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6 Tips for Sourcing Pickleball Balls in 2024

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The pickleball ball is a vital element in the fast-growing game that combines tennis, badminton, and table tennis. With pickleball gaining more popularity, various kinds of balls are being offered in the market. These balls differ in terms of design and the way they respond during play. Picking a pickleball ball is therefore an important aspect for any player, from someone who has just started playing the sport to a professional athlete. 

This guide explores the main types of pickleball balls on the market, and it offers six key tips buyers should consider when selecting pickleball balls in 2024.

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Pickleball equipment market share
Types of pickleball balls
6 tips to consider when sourcing pickleball balls

Pickleball equipment market share

A report published by Verified Market Research shows the pickleball equipment market was worth USD 518.98 million in 2022 and is expected to exhibit impressive improvement, reaching USD 1,063.66 million in 2030 with a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.52% over this period. Elements that lead to increased demand for pickleball equipment are its growing popularity among all ages and its recreation and health benefits. 

North America, especially the USA and Canada, exhibits high demand from their flourishing pickleball court infrastructure, growing population, active culture, and adaptive sports. Asia Pacific and Europe also have a rising demand.

Types of pickleball balls

1. Indoor pickleball balls

Standard 26-hole indoor pickleball ball

These are pickleball balls for indoor use, such as the ones used in gyms or indoor courts. Indoor pickleball balls are usually manufactured with light plastic, which features smaller patterns in their holes. This has a consequential effect on the ball’s aerodynamics and impacts its reaction when a player hits it. 

Indoor pickleball balls are usually 2.87 inches in diameter and weigh 0.81 ounces each. These balls often cost between USD 5 and USD 10 per pack, making them affordable. They were built by keeping in mind controlled play, while ensuring minimal impact on the indoor courts’ environment.

2. Outdoor pickleball balls

Quality 74mm outdoor pickleball ball

Outdoor pickleball balls are made tougher than indoor ones in order to stand the strain of playing outside. They are typically manufactured using strong and rigid plastics with bigger hole patterns that make them stable in varied weather conditions. Outdoor pickleball balls have a diameter of 2.95 inches and weigh roughly 0.92 oz. 

Outdoor pickleball balls are bigger and heavier than ordinary ones; they also have thicker conformation, providing higher reliability for use under windy conditions. The cost might be between USD 8 and USD 15, depending on the quality/strength of outdoor use. 

3. Premium pickleball balls

Dura fast 40-hole pickleball balls

Premium pickleball balls are well known on the market as superior in production and performance. They are made up of good materials, some of which are proprietary plastic blends, ensuring that they uniformly flow through the air and rebound constantly. 

The official size of a premium pickleball ball is 2.875 inches in diameter and about 0.881 ounces in weight. These balls are usually priced within the USD 12 to the USD 20 range per pack. The popularity of these balls is attributed to their precision and durability qualities for use indoors or outdoors.

6 tips to consider when sourcing pickleball balls

1. Size and weight

Practice 74mm outdoor pickleball balls

The pickleball ball’s size and weight affect the game’s quality. Outdoor balls are about half an inch bigger than standard indoor ones, weighing up to 1.43 ounces per ball. The standard size for Onix balls is 2.875 inches with an approximate weight of 0.881 ounces. The right ball size and weight ensure a player performs well and consistently.

2. Cost

USAPA 40-hole neon pickleball balls

The price of pickleball balls differs depending on their brand or quality. Entry-level balls are designed specifically for casual play and often retail anywhere from USD 5 to USD 10 per pack. The mid-range balls provide a good balance for durability and performance, costing between USD 8 and USD 15. Quality balls cost between USD 12 and USD 20 per pack. 

3. Durability

Outdoor and indoor rotation seamless pickleball balls

An indoor pickleball ball takes up to 20 to 30 hours of play, while an outside ball lasts 30 to 40 hours. The quality and hardness of the Onix balls make them last 40 to 50 hours on average. A good evaluation of the durability of these balls leads to their relatively long life cycle with few replacement instances and steady performances throughout.

4. Material

40-hole pickleball balls for indoors and outdoors

Most pickleball balls are manufactured using tough and effective plastics. The balls meant for indoor games usually use lightweight plastics, unlike those for outdoor use, which must be strong enough to withstand different environmental circumstances. Premium options may include special blends of plastics to facilitate improved aerodynamics and performance in Onix balls. 

5. Bounce

Indoor and outdoor 26-hole 40-hole USAPA approved pickleball balls

Bounce in pickleball balls affects how the game flows. While indoor balls are usually softer with a lower bounced level for smooth indoor floors, outdoor balls are slightly higher to fit the rougher conditions outside. The construction of Onix provides accurate bounce, which is ideal for all weather scenarios. A good ball bounce makes a game enjoyable while ensuring that is more predictable.

6. Hole pattern

Quality dura fast pickleball balls

Pickleball balls have a hole pattern that helps in aerodynamics and stabilizing flight. The indoor balls have smaller hole patterns, making them more controllable and reliable in play. The outdoor balls have a bigger hole pattern, creating stability when the wind blows. Many Onix balls feature intricate aerodynamic patterns in their portholes. 


Choosing suitable pickleball balls requires careful consideration of factors like size and weight, cost, durability, material, bounce, and hole pattern. When picking pickleball balls, they have to be affordable and of good quality. To browse a range of quality pickleball balls, head over to Aliaba.com.

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