets over a turtleneck or beneath an overcoat for chilly spring days. Alternatively, they can throw one over a breathable crew-neck tee and pull off a timeless look without trying hard.

Man wearing green shacket over a white top

Consumers can also switch between buttoning them up as a shirt or flying the shacket as a jacket. Men can also tap into the casual realm by adding a pair of denim, chinos, or sweatpants to the look. 

If the weather gets too cold, men can rock a sherpa shacket. It’s a great piece that looks fantastic with the classic white tee and blue jeans combo.

Fluid trench

Man wearing a black trench coat

Although many feel the trench is more of a formal style, the truth is the item has an exciting casual side. Trench coats have different styles ranging from belted to boxy, but one particularly fascinating one is the fluid trench.

Fluid trench coats add a flowy aesthetic to compatible male outfits. They actively blur the lines between formal and lounge looks. This item is also weatherproof and durable enough to keep wearers protected from fluctuating temperatures.

While navy, tan, and black dominate the classic outerwear shades, the colored fluid trench adds more pop to the otherwise neutral item. Men can rock colors like forest green, raincoat yellow, and washed burgundy for a casual spin on the attire. This sophisticated piece is excellent over cropped trousers and round-neck shirts.

Man rocking a light brown trench coat

Consumers can inject a streetwear feel to their fluid trench by opting for oversized silhouettes. A more formal approach will see consumers belting their fluid trench. This style offers a more tapered fit compiler with a suit or a roll neck for a chic finish.

Summer parka

Man wearing a purple parka jacket

Parkas are oversized hooded jackets with designs for extremely cold weather. However, the summer parka adds a twist that makes the piece lightweight and perfect for summer and spring layering.

Summer parkas use natural and synthetic blends to create various stylish pieces. These items are excellent with dressy and relaxed outfits. Men who are looking to stay warm on slightly chilly days can opt for a less puffy summer parka without insulations.

Waterproof parkas double down as rain jackets for activities in mild or rainy conditions. These items look great with jeans and sweaters. Consumers will effortlessly inject a casual, but stylish edge into their outfits.

Men holding a bag while holing a summer parka

More relaxed styles demand dressing up the summer parka in joggers and sweatshirts. This combo maximizes wearer comfort, especially with fleece-lined loggers and warm hoodies, 

In closing

Consumers need functional outwear to keep up with the shift in working patterns and the boom of outdoor activities. But it makes no sense for them to give style to feel comfortable.

These outerwear trends discussed in this article offer the peak of comfort, style, and functionality. For instance, the fluid trench and volume cagoule are incredibly stylish pieces that double down as effective rain gear. Belted shackets and summer parkas lean into more casual styles to keep consumers looking trendy while protected.

Layered gilets are comfortable layering pieces that look great with just about any piece. These are the top jackets and outerwear trends businesses must glean for a sales head start in S/S 2023.

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