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7 Popular Eyeshadow Trends To Pay Attention to in 2023

7 popular eyeshadow trends to pay attention to in 2023

As a dynamic segment within the cosmetics industry, the market for eye makeup products has been witnessing steady growth and significant revenue generation.

This article will delve into the global landscape of the eyeshadow market, exploring its size, trends, and potential business opportunities.

Whether you are an established cosmetics brand or a budding entrepreneur, understanding the global market dynamics is vital to make informed decisions and tapping into the growing demand for eyeshadow products.

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The global eyeshadow market
7 fall eyeshadow trends for 2023
Keeping up with fall trends

The global eyeshadow market

Woman holding up a natural-toned eyeshadow palette

The global eyeshadow market is a thriving segment within the cosmetics industry. With a projected revenue of US $26.53 billion in 2023 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.84%, this market continues to expand steadily.

The United States is a key contributor, generating the highest revenue of US $5,029.00 million in 2023. This indicates the significant demand for eye makeup products, reflecting consumers’ growing interest in enhancing their eye aesthetics.

On a per-person basis, eyeshadow products generate revenues of approximately US $3.45 in 2023, underscoring eye makeup’s widespread appeal and popularity across different regions.

As businesses navigate the global marketplace, understanding the dynamics and potential of the eyeshadow market becomes crucial to capitalize on the increasing consumer interest and drive growth within the cosmetics industry.

7 fall eyeshadow trends for 2023

Woman applying smoky brown eyeshadow to her face

In 2023, the beauty landscape is filled with an array of mesmerizing looks that will ignite creativity and add a touch of allure to any makeup routine.

From edgy glam grunge to shimmering silver eyes, each trend brings its own unique charm to the table. Whether your customers crave boldness or prefer soft elegance, these fall eyeshadow trends are sure to captivate their imagination and elevate their beauty game.

1. Glam grunge

Woman with short orange hair wearing smoky green eyeshadow

Glam grunge eyeshadow style combines the rebelliousness of grunge with a touch of glamor.

This trend features smoky and smudged eye makeup with a blend of metallic and matte shades. It perfectly balances edginess and sophistication, making it popular among those seeking a bold yet refined look.

Deep purples like “Plum Royale” and dark greens like “Emerald Envy” are examples of shadow colors used in this trend.

2. Silver eyes

Woman with black hair wearing gold and silver eyeshadow

Silver eyes make a striking statement on the lids. This trend showcases metallic silver shades that create a futuristic and eye-catching effect.

It adds a touch of modernity and shine to any makeup look, making it a favorite among those who want to stand out. Shadow colors like “Silver Lining” and “Sparkling Steel” exemplify the shimmering silver shades used in this trend.

3. Sketchy wings

Woman drawing sketchy wings to her eyelids with eyeliner

Sketchy wings offer a fresh take on the classic winged eyeliner. This trend embraces artistic and imperfect lines, creating a more relaxed and effortless vibe. It allows for more creativity and self-expression, as the lines don’t need to be precise.

Its modern and unique twist on traditional eye makeup has gained popularity. Shadow colors like “Carbon Black” and “Ink Blue” are commonly used for achieving sketchy wing looks.

4. Baked browns

Woman applying brown eyeshadow to her eyelid

Baked browns create a warm and inviting eyeshadow look. This trend features earthy and rich brown shades that are blended together to achieve a seamless transition of colors.

It adds depth and dimension to the eyes, making them appear captivating and alluring. Shadow colors like “Cocoa Bean” and “Toasted Almond” are prominent in this trend, providing a range of warm browns for creating stunning looks.

5. Amber neutrals

Amber-toned eyeshadow palette on a white background

Amber neutrals offer a versatile and timeless eyeshadow trend. This style showcases warm and earthy neutral shades with a hint of amber undertones.

It creates a soft and natural look that complements various skin tones. The popularity of this trend stems from its ability to enhance natural beauty while maintaining a subtle elegance. Shadow colors like “Warm Taupe” and “Amber Glow” capture the essence of this trend.

6. Bronze eyeshadow

Woman with black curly hair wearing shiny gold eyeshadow

Bronze eyeshadow adds a touch of glamor and warmth to any eye makeup look. This trend features rich metallic bronze shades that enhance the eyes and create a luminous effect. It exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a luxurious and radiant appearance.

Shadow colors like “Gilded Bronze” and “Copper Gleam” reflect the stunning bronze shades used in this trend.

7. Honey eyeshadow

Honey eyeshadow brings a soft and romantic vibe to the eyes. This trend showcases warm golden shades reminiscent of honey. It creates a luminous and dreamy look that is both sweet and enchanting.

The popularity of honey eyeshadow lies in its ability to impart a soft glow and enhance the eyes’ natural beauty. Shadow colors like “Golden Nectar” and “Amber Haze” capture the warmth and radiance of honey in this trend.

Keeping up with fall trends

Different squares of eyeshadow laid across a black background

With a substantial market size and steady growth projected in the coming years, there is ample room for innovation, expansion, and profitability.

By staying abreast of the latest trends, leveraging consumer insights, and offering high-quality eyeshadow products, businesses can capitalize on the increasing demand and carve a successful path in the competitive market.

As the beauty industry evolves, businesses that adapt to changing consumer preferences, embrace sustainability, and prioritize product quality will be well-positioned to thrive in the global eyeshadow market.

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