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The Best Cargo Sweatpants in 2022


Cargo sweatpants come in all types of designs, and with new materials coming out frequently in today’s market, there are more available than ever. 

Cargo sweatpants are no longer something to wear casually while lounging around the house. They are now frequently used for more formal events and continue to grow in popularity thanks to the new varieties that are being introduced in both men’s and women’s clothing ranges.

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Cargo sweatpants in today’s market
Top trending cargo sweatpants
Will cargo sweatpants continue to be popular?

Cargo sweatpants in today’s market

The early 2000s marked a huge surge in the popularity of cargo sweatpants.  Since the start of 2020, they have been making a big comeback due in part to fashion trends being recycled and brought back to life. 

Cargo sweatpants are popular not only with men but also with women. They can be worn for sporting activities, as casual wear, or as part of more formal attire. With new designs being introduced to the market, there is growing demand for cargo sweatpants across the globe. 

The pants and trousers market in Europe reached €34 billion in 2022. Globally, the market value is significantly more, valued at approximately USD $110.20 billion, with the US generating a majority of the revenue. 

It is expected that there will be volume growth of more than 10% by 2023, marking a steady increase in demand for pants of all kinds, including cargo sweatpants.

Person sitting on a chair wearing dark green cargo sweatpants
Person sitting on a chair wearing dark green cargo sweatpants

Cargo sweatpants are being produced in large quantities, with many different designs, colors, and fittings. They can come in matching sets, which are popular with gym goers. Cargo sweatpants with extra pockets, a sporty look, and a slimmer fitting are also popular with today’s consumers.

Cargo sweatpants with hand pockets

Cargo sweatpants are known for having side pockets on them further down the leg, but many are now including hand pockets on them as well. This is a popular addition as it allows the pants to hold more, making it even more comfortable for the wearer. 

The elasticated waistband and the soft cotton material help to make these sweatpants comfortable for both casual homewear as well as for wearing outside. The versatility of these cargo pants is one of the main reasons why they are so sought after in today’s market by consumers of all ages. 

Man in gray cargo sweatpants and a gray hoodie
Man in gray cargo sweatpants and a gray hoodie

The sporty look for men

Men’s cargo sweatpants can be worn for a variety of activities and events, but it’s the sporty look that’s really starting to grow in popularity with male consumers. 

These men’s cargo sweatpants aren’t necessarily worn for the gym, they’re comfortable enough to wear out and are perfect for the casual look that so many men like to wear. The reflective line down the side of the pants adds to their overall design and makes them stand out more.

Two people wearing cargo sweatpants
Two people wearing cargo sweatpants

Slim-fit joggers

This type of cargo sweatpant is most popular for workouts. The spandex material paired with the comfortable waistband and hidden pockets make this the ideal pair of cargo sweatpants to wear to the gym or to train outside in. 

Compared to other types of cargo pants, these pants are designed specifically as activewear so they have many of the features that other types of sports clothing has. 

Man running wearing gray slim-fit jogging pants
Man running wearing gray slim-fit jogging pants

Women’s cargo sweatpants set

Women’s cargo sweatpants sets are very popular with women who like to lead an active lifestyle or just want to be comfortable in what they wear. These types of women’s cargo sweatpants have grown in popularity in recent years. 

They are not only comfortable to wear but are the perfect set to pair with trainers or a nice jacket, and can really make someone stand out. More and more women are looking to purchase matching sets of clothing as a more cost-effective way of shopping and a convenient way of having a matching outfit without buying the pieces separately.

Woman jumping in pale-pink matching sweatpant suit
Woman jumping in pale-pink matching sweatpant suit

Cargo sweatpants with more pockets

Cargo sweatpants are known for being ideal pants for holding a lot of items, as they tend to have more pockets than jeans or trousers. They are in high demand right now. 

Whereas some pants will have four pockets in a traditional layout, newer trends are seeing men’s cargo sweatpants with even more pockets in different areas of the pants. That includes pockets on top of other pockets, in an overlap design, as well as pockets in less common areas. 

The extra pockets not only give the consumer more space to put smaller items such as keys or a wallet, they also act as a fashion statement. 

Man hiking wearing cargo pants with lots of pockets
Man hiking wearing cargo pants with lots of pockets

Cargo sweatpants are not new to the market, but they have been making a big resurgence in recent years. Cargo sweatpants paired with a matching top for women and cargo pants with more pockets for men are very on-trend with consumers this year. 

The market is also seeing an increase in demand for cargo pants that have a sportier edge to them as well as ones that are slimmer fitting in design. With more throwback trends becoming popular among consumers, cargo sweatpants are expected to retain their popularity. 

Newer designs that keep up with recent times and are made from more eco-friendly materials will help to keep this type of clothing in popular demand for the foreseeable future.

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