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Alibaba Trend Report on Sports: February 2024

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Sports trends evolve swiftly, mirroring the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and market dynamics. This report leverages online traffic as a pivotal metric to gauge popularity, offering insights into global and regional buyer interests within the sports industry. By examining the month-over-month changes in popularity from January 2024 to February 2024, this analysis reveals the latest buyers’ trends, highlighting shifts in sports purchasing patterns worldwide and across specific regions such as the United States & Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Global Overview

The scatter chart below provides a detailed view of two key aspects of global primary category groups (similar charts are available below for regional views as well):

  • Popularity index changes month-over-month: This is shown on the x-axis, with the timeframe ranging from January 2024 to February 2024. Positive values indicate an increase in popularity, while negative values indicate a decrease.
  • Popularity index of February 2024: This is represented on the y-axis. Higher values indicate greater popularity.
Global popularity index of february 2024 and popularity MoM changes

The global sports landscape in February experienced a retraction overall. There were only 6 categories growing and five of them(Cycling, Water Sports, Sports Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Ball Sports Equipments, Artificial Grass & Sports Flooring & Sports Court Equipment) were growing slowly with less than 5% increase. However, “Billiards, Board Game,Coin Operated Games” suddenly rose as a new force. It saw a rapid 91.98% growth rate. Surprisingly, We saw the worst recession in “Winter Sports” with a 24.8% decrease.

The striking contrast between these two categories directly shows us that people around the globe preferred to stay inside playing games rather than go out for outdoor activities as winter draws to a close. Climate change poses a significant threat to winter sports, with rising temperatures and erratic snowfall disrupting traditional regions and shortening seasons. According to Reuters, this shift impacts not just athletes and fans but also the economies reliant on winter tourism. The industry faces a pressing need to adapt, considering options like artificial snow or moving events to colder areas. Yet, such solutions bring environmental and financial challenges, highlighting the intricate relationship between climate change and outdoor sports.

Nevertheless, categories like “Artificial Grass & Sports Flooring & Sports Court Equipment” could see a growth since it has a relatively smaller popularity base. Categories like “Camping & Hiking” and “Fitness & BodyBuilding” were still very popular due to the much larger popularity base though they both saw a slight decline. “Cycling” was the one with the largest popularity base yet still seeing a 4.17% increase. “Electric bicycles” was the most popular type of bicycles, since electric bikes have many advantages in one, including saving physical strength, using green power and portability.

Here are several purchase scenarios of “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Games” that encapsulate the needs and motivations of different customer groups:

1. The Home Entertainment Enthusiast: Families enhancing home entertainment might buy a billiard table or board games, valuing durability and aesthetic appeal. Retailers should highlight quality, family bonding, and game bundles.

Friends play ludo

2. The Hobbyist Collector: Collectors seek unique or rare board games and vintage games, interested in limited editions and classic items. Retailers can attract them with exclusive products and community-building activities.

3. The Hospitality Business Owner: Owners of bars, cafes, and leisure centers look for durable billiard tables and games to attract customers, viewing purchases as investments. Retailers can offer commercial-grade products and financing options.

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4. The Competitive Gamer: Competitive gamers and league players seek professional-grade billiard tables and strategy games for skill enhancement. Retailers should emphasize high-quality features and accessories.

5. The Tech-Savvy Innovator: Tech enthusiasts are drawn to gaming technology, including digital board games and modern coin-operated games. Retailers should focus on technological innovations and online features.

6. The Educational Institution: Educational institutions buy board games as learning tools for strategic thinking and teamwork. Retailers can offer educational discounts and games that support learning outcomes.

Students are playing an educational game in the classroom.

Global Hot Products Selection

Despite the surge of “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Games”, categories like “Cycling” and “Fitness & BodyBuilding” were still sought after by people at a high level. Therefore, we have helped you to lock the hot sale products under these popular categories.

1. K9 Anti-Shock Protector

The K9 Anti-Shock Protector is a specialized security device designed for amusement centers and arcade game fighting machines. It serves as an anti-theft device, safeguarding arcade equipment from potential damage and unauthorized access. Engineered to absorb shocks and prevent tampering, this protector ensures the longevity and integrity of arcade gaming machines, providing peace of mind to owners and operators of gaming venues.

K9 Anti-Shock Protector

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2. Gemstone Crack Dice Set

The “Gemstone Crack Dice Set” is a custom collection of seven polyhedral dice designed specifically for role-playing games (RPGs). Crafted from high-quality gemstones with unique crack patterns, each set offers a visually stunning and tactile gaming experience. These dice are not only functional for game play but also serve as collectible items for enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of custom gaming accessories. The set typically includes dice used in popular RPGs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of games. The intricate crack designs within the gemstones make each dice set truly one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any gaming session.

