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Spring and Summer Trends for Women’s Dresses in 2022


Discover the latest styles for this year’s spring and summer collection and choose dresses that will be in high demand this season. This summer’s fashion trends are a mix of elevated classics and retro revivals, with bold colors taking center stage. 

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Spring-summer dresses for women in 2022
The latest trends in the spring-summer collection 
Final thoughts: a bright summer this year

Spring-summer dresses for women in 2022 

With summer just around the corner, casual and bright dresses are set to flood the market. According to fashion expert Libby Page, eclectic colors with unique prints will be in high demand in 2022, so now is the time to incorporate the most recent trends to match the demands of this prospering market.

The latest trends in the spring-summer collection 

Colorful dresses with eclectic prints

It’s all about colors and prints for summer 2022, from bold and bright vibrant colors to subtle hues. Some of the front-runners of this season’s fashion shows wore pastel colors that had a calming nature. Designers have also combined bright undertones with warm neutrals to achieve a whimsical yet confident look.

Bold prints are another distinguishing feature of spring and summer fashion this year. These bright patterns have made their way from the runways to the streets. Major fashion brands have abandoned the previous year’s somber collection to favor a more vibrant approach to prints and patterns.

A woman wearing a floral dress
 A woman wearing a colorful dress
A woman wearing a multi-colored dress

In the upcoming pre-summer 2022 collection, designers have incorporated a head-to-toe fusion of prints. They either feature a complete ensemble of identical prints or variations of electric prints to make a bold statement. 

Standout colors and vibrant designs draw on psychedelic imagery to create a fun and active atmosphere for the summer. This means consumers are likely to be looking for exotic floral prints with riveting designs to set the mood. 

Tropical and exotic looks are taking over wardrobes as shoppers attempt to make up for the lost time. Whether it’s the revival of classic prints, brushstroke prints, or lace, the vision is clear: it’s all about lifting the mood. 

Yellow dresses: bring in the vitamin C

According to this year’s forecasts, yellow is one of the key color trends, so it’s not surprising that yellow dresses will be in high demand this season. This vibrant and intense color will make any outfit stand out. On the runways, top designer brands have incorporated yellow items into their latest clothing collections. Yellow and other bright hues are gaining popularity due to their energy and positivity, which perfectly matches the optimism as people wait for the new season.

A woman wearing a yellow dress
A woman wearing a yellow dress

According to Fashinza magazine, yellow dresses will be seen on the runways and in streetwear catalogs this season. Brands such as Carolina Herrera and Gucci have included this bright pop color in their summer campaigns. Yellow is also a great color for the beach or other outdoor activities, and yellow ruffled dresses made from silk and nylon are great choices. 

A woman wearing a yellow high-low dress
A woman wearing a yellow dress

Honeycomb yellow can be paired with a neutral ombre, such as brown, and is expected to be popular not only in the summer but also in the fall and winter of 2022/23. It is also predicted to be a key color trend in this year’s apparel market.

Sexy and glamorous mini dresses

A woman wearing a white mini dress
A woman wearing a peach mini dress
A woman wearing a blue mini dress

Mini dresses are undeniably fun and young, with a hint of sensuality. Minis have been popular since the 1990s, but they took a brief hiatus. Now they’re back, and shoppers can’t get enough of them. This season’s fashion trends include mini dresses with electric prints and bold color schemes.

A woman wearing a tube dress
A woman wearing a blue and white tube dress

Mini tube dresses are also popular on both the runways and the streets. The figure-hugging short hemlines and open shoulders make them ideal summer dresses. They can also be worn on formal occasions when paired with oversized jackets, heels, or sneakers. Minis are a popular choice for cocktail parties and date nights among youngsters.

Cut-out dresses

Cut-out dresses are also having their moment in the spotlight this summer. Although this style was popular a few seasons ago, they’re proving to be a long-term trend. Cut-out dresses do not have to be completely open, as seen on the runways, but even a small slash near the waist can add movement to the fabric while drawing attention to one’s curves. 

A woman wearing a mini color cut-out dress

Open black dresses are also a key trend this summer. This option allows consumers to tighten the cross straps which accent the bust area. Aside from classic black dresses, baggy fits, fun prints with frills, and trims are also in demand. Dresses in sheer fabrics are also popular this season. They come in a variety of colors and styles, with a hint of glitter and sparkles.

Classy and chic shirt dresses

A woman wearing a stripe shirt dress

Shirt dresses are modern classics that have always been stylish. Fashion blogs are recommending shoppers give up denim shorts in favor of more elegant shirt dresses for the summer. The key consideration for shirt dresses is to keep them lightweight for maximum comfort and convenience.

Previously, they were simply regarded as loungewear, to be worn at home. However, designers have toyed with the idea of making knee-length shirt dresses that are tasteful, versatile, and feminine.

Although most shirt-dresses are knee-length or mid-thigh, maxi options are also popular and in style. For added attitude and movement, they can be slightly flared at the bottom. Striped prints are a popular option for this look.

Final thoughts: a bright summer this year

Staying ahead of seasonal trends can help to provide customers with exactly what they want. Forecasts suggest that this spring-summer is all about vibrant prints and eye-catching hues styled and trimmed to perfection

From ultra-mini dresses for a night out to long flowy maxis for a casual beach day, it’s all about colors and textures for an eclectic look, while yellow dresses are popular this season because people prefer mood-boosting colors after a stressful year. 

Cut-out dresses are also making their way into mainstream fashion, which is perfect for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries. And for the shoppers who prefer to keep it simple, shirt dresses are a great option for a classy look.

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