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7 Marketing Ideas for a Mother’s Day Sales Boost

Homemade Mother’s Day gift set

Most businesses tend to think of Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day as shopping major holidays. Although these events are undoubtedly significant, sellers shouldn’t underestimate the influence of Mother’s Day on the retail industry.

Mother’s Day expenditure is rising quickly, almost doubling in the US alone. In a little more than a decade, this figure in the US has increased from US$ 14.6 billion (2010) to US$ 28 billion (2021).

As a result, retailers can develop their Mother’s Day marketing strategies to attract buyers. This article reviews the top Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help boost sales.

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Mother’s Day profit potential & when to market your products
Seven Mother’s Day marketing ideas to drive sales
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Mother’s Day profit potential & when to market your products

Mother’s Day spending reached US$ 31.7 billion in 2022, increasing by US$ 3.6 billion from 2021’s spending record. And despite some changes hitting the market (like new social e-commerce features), experts predict the special day’s profitability won’t reduce anytime soon.

Whether consumers buy them out of genuine affection or a sense of duty, Mother’s Day gifts are a top priority, especially for UK and US buyers. Interestingly, the lockdown era had a noticeable effect on Mother’s Day spending, increasing it by a whopping 12% in the US.

As a result, the pandemic boosted online Mother’s Day sales, increasing the percentage of eCommerce offers by 3.6% in 2020.

More importantly, buyers are willing to spend a little extra in pursuing the most memorable ways to appreciate their mothers and mother figures. Experts predict most consumers will spend US$ 25 more this year. They also expect customers to reach an impressive average of US$ 245.76 on Mother’s Day purchases.

Special outings (dinner or brunch) and jewelry purchases propelled 2022’s spending increases. According to reports, jewelry retains its timeless dominance in Mother’s Day gift selection and will continue garnering a boosted market share.

When is the best time to launch a Mother’s Day marketing campaign?

Mother’s Day differs according to the seller’s region. For instance, US-based consumers start searching for Mother’s Day gifts around the early days of April. But the searching intensifies somewhere during the first week of May.

On the other hand, UK-based shoppers start their search from February 3rd to 17th. According to Google Trends, the search intensifies around March 7th to 13th.

Although both regions have different dates, they both have their buyers start their searches weeks before their official Mother’s Day. As a result, the ideal time for retailers to launch is three to four weeks before Mother’s Day.

Seven Mother’s Day marketing ideas to drive sales

Embrace user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the surefire ways to increase consumer trust and sales, especially on holidays like Mother’s Day. In addition, shoppers often search for social proof before purchasing, making UGC a must-use tool for eCommerce businesses.

One way to leverage UGC is through photo sharing. Retailers can ask their followers to share precious memories using their brand hashtag. It’s a great way to showcase Mother’s Day promotions and boost brand awareness.

More importantly, UGC is a cost-effective strategy. Instead of hiring an in-house team or using contractors, the followers will produce content for the brand using their resources and on their own time.

Pro tip: Retailers must not forget to share their consumer’s UGC posts in their Mother’s Day Campaign.

Create a Mother’s Day giveaway event

Nothing captures people’s attention like giveaways. Retailers can host them for any event—they could ask users to tag their friends on social media, follow social accounts, or sign up for a newsletter to stand a chance of winning something.

Giveaways are primarily focused on getting new subscribers and leads. So, brands must ensure they make an immediate impact after the giveaway event with targeted, personalized welcome messages.

For instance, jewelry brands can partner with skincare businesses to host a giveaway event, offering a gift card with a beauty collection. When new consumers enter their emails for a chance to win, they will join both brands’ newsletter lists, effectively boosting awareness.

Make a Mother’s Day gift guide

Every holiday has its set of last-minute shoppers, and sellers can leverage the chance for more sales. How? Brands can use a gift guide to attract their attention.

Gift guides are curated lists of products that help make the customer’s research process less stressful. It’s similar to shoppers asking, “What do you recommend?” at physical retail stores.

