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Alibaba Trend Report on Consumer Electronics: December 2023

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Consumer electronics trends change rapidly, with hot products shifting every month. This report focuses on website click-through rates as a measure of popularity. Popularity reflects global and regional buyer interest in certain product categories each month, serving as a useful proxy for the changing demand for consumer electronics globally and in key markets. By tracking popularity changes month-over-month from November 2023 to December 2023, this report aims to highlight the latest shifts in consumer preferences and electronics purchasing patterns worldwide and across regions.

The report starts by unveiling the overarching trends within Primary Category Groups, before delving deeper to uncover specifics of Detailed Subcategories. Geographically, it starts with a global view and then zooms in on three key regions: the United States & Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Table of Contents
Global overview
US and Mexico
Southeast Asia
Hot products selection

Global overview

Primary category groups

In December 2023, the Consumer Electronics industry saw stable popularity trends overall compared to the last month. Used Electronics stands out with the highest MoM increase of 15% in popularity, indicating a growing preference for pre-owned devices. Rising inflation and economic uncertainty could be pushing consumers towards cost-effective alternatives. Additionally, increased awareness about e-waste and sustainability might be driving responsible purchasing choices.

Other categories including Earphone & Headphone & Accessories and Video Games & Accessories also enjoyed strong growth of 11%-12% MoM. 

The scatter chart below provides a detailed view of two key aspects of global primary category groups (similar charts are available below for regional views as well): 

  • Popularity index changes month-over-month: This is shown on the x-axis, with the timeframe ranging from November 2023 to December 2023. Positive values indicate an increase in popularity, while negative values indicate a decrease.
  • Popularity index of December 2023: This is represented on the y-axis. Higher values indicate greater popularity (higher website click-through rates).
global popularity index

Detailed subcategory analysis

The table below highlights the top 20 subcategories in the Consumer Electronics industry that experienced the highest MoM growth globally. 

  • Surge in the Speaker Cables (180%): This trend could be fueled by the increased interest in home audio systems, and demand for high-quality sound.
  • Impressive increase in Boomboxes (73%): This retro trend might be driven by nostalgia, the desire for portable sound, and the popularity of outdoor activities. 
  • Notable increase in Hard Drive Case & Bags (61%): This trend reveals a rising demand for portable storage and protection for hard devices, like hard drive, power adapter, power bank, etc. 
global detailed subcategory analysis

US and Mexico

Primary category groups

US and Mexico Consumer Electronics kept a healthy MoM increase in December 2023, with Used Electronics (+24%) leading the way. Other categories including Video Games & Accessories, Earphone & Headphone & Accessories, Electronic Publications, and Speakers & Accessories also experienced growth of 15%-19%. This suggests growing preference of lifestyle electronics and rising demand for home entertainment upgrades and convenience. 

US and Mexico popularity index

Detailed subcategory analysis

The chart below highlights the top 20 subcategories in the Consumer Electronics industry that experienced the highest MoM growth in the US and Mexico. 

  • Increased interests in Boomboxes (89%) and Portable Speakers (60%): Similar to the global trends, the desire for portable sound increased, probably driven by outdoor activities. 
  • Camera Filters (51%): Filters offer an accessible way to add unique, playful, and artistic touches to photos and videos. 
  • Bird Feeder Camera (51%): This trend indicates that more people are seeking opportunities to connect with nature and observe wildlife. The affordable and easy-to-use bird feeder cameras offer a window into the fascinating world of backyard birds, providing real-time observation and entertainment. 
US and Mexico detailed subcategory analysis


Primary category groups

Despite a slight dip in overall popularity in Consumer Electronics, several categories recorded strong increases, with Blockchain Miners skyrocketing 43% MoM increase. This is a remarkable surge, potentially driven by factors like rising Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices. 

remarkable surge

Data source: Bitcoin price trend from Google

Similar to the global context, Used Electrons also had strong growth (15%) in Europe.

Europe popularity index

Detailed subcategory analysis

The chart below highlights the top 20 subcategories in the Consumer Electronics industry that experienced the highest MoM growth in Europe. 

