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Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace: Smart Choices for Global B2B Buyers


As the world races rapidly towards heightened interconnectedness, the need for robust and efficient platforms for global trade takes center stage.

In this era of accelerated connectivity, Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace stands at the forefront of the logistics industry by offering dependable multimodal transportation solutions through strategic alliances with esteemed logistics providers.

Let’s explore the sophisticated logistics options made available to international B2B buyers in this article, focusing on limitless solutions, commitment to transparency and control, unwavering 24/7 support, an array of tailored services, an expansive global network and meticulous provider selection, as well as secure online transactions.

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Foundations of success: Three core values of Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace
A growing global footprint
Rigorous provider selection ensures quality service
Advanced safeguards for online orders

Foundations of success: Three core values of Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace

A world of unlimited solutions

Limitless solutions

Embark on infinite possibilities with over 100 service providers under one roof.

From time-sensitive door-to-door deliveries with real-time tracking for small-scale shipments to budget-friendly, large-scale port-to-port logistics – the selection is diverse and adaptable.

Access and review real-time quotes from a vast range of established logistics providers while leveraging this information to tailor solutions according to your unique business needs.

A diverse array of tailored services

In addition, we facilitate shipping with a range of flexible methods via our versatile network of service providers, who are proficient in delivering a spectrum of tailored services such as:

  • Dropshipping
  • FBA Deliveries
  • Warehousing solutions in China and beyond
  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance provision
  • Full Container Load (FCL)  services
  • Express services
  • Air Freight with Express and Trucking combinations
  • Less-than-Container Load (LCL) Ocean Freight with Express and Trucking combinations

A commitment to transparency and control

At Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace, we remain unwavering in our commitment to empowering our users. We offer a well-built platform that ensures you exercise visibility and control over your shipments throughout their journey.

From the initiation of a search to the placement of an order, from pick-up to payment and final delivery, you have access to a trove of information related to your orders.

Attain uninterrupted visibility and full command, maintain a vigilant eye on the progress of your shipment at every stage to ensure comprehensive transparency, and take control over the entire customer journey (From Search > Order > Pickup > Payment > Shipment > Delivery process).

Track your orders and payments seamlessly through the “My Alibaba – Logistics – Manage Logistics orders” page.

"Manage logistics orders" page offers an overview of order statuses
"Manage logistics orders" page offers an overview of order statuses
"Manage logistics orders" page offers an overview of order statuses
The "Logistics order details" provides comprehensive payment and shipment statuses

And you can have peace of mind knowing that you can maintain continuous tracking of your shipment once the service provider commences the dispatch process.

Tracking features empower users to track their orders continuously

Round-the-clock support at your fingertips

Understanding the essence of time and reliability, Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace commits to providing ceaseless customer support to streamline your transactions and address any inquiries or concerns. Be it delays in shipment, anomalies in cargo, or concerns regarding freight loss or damage, our proficient support team is readily available 24/7 for all transactions made and processed through Alibaba.com, ensuring timely assistance when you need it.

Prompt support is assured for payments made through Alibaba.com

A growing global footprint

Expanding your global reach with continuous enhancement with Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace. We are firmly dedicated to expanding and strengthening our network. At present, we facilitate shipping from mainland China to a robust network of 46 countries, and our steadfast determination to expand knows no bounds.

Through continuous improvement and forging new partnerships, Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace is striving to create more avenues for international B2B buyers to conduct business with greater efficiency and reliability.

We are actively engaging in broadening our reach and streamlining processes to encompass an even greater number of countries and regions. Our vision is to be a truly global player, and in our pursuit, the following countries are among the regions that are currently part of our ever-growing network:

United States(excluding Hawaii, New Mexico, and West Virginia) Romania Ireland
United Kingdom Philippines Malta
Canada South Korea Denmark
Netherlands Poland Slovakia
Saudi Arabia Belgium Cyprus
Australia Sweden Norway
Germany Japan Estonia
United Arab Emirates Lithuania Bahamas
France Czech Republic Hungary
India Bulgaria Luxembourg
Bahrain Austria Croatia
Mexico Greece Finland
Italy Portugal Vietnam
Serbia Malaysia Thailand
Singapore Spain Bangladesh
Russian Federation

Rigorous provider selection ensures quality service

Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace selects proficient service providers through a thorough evaluation, ensuring basic eligibility, verifiable supporting documentation, and industry-specific qualifications:

For basic eligibility, we require that a service provider meets some of the following main prerequisites:

  • Operates from a legitimate office location
  • Is registered as an International Freight Forwarding Services Company
  • Operates a freight forwarding system with professional proficiency and API integration capabilities
  • Has a clean track record with zero records of major violations or dishonesty
  • Demonstrates sound financial status

In terms of documentation, service providers must provide:

  • A digitized copy of their Business License
  • An image of their office location showing the company’s nameplate
  • The latest financial statements or an audit report

Industry-specific qualifications required vary depending on the services offered, examples include:

  • Freight Operators must have relevant licenses:
    • For Ocean Full Container Load (FCL) providers: Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) License and Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Registration are mandatory.
    • For Ocean Less-than-Container Load (LCL) providers: In addition to the NVOCC License and FMC Registration, they also need to provide a recent monthly LCL record including a Packing List, Bill of Lading, and Customs Declaration Form.
  • Air Express Operators must hold relevant certifications:
    • Express To-Door providers should have an Express Delivery Service Business License, and evidence of warehouse ownership or a lease agreement.
    • Express To-Port providers must be registered as an International Freight Forwarding Services Company.
  • DDP To-Door Providers need to have an Importer of Record registration in the import jurisdiction.

Through strict adherence to the criteria listed above, we strive to provide the selection of skilled and dependable service providers.

Advanced safeguards for online orders

Protect your online transactions with Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace. We dedicate ourselves to protect your online orders when payments are processed through Alibaba.com. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with the service or entangled in a dispute with the service provider, you may request assistance from Alibaba.com at anytime. Our expert team will conduct a thorough investigation, facilitate mediation, and upon consensus, process your refund request based on the records of your online orders and communication.

In light of the points elucidated above, it’s fairly clear that Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace is your go-to solution ally for global trade, delivering a broad spectrum of services,  unwavering transparency, an ever-growing global presence, and robust customer support. Strengthen your foothold in international trading by anchoring your transactions with Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace today, the innovation that can transform your logistics experience is already in place and ready for your access.

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