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6 Captivating Children & Baby’s Makeup Product Trends


Parents and caregivers embrace the idea of allowing children to wear cosmetic products to express their creativity and individuality at a young age.

The beauty industry now finds this a unique and unprecedented opportunity to cater to this market. However, they face the challenge of constant changes in the tastes and preferences of consumers. Businesses are left with no choice but to adjust to the current market trends and provide customers with products they prefer.

What are some of these trends? This article will look into the game-changing children’s and baby’s makeup product trends and explore these innovative products that businesses can adopt to meet the needs of their consumers.

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Children’s cosmetics market size overview
6 children and baby makeup trends

Children’s cosmetics market size overview

In 2022, the value of children’s cosmetics was estimated at USD 20.04 billion and is projected to reach USD 31.81 billion in 2028. Market experts expect the market size to reach a new milestone while growing at a CAGR of 8.0% in the 2022-2028 forecast period.

The huge market size comes from many consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for children’s makeup products. Social media is also a major contributor to the large market size, influencing young consumers to buy these products. Cosmetic manufacturers also adhere to safety standards, increasing consumers’ demand for children’s makeup goods.

As the demand for children and baby cosmetic goods keeps rising, businesses can use these trends to find appropriate products for their buyers. Hence, they can stay ahead of their competitors while satisfying consumer needs.

6 children and baby makeup trends

Safe and nontoxic formulations

Safe for children product stamps

Non-poisonous contents are common in children and baby makeup products. This emerges from a growing concern among parents and guardians about the potential health risks associated with the usual makeup products.

They know that children’s skin is delicate and sensitive compared to adults’ and is still developing. Traditionally, makeup products that include those marketed for children comprise various chemicals that are not safe for them.

Now, manufacturers focus on developing new beauty products like lipsticks, foundations, and highlighters free from toxic compositions like parabens, synthetic dyes, and other chemicals.

Their products also undergo vigorous testing to adhere to strict safety standards to ensure they are safe for babies and young children. Hence, sellers can provide buyers with products made with young users in mind.

Age-appropriate makeup

Young girl with pink dress painting nails

The cosmetic industry emphasizes creating age-appropriate makeup products for babies and children. Manufacturers are designing these products as they consider the young user’s safety and development needs. This ensures young consumers can have fun and get creative while promoting a healthy relationship with cosmetics.

For businesses choosing age-appropriate kids’ makeup, they need to look into the minimalism and simplicity aspect of the products. These products are meant to provide a subtle touch of color and sparkle without overwhelming their natural look.

These cosmetic goods include lip balms, light blushes, and tinted moisturizers, which sellers can offer to their customers. They offer a soft and natural enhancement that works well during special occasions or dress-up play.

Additionally, playful and imaginative themes can guide sellers on the products for their young customers. Children treasure imaginative play, and manufacturers designing their makeup products often incorporate playful and whimsical themes. Thus, businesses can stock products like princess-themed lip glosses or even superhero-inspired nail polishes, which arouse their creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

Gender inclusive options

Happy boy and girl with face paint

Currently, children and baby makeup products allow to be used by all genders. The products are breaking traditional gender stereotypes by providing a safe and accepting space for young children to self-explore themselves and tap into the limitless realm of artistic ingenuity.

One key feature and characteristic of gender-inclusive products is inclusive packaging. With inclusive packaging, children’s cosmetic goods can be packaged in a gender-neutral design that appeals to a wide range of gender identities. Sellers can therefore include products with packaging that use colors, patterns, or imagery not specifically linked to traditionally gender-associated colors.

A diverse color range is also evident in gender-inclusive children and baby makeup products. These products offer a broad spectrum of colors that goes beyond traditional pink and pastel shades, which are typically associated with girls’ makeup. Businesses can therefore provide consumers with makeup products that incorporate a wide range of hues that suit all skin tones and preferences.

Educational and sensory makeup

Trendy colors and wooden cubes

In addition to beauty enrichment, children’s cosmetic products provide educational value to the young wearers. Some makeup products for children feature educational elements in their designs.

Eye, face, and other body makeup products can incorporate alphabet letters and numbers, allowing children to engage in a learning experience while exploring and playing with these items. Sellers can take advantage of makeup kits with these elements while providing customers’ children with an aid in early learning.

Besides, there is an emphasis on the texture of the products by their manufacturers when it comes to sensory makeup. Businesses can stock products that have a soft, squishy texture that can enhance children’s sensory stimulation.

Introducing these products that can engage in children’s sense of touch, sight, and smell, can aid in the development of sensory processing skills, which is essential for them as they are growing.

Fun and playful packaging

Emoji characters packaging for goods

From colorful and vibrant designs to cartoon characters and imagery, fun and playful packaging takes over the center stage in kids’ cosmetic goods. Bright and eye-catching colors, such as pastels and bold primaries, which are instantly attractive, are popular in children’s makeup.

Cosmetic manufacturers are incorporating popular cartoon characters or cute and friendly animal illustrations that are attractive to children. They are also adding playful shapes resembling objects or characters related to makeup. Items like nail polish bottles, lipstick tubes, or compact mirrors add fun elements when their packaging has childish shapes such as stars, squares, and ovals.

The products also feature interactive components like pop-up features in the packaging that add playfulness. Sellers can provide products with interactive elements such as flip-open compartments, hidden surprises, mini stickers, or even temporary tattoos as they enhance playfulness.

Another upcoming trend is companies providing space on the packaging for children to personalize the products with their names or stickers. Offering customers these features adds an element of ownership and encourages creativity.

Organic and natural ingredients

Vials, signs and tubes showcasing eco cosmetics

Companies that manufacture cosmetic products targeting children and babies now prefer organic and natural ingredients as they are considered safe for children.

As we have seen before, babies have young and delicate skin. Plant-based ingredients are safe for them as they are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, which are common with regular products.

These products also provide a ton of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aiding skin nourishment. Safe ingredients consumers can find to suit their children include aloe vera, which is a remedy for dry skin, inflammation, and irritation. Others, like organic white tea leaves and black tea leaves, have antioxidants that neutralize the effects caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays and environmental toxins.

By providing products like soaps and moisturizers that have organic elements, businesses are helping parents provide their children with healthy beauty products.


To wind up, this post has discussed the latest trends in the children’s and baby’s makeup products market. Businesses can use trends such as safe and nontoxic formulations and natural ingredients to provide clients with healthy beauty products for young children. Moreover, they can offer their customers age-appropriate makeup with playful packaging to boost ethical interaction with beauty products.

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