  • Surge in Smart Interactive Displays & Accessories (122%): They are increasingly popular across various sectors, including Education, Business, Healthcare, and Home Entertainment, allowing users to engage with content, collaborate, and control information directly on the screen.
  • Soar in Smart Remote Control (119%): This trend could be driven by improved technology including Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi and some features like motion control, personalized recommendations, and one-tough shortcuts, further enhancing ease of use. 
  • Increased interests in Speaker Cable (98%) and Boomboxes (79%): Similar to the global trends, the desire for portable sound increased, probably driven by outdoor activities. 
Europe detailed subcategory analysis

Southeast Asia

Primary category groups

Southeast Asia Consumer Electronics showed a strong MoM increase in December 2023, with Used Electronics (+24%) leading the pack. Other categories like Electronic Publications, and Video Games & Accessories also experienced impressive growth by 19% and 21%, respectively. These echoes the trends popping off in the US and Mexico, hinting at a wider growing preference of digital delights. 

Southeast Asia popularity index

Detailed subcategory analysis

The chart below highlights the top 20 subcategories in the Consumer Electronics industry that experienced the highest MoM growth in SA. 

  • Hunting Cameras (297%) has the highest MoM increase, followed by Stabilized Handheld Cameras (110%): This suggests a strong interest in outdoor and action photography. 
  • Increased interests in DVD, VCD Players & Recorders (83%) and Boomboxes (83%): This trend could be due to a resurgence of interest in retro entertainment options.
  • Used Tablet PCs in the Used Electronics category experienced a 69% increase in popularity, indicating a growing demand for affordable mobile devices.  
Southeast Asia detailed subcategory analysis

Hot products selection

In this section, we turn our attention to some standout products on Alibaba.com that have captured significant market interest. These products represent key trends and technological advancements in their respective categories. 

HD Set-Top Box

The HD Set-Top Box has become a popular choice for enhancing home entertainment systems. Offering high-definition video quality, these boxes provide access to a wide range of streaming services and channels. Their popularity stems from their ability to transform traditional TV setups into smart entertainment hubs, catering to the increasing demand for on-demand and streaming content.

HD set-top box

TWS noise-cancelling earphones

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones with noise-cancelling capabilities have gained immense popularity for their convenience and advanced audio technology. Users appreciate the freedom from wires, the compact design, and the superior sound isolation that enhances the listening experience in noisy environments. Their growing demand reflects the consumer’s preference for high-quality, portable audio solutions.

TWS noise-cancelling earphones

Wireless portable speaker

Wireless portable speakers have become a must-have gadget for music enthusiasts. Their appeal lies in their portability, ease of use, and the ability to deliver high-quality sound in a compact form. These speakers connect seamlessly with various devices, making them perfect for on-the-go entertainment and outdoor activities.

wireless portable speakers

In-ear gaming earphones

In-ear gaming earphones have carved a niche in the gaming accessories market. Designed for immersive gaming experiences, these earphones provide excellent sound quality, low latency, and often come with features like built-in microphones and ergonomic designs. Their popularity is fueled by the growing gaming community and the demand for specialized gaming peripherals.

in-ear gaming earphone

Entry-level drone

Entry-level drones have become increasingly accessible and popular among tech enthusiasts and hobbyists. These drones often feature user-friendly controls, basic photography capabilities, and compact designs, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Their popularity is driven by the expanding applications of drone technology and the appeal of aerial photography.

entry-level drone

Sports smartwatch

Sports smartwatches have gained traction for their multifunctional capabilities. These devices track fitness activities, monitor health metrics, and provide connectivity features like notifications and calls. Their popularity is a testament to the growing trend of health and fitness awareness and the desire for wearable technology that integrates seamlessly into daily life.

sports smartwatch

Solid State Drive – SSD

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have revolutionized data storage solutions with their speed and reliability. Favoured for their fast read/write speeds and durability, SSDs are increasingly replacing traditional hard drives in both personal and professional computing environments. Their rising popularity is attributed to the ongoing demand for higher performance and more efficient storage options in computing. 



Overall, the December 2023 Consumer Electronics market showcased a mix of established and emerging trends, with Used Electronics and regional peculiarities driving the surge. This diverse landscape presents exciting opportunities for businesses to cater to evolving consumer preferences and capitalize on niche markets.

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