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Electric Bikes: 5 Amazing Types to Sell in 2024

An electric bike with three wheels

While cycling is already a fun sport, electric bikes help take it to the next level. These game-changers offer more power with less paddling, making them amazing options for many cyclists. But like regular bikes, e-bikes come in various types, making it tricky to choose the top ones consumers will love.

Fortunately, this article reveals five attractive electric bike types, each offering something unique for different rider preferences. But first, look at how the e-bike market is booming in 2024.

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A look at why the electric bike market is booming in 2024
5 electric bike types dominating the 2024 cycling industry
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A look at why the electric bike market is booming in 2024

E-bikes have become exceptionally popular in recent years, and their market statistics prove they are still experiencing that profitability boom. According to experts, the electric bike market’s value readjusted to US $20.26 billion in 2023, with reports suggesting it will reach US $52.37 billion at a 14.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) by 2030. Also, more people purchase e-bikes because of the industry’s technological leaps.

In addition, electric bikes are eco-friendly, flexible, and versatile, driving more consumers towards them, especially those looking for alternatives to scooters, smart cars, and public transport.

According to the reports, pedal-assisted e-bikes generated the most revenue, accounting for 57.8% of all income in 2023. E-bikes above 250W also sold more units, leading the segment to capture 50.7% of the market in 2023. Asia-Pacific is the dominant region, accounting for the highest revenue (76.0%) in 2023, while North America will register the fastest CAGR (23.2%) over the forecast period.

5 electric bike types dominating the 2024 cycling market

1. Electric mountain bikes

Person on an electric mountain bike

These e-bikes are changing how consumers engage in off-road adventures. Packed with powerful features, electric mountain bikes are the go-to for tackling those higher climbs and challenging obstacles. In truth, their overall design makes them a perfect fit for all kinds of off-road riding.

Electric mountain bikes have powerful motors and knobby tires, making handling rougher terrain and steep inclines a breeze. But there’s more! Most models come packed with long-lasting, high-capacity batteries that offer extra juice when handling challenging terrain. Depending on what riders want, they can get e-mountain bikes with throttles.

What’s special about throttled e-mountain bikes? Well, they allow riders to draw out performance from their electric motor without pedaling—that’s a bonus for versatility! But here’s the attention-grabber: electric mountain bikes are sucking all that popularity juice! Google data shows they raked in 135,000 searches in February 2024, a 20% boost from 110,000 in January.

2. Electric cargo bikes

An electric cargo bike near a beautiful view

Many people don’t use e-bikes for sporting activities; they see them as easy transport while exercising. That’s where electric cargo bikes shine the most. These models are the kings of heavy-duty riding, whether you’re grocery shopping or conveying packages.

Manufacturers perk them with features that improve carriage capacity over other fancy stats like speed or off-road capabilities. Some standout ones include larger frames, longer wheelbases, and cargo racks. Regarding wheelbases, cargo e-bikes have longer ones to offer better stability, especially when moving heavy loads.

Why won’t consumers just opt for regular bicycles? For starters, cargo e-bikes offer larger capacities—some models can even move small furniture! Since these bad boys also have eclectic motors, consumers can travel long distances or go uphill with heavy loads. Plus, riders can use them for flat terrain and daily commuting.

Electric cargo bikes are also popping up in 2024. According to Google data, this e-bike trend accumulated 90,500 searches in February. That search interest rose from 74,000 in January—an impressive 20% boost!

3. Electric city bikes

A parked electric city bike

While cargo bikes are perfect for lugging heavy loads, e-city bikes focus more on urban commuting. These e-bikes are the top options for moving around in urban environments—like regular bikes but with more efficiency, eco-friendliness, and longer travel times.

With the electric motor assisting the rider’s pedaling efforts, they will find it easier to navigate city streets, conquer some hills, and cover long distances without getting tired. Typically, electric city bikes feature other practical features like fenders and racks for carrying some cargo (not as good as cargo e-bikes), lights, and other safety features.

These e-bikes are popular with commuters and city dwellers looking for a convenient and sustainable way to get around town. That’s why up to 14,800 people searched for these e-bikes in February 2024!

4. Electric road bikes

Electric road bike parked in dirt road

These e-bikes are like upgraded versions of their city cousins. They are lighter and faster and feature designs offering long-distance road bike experiences. Although they focus more on performance, consumers can still use e-road bikes for daily commuting. However, they grab the spotlight for long solo rides, fast-paced group rides, and epic weekend biking adventures.

Even better, these bikes offer riders the extra power to make those climbs in record time. Consumers don’t even have to worry about where they are riding. Electric road bikes can handle pavement, gravel, and bike paths! These e-bikes are on-trend, as they garnered 110,000 searches in February 2024.

5. Electric folding bikes

An electric bike parked near a brick wall

Folding e-bikes are rapidly dominating the cycling market. They are a more modern take on e-bikes, offering impressive simplicity and versatility, which helps boost their trendy status. What’s so great about these e-bikes? As their name implies, they are the easiest models to move and store. Whether consumers want to beat high traffic rates in cities or store their bikes in small apartments, many experts recommend folding e-bikes.

Manufacturers equip them with lightweight designs and compact frames, allowing these e-bikes to reach a smaller size instantly. Although these bikes are not as popular as other types, they are on a fast track to capture the hearts of all city dwellers. Google data shows folding e-bikes received 74,000 searches in February 2024.

Final words

Electric bikes are not just one category! They offer more than enough variety to fit different riding styles and preferences. E-mountain bikes are the rulers of off-road riding, and consumers can never go wrong with using cargo models to lug those heavy loads.

E-city bikes are amazing for the urban community, while road e-bikes focus more on riding performance—folding bikes are the most convenient option. These are the top e-bike types with impressive Google search performance in 2024.

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