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6 Bamboo Storage Trends for Durable Home Organization in 2023


Bamboo storage is one way consumers are choosing to organize different spaces of their homes. Whether a person is looking to better arrange their bathroom essentials or keep kitchen items in order, the market for storage made from bamboo is growing.

Sustainability is a huge trend in the space of storage and organization. People are looking for ways to get rid of the plastic containers in their homes in exchange for more eco-friendly storage options like bamboo. 

There are a number of different bamboo storage options that will not only help make decluttering someone’s home just a little bit easier, but also provide a durable and sustainable storage solution. So read on to stay ahead of these key storage trends in 2023. 

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The market for bamboo storage
6 bamboo storage trends for 2023
What’s next in bamboo storage

The market for bamboo storage

Over the past few years, people have been spending more time in their homes than ever before. It is because of this that industries are seeing an uptick in upgrading spaces in homes. 

Consumers are wanting to reduce plastic waste by replacing durable and sustainable materials instead. As the market for home organization consistently progresses, people are looking toward storage solutions made of bamboo for an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing option. 

The global market for bamboo products has steadily increased over the past several years. In 2020, the bamboo product market size reached USD $61.69 billion, and by 2030 it’s expected to grow to approximately USD $88.43 billion. 

Bamboo vanity makeup storage organizer

6 bamboo storage trends for 2023

Whether someone is looking for something that will help keep their makeup organized or they are looking to keep those cable cords hidden, bamboo storage options are a great choice. Bamboo storage can help people organize their art supplies or office stationery supplies. Luckily, these bamboo storage methods are more visually appealing than the plastic containers that are seen on the store shelves. 

Breadbox storage

Bread boxes are an easy addition to any kitchen counter. For someone who likes to have fresh bread that’s easy to grab when they’re on the go, having fresh bread readily accessible is ideal. 

Since people keep different amounts and types of bread on hand, various sized bamboo bread box storage options are needed. Some people will prefer to have a large bread bamboo storage box with glass fronts or a more traditional looking bread box with a sliding door. 

Closed bamboo bread box

Shoe racks

For people with lots of shoes in their closet or for those who have shoes that are scattered throughout the entryway, it can be hard to find the right pair—not to mention that one can easily trip over a loose shoe on your way out the door. 

Bamboo shoe racks are something people can put in their closets or entryways to better organize their shoes and declutter their closet or entry way space. For some people foldable, portable and multifunctional bamboo shoe storage racks will be preferred, while others will prefer a shoe rack that is stationary and has layers. It is important to offer different options as people will have different shoe rack needs, such as how many shoes can fit on the shoe rack. 

Bamboo shoe rack

Art supply organization

Whether it’s parents who have arts and crafts supplies for their children, or people who do art as a hobby, many people want to be able to organize those supplies. Organizing these supplies helps keep art supplies in the right place, while making supplies easy to find at the same time.

There are many options for bamboo art supply storage, so it’s important for consumers to have different options. One option is to have a bamboo rotating art supply organization where people can put pens, markers, scissors, and other art supplies. Another option is to have bamboo storage box options or bamboo storage sets that can easily fit into a closet or somewhere else.

Coffee pod storage

No one likes a kitchen drawer filled with loose, unorganized coffee pods. It can take time to find the pod you want and gives the feel of being unorganized. Ideally, a person’s morning will run as smoothly as possible, if someone is in a time crunch, the last thing anyone wants to do is take the time to dig around and find something. 

Bamboo coffee pod storage options are a great way to organize coffee pods, especially for those who like different kinds of coffee. One option is to offer a bamboo coffee pod holder that comes with a drawer and also will fit on the countertop. Another option to provide is tier bamboo coffee pod holders that can fit up to 70 or so pods. 

Bamboo coffee pod organizer

Office stationery supplies organization

As more people are working from home, there’s a long list of office supplies one will need and the next step is figuring out how to organize. Many people work best when their office spaces are clean and organized to fit their needs. 

One option is to provide a durable bamboo desk organizer that comes with drawer trays and other compartments. Because desk sizes and the available space people have can vary, it is best to provide different size options. 

Bamboo desk supply organizer

Make-up organization

It’s easy for a collection of make-up products to become disorganized. With the amount of make-up products some people have, it’s easy for those to fill up a drawer and then spend time digging around those products until someone finds the product they’ve been looking for. 

Since it’s a necessity to keep make-up products organized for many people, bamboo storage organization options are needed. Different storage size options need to be an option as well for consumers as products might be organized by foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, bronzer, moisturizer, and other types of makeup. Another option is to provide a bamboo cosmetic organizer that can fit on a bathroom countertop or a vanity or a bamboo organizer set that can organize make-up products in a drawer.

Bamboo makeup storage organizer

What’s next in bamboo storage

In 2023, people are looking for more sustainable or eco-friendly options when it comes to the organization in their homes. We are seeing consumers prioritize better organizational systems that help save time and money, while also being efficient. 

As sustainability becomes a priority to more and more people, we will see this shift play out in a number of different markets, including the bamboo storage market. Whether it’s bamboo drawer options or bamboo storage for art supply organization, consumers need different options available to fit their needs. Now is a great time to make sure that you’re following the trends, and making bamboo options available.

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