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6 Awesome Portable Folding Hammocks for Camping in 2024

Man sitting in red hammock with laptop and coffee cup

When the weather heats up camping becomes one of the most popular outdoor activities among nature loving consumers. There are now many different ways to enjoy camping that don’t necessarily revolve around a traditional camping tent. Portable folding hammocks for camping are a popular alternative and their popularity has really increased in recent years with a good variation of them now available on the market.

Read on to learn more about portable hammocks and discover six types of camping hammocks that your buyers will love in 2024!

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Benefits of a portable hammock
Global market value of camping hammocks
6 types of portable folding hammocks for camping

Benefits of a portable hammock

Two hammocks positioned on top of each other in forest

Hammocks have always been a popular outdoor accessory, both for camping and for use in the backyard at home. A hammock allows people to unwind in a comfortable swaying motion that’s often preferred to sleeping on the ground in a tent.

Woman on the beach relaxing inside a green camping hammock

Hammocks also don’t take up a lot of space since they’re elevated off of the ground and can be hung up in areas that simply wouldn’t work for tents (such as uneven ground).

A hammock provides a unique experience that allows the consumer to connect with nature in a way that isn’t available by using a tent or even a camper van to sleep in.

Global market value of camping hammocks

Mother and child sitting in white cotton portable folding hammock

In recent years there has been a heightened demand for camping hammocks. These hammocks are used for both camping and home use as consumers look to enhance their garden space with some of their disposable income. With such high demand for hammocks, the market has seen an increase in different styles of hammocks being made as well as materials being used for their framing and their fabric components.

Portable folding hammocks are the next big thing to enter the outdoor accessories market with more consumers spending time outdoors and living in camper vans with limited storage space.

Woman relaxing in hammock set up next to beach tent

Between 2022 and 2027 the hammocks market is expecting a massive growth of at least USD 921.91 million at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.9% during this period. Hammocks are some of the most popular pieces of outdoor accessories on the market and their continued growth proves that their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

6 types of portable folding hammocks for camping

Woman texting while lying in a blue portable folding hammock

The latest portable folding hammocks are made with versatility and comfort in mind. They have completely revolutionized the outdoor living experience and the market is practically teeming with new versions of hammocks that can be utilized in all types of terrains, locations, and weather patterns.

According to Google Ads, “hammock” has an average monthly search volume of 450 000. The most searches come in July and August with 673 000 searches per month. Between August and January searches decrease slightly due to it being the off season for camping.

When looking at the types of hammocks that are the most searched for, “hammock with sleeping bag” comes out on top with 1600 searches. This is followed by “ultra lightweight hammock” with 1300 searches, “multi-person hammock” with 1000 searches, “hammock mosquito net” with 880 searches, and “single hammock” with 590 searches. Keep reading to learn more about each one.

Hammock with sleeping bag

Man sleeping in hammock with sleeping bag during the winter

It’s not always practical for campers or hikers to carry large amounts of equipment with them due to limited space. With that in mind, the sleeping bag hammock has emerged as a very popular alternative to regular hammocks, especially for colder climates or for off season camping.

Rather than a thinner nylon material, these hammocks are designed with an insulated sleeping bag as the main component to the hammock so when the person is inside and the sleeping bag is zipped up it looks like a giant cocoon hanging from the trees.

The sleeping bag hammock comes in various forms with both temperature and size in mind. Consumers who will be camping in very cold conditions will need a more insulated sleeping bag than those in warmer climates.

All of these types of sleeping bags can be detached and used on the ground or inside a tent if necessary and are still lightweight enough to be completely portable. As an added bonus the thicker design of these hammocks means better protection from the outdoor elements such as wind and cold air.

According to Google Ads, “hammock with sleeping bag” is the most searched for in June, August, and September with 1900 searches per month. Between August and January searches decreased 36% due to seasonal buying patterns but they increased again by May.

Ultra lightweight hammock

Woman sitting in teal ultra lightweight hammock in forest

Unless the consumer is looking for a permanent hammock with a heavy frame, most hammocks will be lightweight and easy to travel with. This is due to the material used which is often either parachute fabric or high-tenacity nylon – both are excellent in terms of durability. The ultra lightweight hammock is specifically designed to be compact and portable so that it can fit in even the tiniest of spaces, such as a backpack.

Consumers will find that this type of lightweight hammock has a more simplified design to it in order to help reduce the weight, and this includes having thinner ropes and suspension systems that will still provide safety when the hammock is in use. They are also designed to hold less weight than regular hammocks but are still comfortable to use, so it’s important to take that into account.

According to Google Ads, “ultra lightweight hammock” is the most searched for between June and September with 1600 searches per month. Searches remain steady for the rest of the year between 880-1000 searches per month.

Multi-person hammock

Multi-person camping hammock with weatherproof tarp on top

Camping products in recent years have started to adapt more to the needs of the consumer. Traditional camping gear tends to be more basic than modern equipment and even hammocks have started to undergo some changes. Rather than consumers using a single hammock each, the multi-person hammock has emerged as both a popular sleeping tool for couples and a fun way for larger groups to relax during the day.

The parachute hammock is the perfect example of this revolution. Made of strong nylon, this type of hammock is large enough to fit two adults and strong enough to hold both of their weight as well (up to 300kg). It’s also designed with mosquitoes in mind with the addition of a mosquito netting that covers the entire sleeping area of the hammock.

According to Google Ads, “multi-person hammock” is the most searched for in May with 3600 searches. Between August and January searches decreased 64% due to seasonal changes in consumer buying habits. These searches increase again by March.

Hammock mosquito net

Dark green hammock with black mesh mosquito net over it

Camping is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world but one of the most annoying aspects of camping is being bitten by bugs. Mosquitoes are notorious for getting inside camping tents, biting people around the campfire, and ultimately attacking campers who choose to sleep outdoors in a hammock. Because of this, one of the most popular portable folding hammocks on the market is the hammock with a built-in mosquito net.

This type of lightweight hammock comes fully equipped to prevent all insects, not just mosquitoes, from getting inside. The mesh netting is designed to act as a barrier for these pests so the consumer can either relax in the hammock during the day or sleep peacefully at night. The mesh netting is attached to the hammock and closes using a zipper so there’s minimal chance of any bugs getting inside.

According to Google Ads, “hammock mosquito net” is the most searched for in August with 1900 searches followed closely behind by searches in June and July. Between November and April searches remain quite low due to a lack of demand during the colder seasons.

Single hammock

Man sitting in canvas single hammock in the autumn

One of the most widely purchased hammocks on the market is the classic single hammock. This hammock is used everywhere from camping sites to balconies and even on beaches. Although most hammocks are made of nylon or parachute materials, it’s not uncommon to find canvas single hammocks either.

The single hammock is easy to set up so even the less experienced camper shouldn’t have any problems with the suspension system. Single hammocks are relatively inexpensive compared to other more advanced hammocks so it’s not very common for them to come with additional accessories such as a mosquito net or a rain tarp, but some of the higher quality ones will include these features so consumers have more options readily available to them.

According to Google Ads, “single hammock” is the most searched for in June with 1000 searches. Searches remain high between July and September but then decrease during the winter months.


Woman relaxing with tablet in fabric hammock between trees

Hammocks are one of the most versatile pieces of camping equipment to purchase which makes them a great investment.

The amount of people spending time outdoors is steadily increasing and as a result the demand for hammocks is growing too. In the next few years hammocks will undergo more changes with modern features added to them in order to keep up with consumer demand.

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