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Top 5 Safe & Sensorial Facial Tool Trends in 2023


The demand for facial tools for at-home use is expected to grow rapidly among consumers in the coming year. Concerns about public health have increased the search for safe and sensorial facial tools like brushes, cryotherapy tools, and therapeutic eye stone masks. 

People returning to the office also want to restart or elevate their skincare routines, and these tools will help buyers maintain their skin while providing positive sensory benefits. This article will review five of the top consumer trends in safe and sensorial facial tools that will increase sales and convert more customers.

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Overview of the facial tool industry
5 trends in facial tools for 2023

Overview of the facial tool industry

Young woman using facial brush to apply skincare product

Projected to reach a value of over US $860 billion by 2025, the makeup tool industry is experiencing significant growth. Experts predict a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.85%, with the US predicted to be responsible for roughly 32% of this growth. Consumers focused on hygiene and reducing excessive skin-to-skin contact are buying more tools such as facial brushes and face rollers to add to their beauty routines. At the same time, people returning to work and school want to buy products that will help their skin, as well as products that can be used to provide a therapeutic experience at home.

Here are the top five consumer trends in facial tools that will boost your inventory over the year ahead. 

5 trends in facial tools with rising demand

Makeup and skincare brushes

A stylish set of makeup and skincare brushes

Health concerns are increasing the demand for safe facial tools like brushes to apply makeup, and skincare products which reduce skin-to-skin contact. People are also going back to work and school, and this means they will be wearing more makeup and practicing more skincare.

Customers will look for ways to take care of their skin while still being hygienic, and they will purchase more makeup and skincare brushes for their products as a result. Buyers are focused on buying high-quality, no-shedding brush sets that have multiple pieces, such as contour, powder, and eyeshadow brushes. 

Gua Sha tools

Woman performing Gua Sha skincare technique with stone tool

Gua Sha is a popular facial method, and the demand for gua sha tools has grown as the technique continues to spread on social media. This proven treatment involves using a stone Gua Sha tool to stimulate the skin, which helps with anti-aging, lymphatic drainage, and muscle pain. Gua Sha is popular not only as a therapeutic skincare method but also as a safe way to apply facial creams and oils without the hands. Popular Gua Sha tools are made of natural stones including rose quartz, opal, and obsidian.

Ice globes and cryotherapy

A set of makeup products

Cryotherapy is another beauty treatment option for buyers working on skincare who want to minimize skin-to-skin contact. As people leave their homes more often, stress and environmental factors may also increase the desire for anti-inflammatory products. This skincare method involves placing glass globes filled with cool liquid on the face to shrink pores and wrinkles while reducing facial inflammation. 

Ice globes are popular due to their ease of use and low maintenance, as well as their refreshing sensorial feel on the skin. They are also reusable, which means buyers can clean and sanitize the tools after each use. Customers often purchase durable and aesthetic ice globes for their cryotherapy needs. 

Eye Stones

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Eye cosmetics represent one of the most profitable categories of the global beauty market. Health concerns may require people to wear masks when they leave their homes, so the focus on the face will naturally settle on the eyes. Products that offer therapeutic benefits to the look and feel of the skin around the eyes will be in high demand with buyers. The gentle pressure and natural cool temperature of the stone will also provide a relaxing sensation on the face. Therapeutic stone eye masks made of natural stones are favored by customers looking for anti-aging properties as well as a sensorial experience. 

Reusable makeup removers

Woman removing makeup with reusable cotton pad

Buyers will be drawn to reusable makeup removers, such as makeup pads and cloths, for various reasons. Reusable makeup cloths can be washed and easily sanitized for health concerns. Cloth pads will also decrease the amount of skin contact, which will result in healthy skin. These products will be especially in demand with the Millennial and Gen Z consumers who are more concerned about the environmental impacts of the products they use. 


Buyers are looking for safe and sensorial facial tools that will help them maintain healthy and safe practices while also providing a therapeutic experience. Facial tools like ice rollers and skincare brushes are the perfect tools to accomplish this. Products like makeup and skincare brushes, ice rollers, and stone eye masks will experience higher demand as people return to the office or school.

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