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Climbing Accessories: Everything Consumers Need for an Amazing Session

A climber equipped with multiple accessories

When it comes to exhilaration and adventure, very few activities can top climbing. Consumers get to scale tall structures (artificial or natural) and get that rush of excitement when they reach the top. However, making the most of this sport requires having the right accessories. While climbing is super fun, a little mistake can be fatal, but the right equipment can help prevent such unwanted results.

Interested in entering this market? Take a look at five excellent ones to attract beginner and experienced climbers in 2024.

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Overview of the global climbing accessories market
5 climbing accessory trends sellers can capitalize on in 2024
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Overview of the global climbing accessories market

The global climbing gear market was worth about US $1.3 billion in 2021. But by 2031, experts expect it to be worth even more, growing to around US $2.7 billion at a 7.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

This growth can be attributed to the frequent development of climbing and hiking gear. The better and safer these accessories are, the more people want to buy them, which experts believe will increase demand over the forecast period.

5 climbing accessory trends sellers can capitalize on in 2024

1. Climbing ropes

Multiple climbing ropes on a rock

Climbing ropes are super important for rock climbing. Almost all the time, climbers use them to stay safe. The only times climbers might not use ropes are when they’re bouldering, which is climbing short distances with a big cushion underneath, or when they’re free soloing, which is rare and dangerous.

Ropes are super important for all other types of climbing. They’re the first thing to keep climbers safe from falls and slips, especially when combined with other gear like harnesses, carabiners, and belay devices. Nevertheless, climbing ropes have evolved from their traditional roots.

For starters, ropes are getting thinner and lighter without sacrificing strength and safety. Such upgrades are thanks to advancements in fiber technology and braiding techniques. The best part is that thinner ropes are easier to handle and coil—and make for lighter carrying weight.

In addition, manufacturers now treat many climbing ropes with a water-repellent coating, which helps them to stay dry and perform better in wet conditions. Outdoor climbers are big fans of this trend, especially when climbing in rain- and snow-covered areas. According to Google data, climbing ropes are fairly popular, drawing in 27,100 searches in February 2024.

2. Harnesses

Two climbers wearing harnesses and other accessories

Harnesses are like the main gear for climbing fun, and they’ve had 368,000 searches in February 2024! Whether consumers climb on real rocks or in indoor climbing gyms, they need a good harness. It keeps them attached to climbing ropes, so they can climb safely without worrying about falling. However, consumers can choose between three types of harnesses.

The first option is sit harnesses—they are good for almost all kinds of climbing adventures. Whether consumers want to conquer rocks, ice, mountains, or ski mountaineering, sit harnesses have them covered. Sit harnesses are also lightweight, letting them move freely while keeping consumers safe. Plus, they offer enough space for climbing gear, with up to eight loops to hang necessary items.

The second option is chest harnesses. These types work where sit harnesses fail, making them perfect for climbers with skinny hips or heavier bodies. However, climbers must wear them with sit harnesses to see the full effect.

In case of a bad fall where someone flips upside down, wearing just a sit harness might not be enough to keep them safe—that’s where the chest harness comes in handy. It helps prevent the sit harness from slipping off, especially for climbers who don’t have enough body tension to hold it in place.

Lastly, full-body harnesses are like a single, all-in-one safety suit for climbing. Their designs are a simpler alternative to sit and chest harnesses—consumers won’t need that pesky extra sling. Full-body harnesses are also easy to adjust and fit all shapes and sizes. It’s one of the reasons why they are popular in places that rent out climbing gear or adventure parks.

3. Climbing shoes

Climber scaling a rock with climbing accessories

Climbing shoes are special for rock climbing, mountaineering (climbing mountains), and bouldering (climbing rocks without ropes). They are designed to help climbers grip better and have more control over different surfaces like rocks, ice, and artificial climbing walls. So, they keep climbers safe and make it easier for them to climb up high places!

These shoes usually have the top part made from either leather, synthetic materials, or a mix of both. Leather is strong and lets air through to cool the feet, while synthetic materials are light and keep water out. They have different ways to fasten, like laces, velcro straps, or both. Laces let you adjust the shoe’s tightness, while velcro straps are quick and easy to use.

But what’s trending for climbing shoes is sustainability. Models made from recycled rubber, plastics, and coffee grounds are gaining traction for their eco-friendly nature. Biodegradable designs are also hot this year, as manufacturers are experimenting with shoes that decompose naturally after use. According to Google data, climbing shoes are doing well enough to make businesses some profit. They raked in 74,000 searches in February 2024. 

4. Carabiners

A carabiner secured to a rope

Carabiners are special clips popular in climbing. They can easily hold things together, creating a very secure link. Usually, consumers can attach ropes and other climbing gear to carabiners without worrying about them coming loose. More importantly, carabiners are perfect for connecting ropes to nuts, cams, and bolts for better safety while climbing mountains or rocks.

Every gram counts when consumers are scaling walls and mountains, so manufacturers prioritize lighter, stronger materials like aluminum alloys and high-strength steels for their carabiners. Open gate and wire gate designs are also trending for their contribution to overall weight reduction. Gone are the days of single-purpose carabiners. Modern options now boast features like integrated belay loops, bottle openers, and small tools, reducing the need to carry separate items.

Safety is paramount, and carabiner manufacturers are upping their game with improved locking mechanisms. Features like screw gates with double locks, magnetic closures, and auto-locking gates are gaining much attention because of the added peace of mind they provide. Carabiners are one of the most popular climbing accessories! According to Google data, their search term has been getting 246,000 searches monthly since 2023—and they carried over that performance to 2024.

5. Climbing helmets

Multiple climbing helmets out on display

Sometimes, rocks and mountains break apart, sending pieces rocketing down. Such situations are dangerous for climbers because there’s a chance those falling rocks can hit them. That’s why wearing a helmet is a top priority for consumers when climbing. More importantly, climbing helmets drew 6,600 searches in February 2024.

Helmets are mostly necessary for mountaineering, trad climbing, and sport climbing. These climbing styles often occur in areas with many rocks or mountains. So, wearing a high-quality climbing helmet protects climbers from any free-falling debris.

Staying cool and avoiding sweat buildup is essential for comfort and performance when climbing. Hence, helmets with improved ventilation systems are hot in 2024. These climbing helmets feature multiple vents and breathable materials for better airflow. Helmets with adjustable fit systems are also trending. They come with dials, straps, and padding, allowing consumers to personalize their helmet’s fit for optimal comfort and stability.

Wrapping up

The right climbing accessories are essential for a successful and enjoyable climbing session. From sturdy shoes to reliable ropes and safety helmets, each piece of gear is crucial to ensuring safety and performance on the rocks and walls. By investing in these quality climbing accessory trends, sellers can help enthusiasts maximize their experience and confidently tackle new challenges. Each trend has a huge following, so don’t hesitate to add them to inventories for impressive ROIs in 2024.

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