Also, brands can retarget buyers who “add to cart” without making purchases or are still indecisive. Alternatively, retailers can use Dynamic Ads for retargeting website visitors, reminding them of the products that interest them.

In addition, a Mother’s Day gift guide will offer value and convenience, especially when retailers offer their products in bundles. Also, businesses can equip their landing pages with a captivating Mother’s Day message and add a “gift guide” link to complete the website experience.

Add incentives to attract more customers

Incentives are another great way to make offers more captivating. There are various ways businesses can offer them, including:

  • Free shipping on specific promotional items (helps to boost holiday sales)
  • Include gifts with purchases from a Mother’s Day gift guide
  • Provide discount coupons to make items more affordable

Regardless of choice, incentives are an effective way for businesses to highlight products they want shoppers to purchase. For example, brands can offer a free bag with a Mother’s Day purchase when buyers use promotional codes (like “MOM”).

Focus on captivating Mother’s Day content to upgrade social media engagement

Social media is a brand’s biggest tool for making more sales or attracting more customers during holidays, including Mother’s Day. As such, every online brand’s priority should be increasing social media engagement.

Although making sales is essential, it shouldn’t be the focus of every marketing campaign. However, creating added value for customers is also necessary for increasing engagement. One way retailers can create valuable content is by generating something helpful while using a less sales-focused approach.

Regardless of how irresistible the deals seem, it’s bad practice for retailers to think everyone will purchase from them. Instead, they can inspire shoppers with educational content, providing them with various information related to Mother’s Day..

Some of the most effective ones include sharing easy recipes, showing how to build DIY gifts, or how to write an awe-inspiring poem for Mum. Shoppers will naturally gravitate to brands putting out such content consistently.

Retailers can also boost social media engagement by using various visual assets, like static videos and photos. They can also combine such content with varying captions ranging from joyful to sentimental.

Interestingly, posting engaging content will keep the audiences’ eye on the brand in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. And more engagement means higher chances for customers to make purchases.

Also, businesses must tap into their creativity and create mother’s-day-focused content that evokes emotion while embodying the essence of motherhood. In addition, maximizing social media presence will ensure a successful campaign.

Organize an influencer-led marketing campaign

In the modern world, sellers can create social media accounts to set up a store while creating content for their loyal fans. However, most promotional content, like ones related to Mother’s Day, needs a different approach to attract multiple buyers.

Making a deal with an influencer is one of the best ways sellers can attract more consumers on social media. Although retailers can create content without any help, working with an influence will make their promotions feel more authentic.

More importantly, brands need influencers for their reach. Most social media influencers offer packed audience bases ready to listen to every recommendation, As a result, pushing out content won’t feel fake or staged for the purpose of making sales.

One of the best ways to use an influencer-led marketing campaign to attract more buyers is through inspirational content. Influencers know their audience and can devise the best ways to appeal to their emotions without feeling staged.

In addition, sellers can include multiple events in the Mother’s Day influencer-led marketing strategy. Some event examples include giveaway campaigns, online contests, and affiliate link rewards.

Send a care beauty or fashion package

Like offering incentives, brands can send free care beauty or fashion packages with their customer’s orders. It’s a technique that helps retain consumers after sales while making their Mother’s Day even more special.

Additionally, businesses may indicate orders will get a gift, or they can send it as a surprise to thank customers for the purchase.

Final words

Mother’s Day is a special holiday for consumers and businesses. While shoppers appreciate their mothers and mother figures, retailers can use this special day to increase sales and attract recurring customers.

Sellers that leverage this opportunity will see significant boosts in in-person and online sales. But they can’t sit back and wait for customers to come to them—they must offer something that helps them stand out.

On this note, businesses can use the seven marketing ideas discussed in this article to ensure a successful Mother’s Day campaign. Stock up on the best products for attractive Mother’s Day promotions.

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