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5 Thrilling Tennis Clothing Trends Consumers Crave


The evolution of tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, Serena, and Venus Williams has largely spread the love of tennis amongst millennials. 

So, it’s no surprise that the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has experienced a large viewership of over 700 million from 2009 to 2019. Likewise, the tennis clothing market is experiencing similar growth as the game.

This article will reveal the top five tennis clothing trends. Plus, there will also be an overview of the current market size. So, keep reading to find out these details. 

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Market overview of the tennis clothing trend
Tennis athleisure: five fabulous trends consumers want to rock
Rounding up

Market overview of the tennis clothing trend

Over the years, tennis celebrities like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal have shown viewers how grown and sexy it is to rock tennis clothing. 

As a result, more consumers, especially millennials, are drawn to different tennis clothing styles. Hence, it’s unsurprising to see that the tennis clothing market has grown by $94.7 million from 2021 to 2025—registering a CAGR of 4 percent.

Undoubtedly, the tennis clothing market is lucrative for any seller who wants to jump on the trends.

Tennis athleisure: five fabulous trends consumers want to rock

Polo shirts

shirt holding a racket

Polo shirts are the true definition of classics with a huge chunk of tennis history. Consumers can rely on polo shirts for an elegant look and get away with freedom of movement. Polo shirts usually have thick collars with a few buttons down, a slit in front, and an optional pocket.

Tennis players can upturn the collar for neck protection during matches in summer. Pique cotton, merino wool, and synthetic fibers are a few fabric options that ensure players’ comfort during training. Also, spring-summer is an amazing time for consumers to play around with neutral hues colors to enhance breathability.

Blonde hair lady in pink polo shirt with blue jeans

Polo shirts are the ideal option for consumers who prefer a practical and functional top with less flexibility—compared to T-shirts. Female consumers can pair a white polo shirt with tennis shorts for a stylish, professional look or khaki shorts for a nautical look off-court. Males can opt for a classic ensemble by pairing colorful polo shirts with a pair of shorts or chinos.

Tennis dress

Beautiful lady posing in a peach tennis dress

Tennis dresses are all about the vibes—whether female consumers have a lethal backhand on the court or they prefer to go for a country club outing. This nostalgic trend anchors different pattern styles that emphasize the sexiness of most females. No doubt, the advanced styles appeal to professional consumers, but it passes for a cool summer day off the court.

This versatile piece also comes in a classic white pleated polo dress for consumers who want an effortless and complete look on or off-court. Also, consumers who have a thing for iconic features can opt for tennis dresses with varsity-style stripes. The breathable jersey or cotton styles are perfect for on-court activities or running errands in the heat, thanks to their sweat-wicking fabrics.

Young tennis professional wearing a tennis dress

Active dresses are another favorite with technical designs. These styles are usually stretchy with exclusive features like built-in bras and inner shorts. Also, enthusiasts or non-tennis players with a thing for retro vibes can get après-play tennis dresses that feature smart aesthetics with ribbed and striped styles for a classy look.

Tennis skirts

Female tennis player rocking tennis polo and skirt

Tennis skirts are comfortable athleisure wears that pose as good alternatives to shorts and dresses. The athletic piece usually has a length of about 12 to 14 inches—standing out for breathability and flexibility. Also, this lightweight skirt has pleats and an ergonomic shape that supports mobility.

Skorts or tennis skirts feature built-in tight-fitting shorts for function and coverage. They also have a separate flap at the front of the apparel to create a skirt look. In addition, most tennis skirts have moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. So, consumers can wear tennis skirts with khaki or cotton fabric to get a more sophisticated look.

A-line tennis skirts are one of the styles consumers can rock off the court. The skirt features a flattering silhouette that’s perfect for shorter women. Consumers keen on functionality can go for styles with pocket designs that carry essentials and a tennis ball. Interestingly, consumers can choose skirts with frills or pleats for a more elegant appearance.

Young lady in tennis skirt and blazer

The perfect sporty off-the-court look is provided by a white polo shirt and skirt. A fashion summer staple will pair a tennis skirt with sports bras or tank tops. However, if the goal is to get a smart and more professional look, the tennis skirt with a tuck button-down shirt and blazer will suffice.


Young man in a hoodie standing by a multi-colored background

Hoodies are modern-day wardrobe staples that are here to stay. Initially, the major function of this clothing was to keep consumers warm and dry in harsh weather. But skaters, runway models, and snowboarders adopted this trendy style. 

This popular garment comes from sweat fabric and features an attached hood with a ribbon that can lace up. Elastic cuffs and a kangaroo pocket in front are standout features of this versatile piece. The pullover hoodie is ideal for consumers who want a custom-fit garment. It features a pullover hoodie that slips over the head easily and drawstrings that can tighten or loosen.

Another popular variant is the half-zip hoodie. It’s ideal for consumers who want to show off graphic tees. The hoodie features a zipper that stops at the lower chest and easily zips back up. In addition, consumers can opt for the full-zip hoodie for a slim fit and layering.

The classic long-sleeve variant is a common piece that is perfect for providing warmth. Short-sleeve hoodies are summertime favorites that work best for slimmer and more fitted looks. Consumers can pair this hoodie with beach, casual, or board shorts. 

Customers who want a wide range of motion as they engage in high-intensity workouts prefer the sleeveless hoodie as it boosts comfort and accentuates the arms.

Consumers interested in loose-fitting hoodies tend to go for fleece, sweatshirts, and jersey knitted fabrics. These fabrics are warm and allow easy movement. On the other hand, consumers looking to rock their hoodies at night may prefer a double knit, rayon, or cotton lycra material.

Young lady posing in a khaki hoodie

Half-zip hoodies over a plain crew-neck top, with a jacket or overcoat, and fitted denim will give the perfect city look. For a sleek and simple style, consumers can use an overcoat over a hoodie with a pair of beltless pants.

Tank tops

A woman in a red tank top over a denim

A tank top is a sleeveless and collarless shirt with thick to thin straps. They are perfect wardrobe essentials that are easy to wear in warm temperatures. Also, customers can combine them under different shirts, coats, and jackets even in cold weather.

Typically, tank tops come in different necklines and cuts. For instance, V-neck tanks feature a visible V shape well-suited for shorter people with boxy shapes. On the other hand, scoop neck tanks have round and wide necklines that are ideal for people who want to highlight their collarbones.

The athletic tank top is ideal for people who participate in sports. It features a fixed bandeau that offers support and comfort throughout workout sessions. In addition, consumers can pair them with sweatpants, shorts, or track pants.

Backless tanks are common amongst younger women because they look like fancy tops. Most times, they come in lace materials, and they feature a short strip behind. They are ideal for formal and informal settings. Customers can make a classy statement by pairing these tanks with skirts or jeans.

The most popular variant: white tanks are almost in everyone’s wardrobe. They come from cotton material with a ribbed design that highlights the piece. Buyers can opt for spaghetti or regular straps and pair them with cargo pants or trousers.

Black man wearing an athletic tank top

Rounding up

The tennis clothing market has the potential to make any seller profitable because of the trending design styles. The best part is all five design trends mentioned in this article are perfect options for summer—which is approaching already. 

For men and women, tennis polo shirts are the most popular. However, Gen Z and female millennial consumers who love to show off sexy legs will prefer the tennis dresses and skirts on or off the court. Hoodies and tank tops are amazing tennis clothing trends that double as stylish streetwear styles during the summer.

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