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Amazing Psychedelic Skater Boy Apparel Trends of 2022


A new generation of skater boy trends is making raves, and optimistic color palettes are their driving force. These 90s-inspired trends appeal to skater boys looking to overthrow the masculinity stereotypes.

It seems like trends from the 90s (#Y2K) are not letting up as they continue to influence recent youth wardrobes. Such inspirations give life to psychedelic aesthetics as they nod toward the hippy movement.

Read on to discover how businesses can turn five of these amazing trends into sales and profits in 2022.

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A brief overview of the skateboard apparel market
Four must-have apparel trends for skateboarding boys
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A brief overview of the skateboard apparel market

According to expert reports, the global street skateboard apparel market was valued at $198.7 million in 2020 and is expected to surge up to $275.2 million by 2027 at a 3.3% CAGR.

Over the last few years, the skate lifestyle witnessed steady growth because of the increasing preference for outdoor activities. Other factors attributable to this market’s expansion are the popularity of skateboarding and its various health benefits.

Skateboard outfits also represent a desire for happiness, well-being, and escapism, appealing to over 85 million skaters.

The skater boy lifestyle craves a unique style for the streets. Hence, businesses will see more hippie-style apparel trending this 2022.

Short-sleeved shirt

Anonymous boy posing with short-sleeved shirt

Short-sleeved shirts are wardrobe staples that go with any outfit. However, adding psychedelic prints to a plain spring/summer tee would take things to a different level.

Combined with oversized silhouettes, these shirts offer a distinct aesthetic perfect for a skater boy. Regardless of the wearer’s style preferences, these T-shirts are versatile, comfortable, and great for layering during colder conditions.

Short-sleeved shirts also come in various fabrics and colors. Consumers can even achieve color blocking by mixing psychedelic prints with contrasting colors. That’s not all, as consumers can choose between V and crew necklines.

V-necks are perfect for accentuating the neckline and work well with layering. Crew necklines are for consumers that prefer more casual looks.

The psychedelic effect on the short-sleeved shirt offers an eye-catching look, but boys can take things further with baggy pants. The goal of such outfits is oversized silhouettes that nod towards the Y2K aesthetics. Hence, consumers can pair their short-sleeved shirts with baggy sweatpants or cargo pants.

Teenager wearing a short-sleeved tee with psychedelic prints

Another magical combo is the short-sleeved shirt and short ensemble. Boys can rock a black-on-black combo to make the psychedelic effect stand out or use contrasting colors that blend with the aesthetics. However, the shorts should be baggy to enjoy the complete aesthetics of this outfit.

Jeans are not left out. Consumers can rock their short-sleeved shirts with a pair of jeans. The ensemble appeals to boys that prefer a more casual street aesthetic. Every piece is equally important when building outfits with the psychedelic short-sleeved shirt.

Baggy cargo pants

Teen posing with light brown cargo pants

The timeless cargo pants are perfect fits for the psychedelic trend. These baggy apparels match the oversized silhouette and add utilitarian and intelligent aesthetics to the ensemble.

Although many believed the cargo pants trend ended in 2003, the apparel seems to be going strong after the 90s revival. Beyond that, more consumers demand a piece of sturdy, utilitarian clothing durable enough for several outdoor activities.

A good look always centers around balance. However, consumers don’t need to keep things simple up-top. They can pair different psychedelic designs with baggy cargo pants for a premium skater boy look.

Teenager wearing black cargo pants with long sleeves

Consumers who love a laid-back look can add a modern spin to the style with baggy cargo pants. They only need to marry a black jacket with grey cargo pants. They can swap the combo for some black cargo pants and a white long sleeve shirt, adding a monochrome aesthetic to the ensemble.

Boys that want an easy but versatile look wearable in different ways will love this style. They’d need a brown hoodie with psychedelic prints and baggy cargo pants. The combo will give a stylish casualness to the look.

Consumers who want a more relaxed outfit can go all out with a beige windbreaker and cargo pants combo to convey dapper vibes.

Boys can also opt for cargo pants with modular designs. They can transform these variants into different pieces by adjusting silhouettes and lengths. By pairing these pants with a psychedelic vest, wearers will take the skater boy look a step further.

Psychedelic tees

Teen posing with a psychedelic tee and ripped jeans

Psychedelic tees are like white canvases. They open the doors for wearers to play with different colors, prints, and shapes. All psychedelic tees communicate a creative story unique to the wearer.

The 90s were a time that brought peace, music & arts-inspired fashion, and hippie communes. These factors combined to create the free-spirited psychedelic aesthetic that remains creative and fresh today.

Youths are now embracing psychedelic outfits as a creative reflection of culture change. Although many see the style as unconventional and rebellious, consumers can find them in wide bell-bottom denim, fur-trimmed vests, and T-shirts.

Psychedelic tees come ready with swirling abstract patterns and vivid colors that won’t go unnoticed. These multicolored hues and optical designs continue to make raves in contemporary fashion.

Wearers can combine psychedelic tees with almost any outfit to create the skater boy look. Consider pairing them with baggy cargo pants for a carefree and relaxed look.

Consumers who have a thing for street aesthetics can enjoy the psychedelic tee and shorts combo. They can rock the outfit with fitted shorts for a smart look. Alternatively, they can opt for baggy shorts for more relaxed fits.

Teen donning graphic psychedelic T-shirt

Long-sleeved psychedelic tees are also a thing, and consumers can pair them with baggy jeans or sweatpants for an urban tribe look. Boys can take things further by matching psychedelic overalls for a more uniform outfit.

Wearers that love music-inspired themes can opt for this style. These psychedelic tees feature Rock ‘n’ Roll cover arts, groovy flower-power prints, and the iconic peace symbol. Interestingly, consumers can get magical pop art-inspired variants that feature vibrant and colorful designs.

Relaxed matching set

Dark-skinned teenager rocking white matching set

When it comes to oversized silhouettes and hippie styles, nothing does it better than casual matching sets. The beauty of the relaxed matching set is its combination of style and comfortability.

Wearers that love a uniform look can never go wrong with this ensemble. And, there’s no limit to the apparel that can create a matching set. Thus, consumers have unlimited access to creative and unique designs.

These sets feature different patterns and colors. Boys can rock swirly, block, circular, and even check patterns. Color blocking is also possible with these casual matching sets.

Consumers looking to resist windy conditions while looking stylish can opt for the windbreaker matching set. Windbreakers were famous in the 90s and are back to make waves in contemporary fashion. These wind-resistant and lightweight pieces are perfect for bold block color matching sets.

Another magical variant wearers can enjoy are turtleneck matching sets. Turtlenecks offer sensitive alternatives to more masculine fashion trends.

Boy posing with patterned matching set

Wearers looking for a more subtle and calm look can opt for thick and cozy turtlenecks with matching baggy sweatpants. Consumers with a stronger will can go for dark and ribbed designs with baggy shorts.

Men can also rock matching sets with graphic tees. Skate culture in the 90s featured a wave of graphic tees that featured crew necks with colorful prints in front. These prints often showcased various arts ranging from popular brands to skate labels.

Go get them

The classic skater boy look is one of the various 90s-inspired looks. And contemporary fashion has upgraded to style to include statement prints and bright colors. These updates bring more freshness and joy to the skater boy trend.

These skater boy trends not only have functionality but stylish looks that consumers can adopt to everyday sports and life activities.

Hence, retailers looking to attract psychedelic lovers should focus on short-sleeved shirts, baggy cargo pants, psychedelic tees, and relaxed matching sets trends.

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