Gemstone Crack Dice Set

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3. 360 Rotation Bike Phone Bag

The 360 Rotation Bike Phone Bag is a versatile accessory designed for cyclists who need easy access to their smartphones while on the move. Featuring a touch screen-friendly window, this waterproof bag allows for seamless interaction with your phone, ensuring connectivity and navigation without compromising safety. Equipped with a zipper closure and two pockets, it provides ample storage for essentials. Its 360-degree rotation capability and built-in phone holder offer adjustable viewing angles, enhancing convenience and functionality during rides. This ready-to-ship bicycle bag is an essential tool for modern cyclists seeking a blend of security and accessibility.

360 Rotation Bike Phone Bag

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4. Resistance Hip Bands Set

This set of Natural Latex Resistance Hip Bands is designed for fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance their gym workouts and exercise routines. Made from high-quality, custom-color natural latex, these loop bands offer varying levels of resistance, making them perfect for a wide range of exercises, including those focused on strengthening the hips, legs, and core. The set includes multiple bands to accommodate different fitness levels and comes with a durable nylon bag for easy storage and transport. Ideal for both home and gym use, these exercise bands are versatile tools for improving flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

Resistance Hip Bands Set

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US and Mexico

US and Mexico popularity index of february 2024 and popularity MoM changes

Similar to the global trend, we could also see a rapid growth of “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Games” in the US and Mexico with a 89.53% increase in February. The most popular category is also “Cycling” with a subtle 0.85% decrease. “Water Sports” was also growing with a considerable 9.11% increase.

On the other hand, “Winter Sports” encountered a big decline with a 32.69% decrease in the US and Mexico as well. “Outdoor Luxury Affordable Sports” and “Scooters” were also seen with more than 10% of decrease. Though the data of one month may not be very stable, the trend of returning to the conventional sports seems to be clearer that cycling and board games are more conventional than luxury outdoor sports and scooters. Certainly, “Water Sports” could be seen as another rising new sport. We’ll keep following the latest trend in the coming months of 2024.

Hot Products Selection in US and Mexico

1. Superbsail Electric Bike Bell

This electric bike bell is a versatile and essential accessory for cyclists and electric bike enthusiasts alike. Designed to enhance safety on the road, this electric bike bell ring combines functionality with ease of use, offering a clear and loud sound to alert pedestrians and other cyclists. Suitable for mounting on motorcycle and mountain bike handlebars, the Q Bell Ring is a testament to Superbsail’s commitment to quality and innovation in the cycling accessories market. Its sleek design ensures it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the bike, while its durable construction guarantees longevity and reliability. Whether navigating busy city streets or enjoying scenic trails, this bell ring is an indispensable tool for promoting safe and enjoyable cycling experiences.

Superbsail Electric Bike Bell

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2. WOQI 210T Portable Camping Hammock

This hammock with backstraps is an outdoor accessory designed for comfort and durability. Made from high-quality 210T nylon, this hammock offers a lightweight yet robust solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking to relax in nature. Ideal for camping, hiking, or leisurely backyard use, the hammock features backstraps for easy transportation and setup between trees or sturdy supports. Its double-sized design comfortably accommodates two people, making it perfect for couples or friends who want to enjoy the great outdoors together. The WOQI hammock combines functionality with comfort, providing a secure and cozy spot to unwind during your adventures.

WOQI 210T Portable Camping Hammock

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3. SKTIC Newest Underwater Snorkelling Gear

The “SKTIC Newest Underwater Snorkelling Gear” is an innovative full-face mask designed to revolutionize the snorkeling experience. Crafted with a transparent green design, this gear allows for unobstructed underwater views while ensuring breathability and comfort during diving activities. The mask covers the entire face, providing a wide field of vision and preventing water from entering, which enables users to breathe freely without the need for a traditional snorkel mouthpiece. Its cutting-edge design aims to enhance the underwater exploration experience, making it ideal for both seasoned divers and beginners looking to discover the wonders of the sea with ease and safety. The SKTIC snorkel mask is a testament to advancements in diving technology, offering a seamless blend of functionality and visual appeal for aquatic adventurers.

SKTIC Newest Underwater Snorkelling Gear

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Europe popularity index of february 2024 and popularity MoM changes

In Europe, the whole pattern of the changes of popularity of all of these categories was very similar. “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Game” was the fastest growing one with a 86.21% increase whereas “Cycling” was the most popular one with the largest base of popularity. Moreover, “Fitness & BodyBuilding”, “Camping & Hiking” and “Scooter” were maintaining their popular status in Europe, though they all experienced a certain rate of decline. In addition, “Artificial Grass & Sports Flooring & Sports Court Equipment” and “Water Sports” were increasing their popularity at 9.87% and 10.35% respectively.

