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6 Essential Tips for Buying the Right Pizza Press Machine


The pizza market is drastically growing globally, implying that pizza is becoming one of the best-selling food products. This means there is a need to curb the ever-growing demand for pizza, resulting in high demand for pizza press machines. 

Buyers aiming to find the right machine are advised to avoid jumping into the market and buying any pizza press machine, but rather to  consider the essential tips that will guide them into buying suitable machines

This article will provide an overview of the pizza press machine market, and then it will explain the various types of pizza press machines available and what to consider before settling on the right one. So read on to learn how to source the right pizza press machine with confidence! 

Table of Contents
Overview of the pizza press machine market
Types of pizza press machines
6 essential tips for buying the right pizza press machines

Overview of the pizza press machine market

Flour pizza press machine/dough sheeter machine

Pizza press machines are equipment used to shape and flatten the dough. They are available in various types with different sizes and shapes. According to MarketWatch, America is the leading region with high demand for these machines, followed by Europe and Asia, where the notable areas are South Korea and Japan. Africa and South America are gradually increasing the demand for this equipment too.

In the pizza press machine market, manual, automatic, and hydraulic machines are the most preferred ones. These three types have variations in sizes and shapes. 6-11 and 3-15 inches are the most prominent. 

The notable manufacturers of pizza press machines are: Rademaker, Prismafood, AMF Bakery System, Rheon Automatic Machine, Fritsch, Rondo, Proluxe, and Hefei Wending Machinery.

Types of pizza press machines

1. Manual pizza press machines

14 inch manual pizza press machine

Manual pizza press machines are the most affordable, and easy to operate, and maintain. These machines are sturdy and efficient. Manual pizza press machines have a professional and sleek finish making them displayable in the kitchen. They vary in size, with the largest averaging 14 inches while the smallest having a 4 inches diameter.

2. Automatic pizza press machines

Electric mini table automatic pizza press machine

Automatic pizza press machines are made elegantly to enhance the end product’s efficiency and quality. They are easy to operate, making it easy for everyone with or without experience.

These machines require no manual labor and do the pressing in ten or fewer seconds. It implies that the machine can press on average around four hundred doughs per hour. The machines also have a heated platen that relaxes the dough and holds its shape when pressed. 

3. Hydraulic pizza press machines

Hydraulic pizza press machine dough press and pizza

Hydraulic pizza press machines have taken the pizza industry to another level. With consistency in pressing quality and desired pizza crust, the machines are easy to use. They use an improved hydraulic system to press the dough, and with the flat platen and adjustable measures, the chef can get the perfect crust.   

Additionally, these machines save on labor costs and energy due to their automatic design. The capability to press dough in 6 seconds means the production is higher and more efficient. These machines have a programmable timer that alerts the operator about the remaining time to complete the pressing.     

6 essential tips for buying the right pizza press machines

 Below are key tips for buying the right pizza press machines. 

1. Production capacity

Before settling on a particular pizza press machine, one should consider the market volume. If the market volume is high, you should settle on the increased production capacity machine to meet the demand easily and efficiently. For instance, in a fast-moving pizzeria, suitable quality pizza press machines can press 400 crusts per hour, averaging a crust every 6 or 7 seconds. 

2. Type of operation

Pizza press machines are bought for various operations. Some buy for home use while others for commercial use. The two operations are quite different, requiring pizza press machines with varying production capacities. Contrary to a home use intended equipment, a pizza press machine with high production capacity will be required at a commercial pizzeria or bakery.

3. Size

The market has various sizes of pizza press machines ranging from 4 to 20 inches and above. However, these pizza press machines are categorized to suit the multiple pizzerias’ interests. Mini pizza press machines are the lowest category ranging between 4 to 6 inches in crust size and are suitable for pizzerias specializing in mini pizzas. 

Medium pizza press machines are the second category ranging from 8 to 12 inches in diameter, and are ideal for medium-specialized pizzerias. The third category is the large pizza press machine which ranges between 14 to 18 inches. This category is favorable for businesses that focus on large pizzas. Extra-large pizza press machines range from 20 and beyond inches, suitable for large companies or pizza chains. 

4. Cost

Pizza press machines vary in cost due to quality, size, shape, brand, and type. As mentioned earlier, the three types differ in build, operation, and features. Additionally, the same type from different manufacturers varies in price due to the different components and materials used. This determines the cost of the final product, which transpires to the customers. 

The average cost of a manual pizza press machine ranges between USD 120 to USD 425, for automatic ranges between USD 450 to USD 2000. Depending on size and brand, a hydraulic pizza press machine costs between USD 500 to USD 5000.

5. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial in every energy-dependent equipment. Most pizza press machines depend on energy to run and have variations in energy efficiency, which allows the buyer to consider and choose the best energy-saving device suitable for their intended purpose. This is critical, especially if the pizza press machine is intended for a commercial purpose.

6. Durability 

The material a pizza press machine is made of determines its durability. Materials like ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, silicon, and Teflo last longer. 

However, the durability of these materials is also affected by the environment the machine will spend its time after the purchase. Generally, pizza press machines have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years.  


When buying pizza press machines, it is important to consider the production capacity, type of operation, size, cost, durability, and energy efficiency. Buyers should be careful not to rush into the market but take time to understand their business needs to select the right machine. Alibaba.com offers a wide range of pizza press machines, including manual, automatic, and hydraulic types, making it easier for buyers to find the best-suited machine for their business needs. 

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