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Permanent Jewelry: A Buyer’s Guide for 2024

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Jewelry has been a part of adornment for centuries. It can represent a powerful connection with a person, symbolize a relationship, or just be a reminder of someone special.

As a new category, permanent jewelry has caught people’s attention. Permanent jewelry is not like regular jewelry that can be taken off—instead, it always stays with a person. Whether it’s small gems under one’s skin or unique piercings, permanent jewelry is a way to show off one’s personality and make a bold statement.

Read on for everything you need to know about the permanent jewelry trend in 2024!

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The global market for permanent jewelry
What is permanent jewelry?
How to choose permanent jewelry that lasts?
Different types of permanent jewelry?

The global market for permanent jewelry

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With a whopping growth of 124% in popularity since last year, permanent jewelry has secured a firm position in the market. It isn’t just pretty; it has a special place in users’ hearts because of its sentimental value. Permanent jewelry is usually made from lasting materials like 14K gold and worn around the wrist or neck. There aren’t any clasps or breaks—just a constant reminder of someone special!

Permanent jewelry recently generated a search volume of 42,000 per month, which is quite substantial. On average, permanent jewelry (PJ) businesses make more than US$ 350,000 with just a US$ 2500 investment. Part-time PJ artists can earn around US$ 200 to US$ 600 per hour. This is because permanent jewelry has much higher markups, typically 10 to 18 times the cost, compared to regular jewelry sales, which usually only double or triple the cost.

Permanent jewelry offers a phenomenal business opportunity that retailers and businesses should learn about to maximize this market segment’s potential.

What is permanent jewelry?

Gold chain jewelry

As the name suggests, this is jewelry that doesn’t need removal from the body. It is there to stay. If someone wants to remove it, cutting it off is the only way to do so. This may sound like quite a hassle, but it’s astonishing how more people are becoming fond of permanent jewelry. People love it because it is a low-maintenance way to adorn oneself, and there is no need to remove it. In fact, you can wear it at different temperatures, like inside the pool, during workouts, and even when you go for a sauna or steam bath.

Gold bracelet with a necklace in the background

Jewelers who deal with permanent jewelry must ensure that they invest in high-quality materials. AA-AAA quality natural bezel set stones, solid sterling silver, or mighty 14K or 18K gold are some options to consider in this regard. It goes without saying that the material that qualifies for permanent jewelry should be durable. Hence, high-performing elements are an essential requirement for this type of jewelry.

How to choose permanent jewelry that lasts?

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Choosing permanent jewelry that fits the current requirements is a must. Businesses can’t expect to make sales if their products are outdated. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting permanent jewelry:

  • Ensure it matches the brand identity: The selected jewels should reflect the brand’s identity and its values. Determine if the brand is modern or traditional, then choose items that complement the brand image.
  • Assess the quality: The primary requirement is checking the quality of the jewelry. Ensure that the permanent jewels are made from premium materials such as gold, silver, or platinum. The gemstones should be genuine and well-crafted. This makes the product durable and improves the business reputation.
Gold necklace spread over a box

  • Consider style and personal expression: Choosing permanent jewelry isn’t about functionality. It is also a way for the users to express themselves. Thus, it is essential to consider whether the target market prefers classic jewels or trendy, unique designs. Explore different finishes, textures, and embellishments that can add a distinct character to the jewelry.
  • Consider versatility: Choose jewelry pieces that are versatile and work with multiple apparel. This quality will attract more interest from the market and increase the likelihood of repeated business. 

Remember that the market out there is constantly changing. Don’t commit to an extensive inventory right away. Instead, test the market with a smaller selection of jewelry. This can help in inventory management and refining product offerings.

Different types of permanent jewelry

Gemstone bracelet in a box

People love permanent jewelry because it barely feels like you are wearing something. It’s essential to find items that will cater to the most extensive market segment. Some items that could become hot-sellers are:

  • Wedding bands: These are the symbols of marriage, meant to last forever. They are worn as a marriage symbol and are typically made from gold, titanium, or platinum. They may feature simple designs or details like gemstones and engravings.
  • Engagement rings: This is another kind of jewelry that shows commitment to marriage. They often feature a gemstone or diamond at the center, surrounded by smaller stones made of gold, platinum, or white gold.
  • Nose rings and studs: Nose rings or studs are tiny pieces of jewelry that people prefer not to remove repeatedly. They can serve as permanent jewelry in the form of screws, hoops, and studs.
  • Bangles and bracelets: These are wrist adornments that can be worn permanently. They are also available in different styles, such as tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, and cuffs.
  • Permanent grills: Grills are permanent jewelry pieces that attach to the teeth. They can be made from gold, silver, or platinum.
Two wedding or engagement rings tied together

The world of permanent jewelry is slowly growing. Navigate all the options out there and keep expanding the inventory according to the need of the hour. Although timeless designs are often preferred for permanent jewelry, businesses may also consider incorporating trendy elements to appeal to a broader audience.

How to remove permanent jewelry?

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Permanent jewelry is designed to last a lifetime. However, some pieces will likely come off unexpectedly after some time. This could be due to any reason, such as weather, excessive wear and tear, or simple low-quality products. Those who keep their jewelry safe and don’t lose it can take their jewels back to the store and get them welded again.

Those who wish to take it off can simply use a pair of scissors. All they need to do is cut from the jump ring, which is a larger circle than the rest of the chain links.


Silver bracelet with clear gemstones

Permanent jewelry often symbolizes commitments such as marriage or personal style statements. For businesses and retailers seeking to stay updated with the latest trends in permanent jewelry, platforms like Alibaba.com offer valuable insights and access to a wide range of fashionable and enduring pieces. By staying informed about trending items, businesses can cater to the diverse preferences of their customers and enhance their offerings in the ever-evolving world of jewelry fashion.

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