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Men’s Resort/Golf Activewear: 5 Top Trends in 2022


Did you know that in 2020, the resort-golf activewear market was valued at $834.1 million, and it’s forecasted to hit $1.5 billion by 2030?

Previously, golfers were the only ones rocking golf activewear. As things evolved, consumers started wearing resort-golf activewear as a regular casual outfit. Now, big fashion brands capitalize on the trend by producing innovative golf apparel with cool colors and vibrant styles.

It’s 2022! There are five amazing resort-golf activewear design styles trending among consumers—which will be listed here. First, let’s see the market drivers and potential of the resort-golf activewear industry.

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Market drivers and opportunities for men’s resort-golf activewear in 2022 in 2022
Men’s golf activewear trends 2022: 5 amazing styles in high demand
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Market drivers and opportunities in 2022

Two smiling men wearing hats and polo tees

The men’s golf activewear market is huge, and one of the major key drivers is steady product development and innovation. Other drivers of the market are increasing golf events and competitions.

These days, consumers are rocking resort/golf apparel in a bid to look like their favorite golf stars. Big fashion brands are nailing the trends with more stylish and classy-looking activewear. Interestingly, millennials and older folks are at the front seat of this growing trend. So, as a seller, it’s a good time to ride the trends, especially in this spring-summer season of 2022.

5 amazing styles in high demand

Slogan T-shirt

Young man wearing white slogan tee with denim shorts

The slogan T-shirt was popular in the 90s, but it’s also a hot and trendy wardrobe staple these days. For millennials, the slogan tee has a nostalgic factor because it formed the base of pop culture. Gen Z also caught the slogan tees bug due to pop culture.

The tees allow consumers’ personalities to shine through as they use the clothing for expressions on all levels. Slogan tees have a fashion versatility that allows users to stay comfortable with their daily activities.

The most common fabric for these tees is cotton and polyester blend because they are light, soft, breathable, and comfy. Other fabric varieties are modal, linen, polyester, spandex, etc.

Modal fabric is super soft and breathable with a shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking feature—making it suitable for the spring/summer.

It’s vital to note that a high-quality slogan tee combines the fabrics mentioned above. For instance, spandex is a common additive to a cotton T-shirt with a sturdy and stretchy effect.

Young man wearing black slogan tee with design-print pants

The slogan t-shirts come in different colors like white, black, green, purple, red, yellow, blue, etc. Consumers can pair them with chinos for a relaxed style. Alternatively, they can combine the slogan t-shirt with jeans for a casual look or shorts for an effortless style.

Classic polo

The classic polo is a legend in casual wear fashion. Hence, it has a good share of most men’s closets. It’s also caught between a serious shirt and collarless tee—with various fashion styles. The short sleeve polos are among the most common shirts with various materials, patterns, and colors.

Man in orange classic polo with gray pants

These polos have a basic structure like an unstructured soft collar, shorter torso length, and quarter length placket with four buttons or fewer. The pique polo is another variety that is heavier than tees with textured and stretch-like fabric.

The lightweight or Pima cotton polos come from performance or cotton/poly blend fabrics. So, it’s common to find these polos in athletic and golf clothing brands because of their flex and wicking abilities.

The long sleeve polos are quite popular as well. These polos have full-length sleeves like button-up shirts—with unique details like buttoning sleeve cuffs, structured collars, etc.

Man in multi-color long sleeve polo leaning on column

Golf polos are comfortable shirts for golfers and enthusiasts. They feature shorts sleeves with temperature control and moisture-wicking abilities. Consumers can nail a subtle formal look by pairing the classic polos with sweatshirts or blazers with pants. The classic polos also look great with sweatpants, shorts, or jeans.

Resort polo

Resort polos are perfect for consumers that want to be comfortable in a warmer climate with a laidback style that exudes a retro vibe. The resort polos usually feature a button-up detail, relaxed collars, and tropical print. It also comes in traditional Hawaiian patterns, simple stripes, boxes, and leaf prints.

Man in yellow and black print design resort polo

The polos come in different fabrics like pique, 100% cotton, poly/spandex blends, cotton/poly blends, 100% polyester, etc. Pique is ideal for users that want a versatile polo that has dimension and shows less sweat. The cotton varieties are for consumers that prefer a formal and expensive look.

They also come in different colors like black, red, white, blue, etc. Consumers can style the resort polos based on the look they want. For instance, they can achieve an easy style by pairing the resort shirts with swim shorts for a stylish appearance. Jeans or chinos are another great pair with resort polos for a regular day style or casual look.

Men wearing shades in stripped resort polo

Knitted vest

A knitted vest is an endless classic piece that works in different situations. This versatile wardrobe essential keeps users warm—while not restricting their arm movement. So, it’s safe to call the knitted vest a “layering hero” that has become a fashion must-have.

Office man posing in shirt, tie, and vest

The vest comes in rib knits, wool, novelty knits, cotton jersey, or lingerie fabrics. But that’s not all. Consumers that love a display of creativity will love its plain and pattern design. Its color options include beige, brown, black, grey, army green, etc.

The piece is ideal for consumers that need a fashion piece they can easily tweak for outdoor movements. To exude a simple country look, consumers can pair the knitted vests with a checkered shirt underneath and jeans. A casual-formal look is possible by pairing the knitted vest under a tweed blazer and plain pants.

Student in shirt, knitted vest, and black pants


Shorts have existed forever, but they have evolved over the years. They have grown from mere casual to corporate wear when combined with office shirts during the spring-summer.

Tennis shorts are ideal for tennis matches; hence they feature synthetic materials. Some consumers like to rock these shorts for summer vacations with beach shirts.

Running shorts are ideal for consumers that engage in sports activities. These shorts are longer, loose-fitting, and they come in lightweight materials. Consumers who love practical camping clothing would prefer cargo shorts with flapped pockets on the sides.

Man in black shorts and white sneakers

Golf shorts are another type of clothing specifically for golfers. They are practical apparel that looks good as casual wear and allows freedom of movement. Consumers who need an excellent outdoor recreation option like beach parties, outdoor sports, etc., would prefer golf shorts.

Pleated shorts feature a narrower or wider cut with one or two pleats—ideal for outdoor events. Denim shorts are also popular, and they are usually baggy and longer than regular shorts. They are perfect for consumers that want a casual look for a theme party.

Blond man with beige shorts and cream tee

Closing words

No doubt, the resort-golf activewear market is large, and it has the potential to grow larger in the next five years or more. Interestingly, 2022 is a perfect time to enter the market, jump in on its trends, and boost your business sales.

The slogan t-shirt, classic polo, and resort polo are great choices for any business that plans to sell golf wear tops that make a bold statement. The short is the perfect everyday casual wear consumers can wear on and off the court. Also, the knitted vest makes a great combo for any casual or formal look in spring/summer.

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