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5 Top-Trending Pool Cleaning Tools To Watch Out for in 2024

A man in a white shirt using a pool cleaning tool

Cloudy water, debris, and grime? Consumers are ensured hygienic pools free from all that with pool cleaning tools. Pool cleaning tools keep pool water safe, making swimming all the more enjoyable.

Consumers have many choices, and it’s up to businesses to help them pick the best ones for their pools. So, get ahead with these top trends for a booming business in 2024.

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Overview of the global pool cleaning tool market
Pool cleaning tools: 5 top-trending tools to stock up on in 2024
Rounding up

Overview of the global pool cleaning tool market

Person using a pool cleaning tool

As the global tourism industry expands, there is a heightened need for clean and safe swimming pools. According to reports, the market for pool cleaning tools will experience significant growth with an estimated 8.99% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2022 and 2027. Experts predict this growth will lead to an approximate increase of US $167.52 million in market size.

North America, in particular, is anticipated to make a substantial contribution, accounting for 40% of the overall global market growth during the forecast period.

Pool cleaning tools: 5 top-trending tools to stock up on in 2024

1. Robotic pool cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner at the bottom of a pool

These little pool robots are like tiny cleaning wizards for pools. They cruise around with a motor-driven suction power that makes short work of stubborn stains and clingy algae on consumers’ pool tiles.

And the best part? They’re neat freaks, too! All the dirt they collect goes into a removable compartment that consumers can easily clean out and empty when needed. Consumers love the robotic pool cleaner because it’s an efficiency champ for pool cleaning.

Depending on the consumer’s pool size and chosen robot, it can get the job done in as little as an hour. That’s some speedy pool cleaning!

Blue robotic cleaner beside a pool

Robotic pool cleaners cater to a wide range of budgets, ensuring there’s an option for everyone. Moreover, with the advancements in technology, some of these robotic pool cleaners can easily sync with smartphones, allowing consumers to monitor the pool cleaning process from anywhere.

In addition, robotic pool cleaners have been gathering a strong presence in the market. Google Ads data reveals that they received 60,500 searches in September 2023. Although there was a 10% drop to 49,500, their overall performance remains impressive.

2. Telescopic poles

Man in shorts using a telescopic pole to clean pool

Telescopic poles resemble oversized wands but for cleaning pools. Manufacturers make these handy accessories from plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum. The best part is that they come in different lengths and can stretch to a towering 6 meters. So, consumers can reach every nook and cranny of their pool without breaking a sweat.

Consumers love telescopic poles because of their high versatility. They can hook them to a different gear like a skimmer net, filter basket, vacuum, or any other pool gadgets consumers need for a pristine swim.

Young man using a telescopic pole to clean pool

But that’s not all. Despite the telescopic pole’s ability to extend to great lengths, consumers can make it compact for easy storage.

Google’s got the scoop, and the keyword “telescopic pole” is quite the hit among consumers. On average, there are about 12,100 monthly searches for them. Even more interesting is that they’ve kept this seedy search volume since May 2023.

3. Pool brush

A blue pool brush placed in a pool

A pool brush is the best defense against the build-up of algae and bacteria in pools. However, the type pool mostly determines the brush consumers need. For example, curved brushes work best for curved pools, while flat brushes are great for corners.

The pool brush comes in three parts: the pole, the bristles, and the head. Brush heads with flat middle sections are considered the best choice for deep cleaning, as they can reach all tight corners.

For the bristles, it also depends on the type of pool. Fiberglass-lined pools would require a soft brush, while concrete pools need harder bristles to get the work done.

A pool brush being used to wash pool tiles

The most attractive benefit of pool brushes is their cost efficiency. They’re also easy to use and can efficiently eliminate bacteria, dirt, and spores from pool tiles and walls.

Pool brushes may not be stealing the spotlight, but they’ve shown some pretty impressive growth. Based on reports, they went from 3,600 searches in 2022 to a robust 9,900 in September 2023.

4. Skimmer net

Person using a skimmer net to filter dirt from pool

Meet the trusty skimmer net, the go-to tool for scooping up all the bits of grass, sticks, and other debris that land in pools. Skimmer nets typically come in two material types: nylon and polyester mesh.

Below is a table comparing nylon skimmer nets and polyester skimmer nets:

Are more affordableAre more expensive
Have lightweight designsOffer moderate-weight builds
Have water-absorbing qualitiesRepel water, not absorbing
Consumers can enjoy better elasticityOnly stretch moderately
Resistant to wear from bending but are not flame-resistant Have a high flame resistance

A young man cleaning pool with a skimmer net

Skimmer nets are attachments for telescopic poles. They are a net-like basket for quickly fishing out any floaty debris on your pool’s surface. By keeping all that gunk out of the pool, it saves the pool filter from getting clogged. And fewer clogs means fewer headaches and lower maintenance costs for consumers.

Skimmer nets have steadily attracted more attention in 2023. While they started the year with 1,600 searches, they boosted to 4,400 in September 2023—that’s quite the climb!

5. Vacuum head and hose

Woman using a vacuum head and hose to clean pool

A vacuum head and hose are essential pool cleaning tools that go hand-in-hand to eliminate dirt, debris, and harmful bacteria from pools. The vacuum head operates by using suction to draw in dirt from the pool floor and its surrounding walls.

The hose serves as the link between the vacuum head and the pool’s filter or an independent pump. It’s a conduit that permits the vacuum to work efficiently while the filtering process ensures a pristine pool surface.

Person cleaning pool with a vacuum head and hose

Pool vacuums are popular in 2023, and Google Ads has the data to prove it. They’ve boosted from 27,100 searches in FY2022 to 110,000 in September 2023—an impressive increase in 9 months.

Rounding up

Pool cleaning tools are necessary for keeping pools safe for swimming and visually appealing. With so many options on the market, businesses can pick the best ones to offer consumers the best deals.

For consumers who don’t mind manual labor, pool brushes, skimmers, and vacuums are great. But for those looking to sit back and relax, robotic cleaners are the go-to.

Statistics prove that the pool cleaning tools market is bursting with potential. So, now’s the best time for businesses to jump into it with these outstanding pool cleaning tool trends to make the most of 2024’s sales.

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