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Mouse Bungees: What They Are and How To Select Them in 2024

A set of mouse bungees of different colors

There’s nothing more frustrating than ruining an excellent gaming session because the mouse cable tied itself again. While wireless mouse gamers will never understand, those tethered to their gaming PCs will see mouse bungees as a perfect solution.

Gaming mice with extra-long cables may be excellent, but every unused inch may tangle with other wires. And don’t forget the cable snag on mousepads! Thankfully, mouse bungees can help solve these issues related to the mouse cables.

Want to know more? This article will explore mouse bungees and how businesses can profit from them in 2024.

Table of Contents
What are mouse bungees, and who are they for?
How do mouse bungees work?
What to look for in a good mouse bungee
Wrapping up

What are mouse bungees, and who are they for?

A black scorpion-looking mouse bungee

Mouse bungees are awesome pyramid-shaped accessories that elevate mouse cords, preventing them from dragging. In addition to stopping cable drag, they also keep mouse cables from getting caught in unwanted positions—so consumers can make their wired mouse feel wireless!

But who are these mouse accessories for? Well, bungees are perfect for anyone who gets annoyed by dealing with their mouse cord. It may drag on the mouse or get in the way continuously, making it a pesky issue.

However, mouse bungees are mostly targeted towards professional gamers, especially amongst FPS players that frequent titles like Rainbow 6 Siege, VALORANT, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How do mouse bungees work?

Black mouse bungee with two USB ports

As mentioned earlier, mouse bungees typically take the form of pyramids, roughly matching the size of the user’s mouse. They feature bolts extending at a 45-degree angle toward the user, culminating in a grasping mechanism where the mouse cord rests.

The cord’s length between the bungee’s connection point and the mouse varies, typically around a foot. Mouse bungees are most effective when consumers position their mice approximately 6 inches directly south of the bungee, with a foot of cord in between.

Adjustability is a key feature of mouse bungees, allowing consumers to modify the cord length between the mouse and bungee’s connection point according to their comfort and play style. This customizable aspect adds to the appeal of using a mouse bungee, as users can tailor it to their preferences rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

What to look for in a good mouse bungee

A mouse connected to a bungee

Build quality and weight

When selecting mouse bungees, sellers must prioritize durability and functionality. The longevity of their chosen mouse bungee depends on the quality of the materials used in its construction. Here’s a look at the most common materials used and their pros and cons.

  1. Plastic
  • Pros:
    • The most affordable option
    • Lightweight and easily transportable
    • It comes in various colors and designs
  • Cons:
    • It can feel less durable than other materials
    • Some plastics may scratch easily
    • It is not as aesthetically pleasing as other materials
  1. Metal
  • Pros:
    • Very sturdy and durable
    • Sleek and modern look
    • Often heavier, which improves base stability
  • Cons:
    • It is more expensive than plastic
    • It can be colder to the touch, especially in chilly environments
    • Some designs may scratch the mousepad
  1. Rubber
  • Pros:
    • It provides excellent grip and prevents the bungee from sliding around
    • It adds a soft and comfortable feel
    • Can dampen vibrations for a smoother glide
  • Cons:
    • It can wear down over time, especially with high-friction mouse pads
    • It might attract dust and dirt more easily than other materials

While ensuring materials are sturdy, businesses must also focus on critical components like the base and arms. Mouse bungees with heavy bases and sturdy arms will always be more durable than lighter ones.

Additional features like USB ports

Black mouse bungee with red-colored USB ports

While mouse bungees entered the market to prevent issues related to mouse cables, manufacturers have taken the designs and features of these handy accessories to a whole new level.

Today’s mouse bungees are so advanced that they come with built-in USB hubs, making them handy for gamers who need those extra and accessible ports. Plus, mouse bungees with USB ports are also ideal for users with PC cases without front-panel connectors.


Stability is crucial for mouse bungees to ensure a positive user experience. Given that PC gamers frequently make quick and repeated mouse movements during gameplay, the mouse bungee needs to remain stable.

If the bungee lacks stability and moves easily along with the mouse, it’ll increase the risk of damaging the mouse cord. Therefore, sellers must ensure the mouse bungee provides a secure grip with sufficiently weighted housing to prevent dragging when the mouse is moving across the desk.

Arm length

Another important aspect to examine in a mouse bungee is its arms. To prevent unwanted breaks, sellers must ensure that the bungee’s arms are constructed from robust materials, like aluminum.

Additionally, the arm’s length should be sufficient to securely hold the mouse’s wire, allowing unrestricted and flexible mouse movements. So, offering mouse bungees with durable yet flexible arms is excellent, particularly for consumers who prefer low mouse sensitivity and frequently engage in quick mouse flicks.


Some mouse bungees can also come with adjustable features. These models allow users to adjust the height at which the bungee’s arm holds their mouse cord.

This feature is handy for users who operate their gaming mouse close to their monitors—it’s even more important if the monitor occupies a low position.

With an adjustable mouse bungee, consumers can lower its height, preventing constant contact with the monitor or other components. 


A bungee connected to a red mouse

If target consumers want budget-friendly options, businesses can offer them basic mouse bungees. But, if they have a decent budget, consumers may wish for a more stylish mouse bungee for their gaming setup.

For this reason, sellers must consider mouse bungees that offer colorful LED lights or RGB lighting to make gamer setups look more aesthetic. But lighting is not the only way to give mouse bungees an aesthetic upgrade.

Businesses can offer mouse bungees with geometric shapes, like triangles, squares, or even abstract forms. These styles fit right in with a modern and stylish gaming setup. Some even feature sharp angles or smooth curves for a more dynamic look.

If gamers are more playful, they’ll love character-shaped mouse bungees. Video game characters often inspire these types and can help gamers add a fun and personalized touch to their setups. 

Wrapping up

Mouse bungees are a cost-effective way to ensure consistent mouse movements, effectively eliminating any issues from the cord and keeping things obstruction-free. More importantly, they can be a worthwhile investment if target consumers search for top-notch cable management.

With over 27,100 (boosted from 18,100 searches in November 2023) customers currently searching for them, there’s a potential audience waiting for retailers to leverage. But before tapping into the market, consider all the factors discussed in this article to learn how to create the best mouse bungee offers in 2024. 

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