Hot Products Selection in Europe

1. ROCKBROS Ergonomic Handle Grip

The “ROCKBROS Ergonomic Handle Grip” is a cycling accessory designed to enhance rider comfort and safety on any terrain. These reflective bicycle grips come with handlebar ends plugs, making them an ideal choice for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking both functionality and style. The ergonomic design of the grips ensures a comfortable and secure hold, reducing fatigue on long rides and improving overall control of the bike. The addition of reflective material increases visibility in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety for cyclists. Durable and easy to install, ROCKBROS handle grips are a valuable upgrade for any mountain bike, combining advanced ergonomics with practical safety features to elevate the cycling experience.

ROCKBROS Ergonomic Handle Grip

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2. 2023 Top Sellers hip resistance band

The resistance band represents the pinnacle of fitness accessory trends, combining functionality with personalized style. These resistance bands, favored by fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, come in aesthetically pleasing nude, cream, and brown hues, catering to a desire for workout gear that is both effective and visually appealing. The addition of a custom logo option allows gyms, personal trainers, and individual users to brand their equipment, adding a personal touch or professional flair. Designed specifically for hip and lower body exercises, these bands are crafted to enhance a wide range of workouts, from warming up to strength training and improving flexibility. Their popularity in 2023 underscores a growing trend towards personalized, stylish, and functional fitness tools in the health and wellness industry.

2023 Top Sellers hip resistance band

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3. Outdoor Artificial Grass Tile

This Interlocking artificial grass tile  is a standout product in the outdoor landscaping market, offering a waterproof and DIY-friendly solution for creating lush, green spaces. These artificial grass tiles are designed for easy interlocking installation, making them perfect for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor areas without the need for professional help. The waterproof feature ensures durability and longevity, allowing the tiles to withstand various weather conditions without losing their vibrant green appearance. Ideal for patios, balconies, and garden paths, these DIY artificial grass mats provide a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing alternative to natural grass, meeting the growing demand for functional and decorative outdoor living solutions.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Tile

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia popularity index of february 2024 and popularity MoM changes

In Southeast Asia, we could see the most rapid growth of “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Games” with 102.51% increase. “Cycling” was still leading the charge of the most popular category, but its leading position was not as obvious as the situation in Europe. The only growing categories are “Billiard, Board Games, Coin Operated Games”, “Cycling”, “Water Sports”, “Artificial Grass & Sports Flooring & Sports Court Equipment” and “Amusement Park Facilities”. The rest of the categories were declining more or less.Even though “Camping & Hiking” and “Fishing” declined at a certain rate in February, due to their large popularity base, they were also very popular in hot pursuit of “Cycling” in Southeast Asia. Notably, “Fishing” wasn’t marked in the previous countries and regions. It’s a regional feature of Southeast Asia.

Hot Products Selection in Southeast Asia

1. Luminous Squids Skirt Fishing Lure

The fishing lure is a specialized fishing accessory designed to enhance the angling experience. Crafted from soft plastic, these trolling lures mimic the appearance and movement of octopuses and squids, making them irresistible to a wide range of predatory fish. The customization option allows anglers to tailor the lures to specific fishing conditions and target species, ensuring optimal performance. The inclusion of luminous materials in the squids’ skirts adds an innovative edge, increasing visibility in deep waters or during night fishing, thereby attracting more bites. Ideal for both amateur and professional fishermen, these squid lures combine realistic design with functional innovation, promising an effective and enjoyable fishing adventure.

Luminous Squids Skirt Fishing Lure

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2. Unpainted Lure Body

The unpainted lure body offers an exceptional opportunity for fishing enthusiasts and lure manufacturers to access high-quality, customizable bait options directly from the source. These unpainted lure body blanks are designed for versatility, allowing for personalized painting and detailing to match specific fishing conditions and target species preferences. The jointed glide bait design ensures a realistic swimming action that mimics live prey, making these swimbait blanks highly effective in attracting predatory fish. Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, these factory-direct wholesale lures provide a cost-effective solution for creating customized, effective fishing lures. Whether for personal use or commercial production, these unpainted blanks are a blank canvas for creativity and effectiveness in fishing lure design.

Unpainted Lure Body

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Overall, the February 2024 Sports market showcased an open-and-shut trend, with “Billiard, Board Game, Coin Operated Game” standed out,  driving the surge globally and regionally without any exceptions. “Cycling” remained the leading status as the most popular category. Retailers could take this report as a reference and also take your own region’s unique situation into consideration to buy the products you want to sell. You can hit the “Subscribe” button to continue following the monthly report and other articles on Sports.

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