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5 Amazing Gender-inclusive Skate Culture Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022–23


Skateboarding as an activity and a sport is about to experience turbulent reentry into the world of sport with these upcoming fashion trends that young folks will not be able to take their eyes off. This article carefully explores these trends and focuses on how they work, why they work, and how businesses can boost sales and revenue by adopting them.

From digital-print sweaters to vintage jeans, these trends are bound to take the market by storm and be completely unapologetic about it.

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Overview of the global children’s wear market
5 renewed grunge-inspired gender-inclusive skate trends
Rounding up

Overview of the global children’s wear market

The market size for children’s clothing is expected to reach US $272.18 billion in 2022 and US $329.57 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% over the forecast period.

The rise of the online retail market, which offers consumers a hassle-free shopping experience along with a wide selection of options, and factors including aggressive promotional efforts by manufacturers are likely to drive the market forward.

Increasing brand awareness among children and parents and the growing influence of mass media and celebrities actively participating in various brands’ campaigns contribute to the rise of the children’s wear market.

5 renewed grunge-inspired gender-inclusive skate trends 


Toddler wearing a black jacket in the woods

These jackets heavily emphasize on being multipurpose pieces of statement clothing for kids this season. They have a prime focus on sports and other activities, and are great because of their most important feature: detachable sleeves.

Not all of these jackets come with detachable sleeves, but they are still versatile. For example, they sometimes come with subtle layering detail and feature funnel necks as part of the ensemble. In addition, they are usually fashioned from many different fabrics, which would depend on the function or style.

Lightweight jackets can be made from silk or rayon fabrics, while heavier ones can be quilted and insulated like puffer and down coats.

Special jackets can implement a lovely Y2K-inspired silhouette to create a jacket and shorts/trousers matching set. Think bright hues and intricate digital prints that maintain the prepubescent masculine look as well as a modern iteration of culture and sublime outdoors fun. A blue or red matching set jacket with shorts is an excellent way to go.

Young boy wearing a red puffer jacket outdoors

Another magical finish to this jacket style is the waist belt. These would also look great with jackets fitted with a zipper running down the torso. They usually have statement collars that flare up and cater even more to a punk style. These belts can be pulled taut around the waist or left to dangle casually, depending on preference.

An excellent idea for these clothing sets is digital prints such as graffiti, space and planets, extinct animals like dinosaurs, comic book heroes, and so on, which boys always love to go for. 

This expands the range of colors these jackets can be produced in, making their pairing abilities with other clothing go through the roof. Denim trousers, shorts, corduroy pants, and cotton shorts are all worth a try to see what works best for each person.

Skater socks

<alt=“Young boy wearing a pair of skater socks”>

Image source: Pexels.com

Skating is a relaxed and fun activity that draws novices and professionals to the board. Still, protecting one’s feet with skater socks is essential, especially those manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of a great skateboarding experience. Skater socks in the market support the feet as the riders perform tricks and move on the board.

An old, regular pair of socks may seem adequate, but they sometimes tend to sag and fall, which could result in pain and foot blisters. Crew skater socks were created to deliver support to the feet, toes, and heel to prevent cramping and irritation. 

They offer more than just simple comfort or porous fabrics that enhance the material’s breathability. These socks were also made to withstand how grueling skating can be.

<alt=“Child wearing a pair of rainbow-colored skater socks”>

Image source: Pexels.com

Cotton skater socks are more comfortable and come in solid bright colors like red, blue, and yellow. They are cut above the ankle, which provides the wearer with excellent circulation. In addition, they are made from a combination of cotton, spandex, nylon, and polyester, which means they are constructed in such a way that they will last and hold their form over time and after much usage.

Other skater socks come in smooth and crazy prints like sharks and fire. They are usually of medium length, made from cotton, and produced to be reliably stretchy. They are great at wicking off moisture, which helps to maintain dry feet throughout the day.

Checkered shirts

Young boy wearing a blue checkered shirt

Every boy’s wardrobe deserves one of these shirts to lounge about inside the house. But it also is a great shirt to wear regardless of the occasion. In the winter and autumn seasons, having suitable materials such as thick flannel, which helps to keep one warm, is a great idea.

Checkered shirts are great for layering other clothes when the weather is not too chilly. Boys can slap a button-down flannel shirt over a T-shirt and leave the buttons open. It’s a twofer as it delivers a great look and adds warmth to the body. These shirts, as long as something is worn underneath, can be worn with the buttons done or undone.

Young boy wearing a red and black plaid shirt

Pairing one’s favorite T-shirt with a denim jacket and a plaid checkered shirt is a fabulous way to stretch the possibilities of this trend.

For more mildly formal events, a checkered shirt is one of the most appropriate pieces of clothing to adorn. A key thing to note would be to avoid overwhelming oneself with a tussle for power between colors and patterns. 

Neutral hues, long sleeves, and the quality of the material are important factors to look out for in checkered shirts. Black jeans trousers are an easy option if the shirt is practically oozing with colors like red or bright blue.

Boys would also love the option of sliding a neat, black cotton turtleneck underneath a black and white checkered shirt. The buttons can be left undone for extra points and a casual touch. 

These shirts can also come in color-blocking patterns that are more subtle and don’t attempt to overwhelm the entire attire. Examples are black and green, blue and deep pink, and purple and blue.

Graphic sweatshirts

Young girl wearing a pink digitally printed sweatshirt

Coming in slouchy fits and more subtle oversized tones, the graphic sweatshirt is a late upgrade to the classic sweatshirt. They showcase patterns that have playful illustrations and bring out emotion in expressive ways.

Some have color-blocking panels that abruptly run into checkered patterns coming in beautiful colors and bright hues, which also match the playful nature of the designs. They come fitted with crew necks, roll necks, or hoodies. They can also have elastic bands at the wrists or/and bottom hems.

Young boy wearing a striped sweatshirt

Sweaters with bright hues and checkered patterns, such as blue, pink, yellow, and a soft purple, can be paired with more neutral and base trousers colors such as black, white, gray, and ash to avoid color blocking, which isn’t always aesthetically pleasing. The pants can be sweatpants to match the sporty feel or regular denim or corduroy trousers.

Digital-print sweaters with a futuristic and otherworldly feel can be paired with virtually any color of trousers as long as the colors match in a good way. For example, blue sweatshirts can pair with black denim trousers. Likewise, a gray and teal sweatshirt would look great when paired with white trousers or sweatpants.

Vintage-fit jeans

Two young boys wearing vintage-fit denim pants

The one thing that remains the top driver for purchases among customers is comfort, and customers shy away from clothes that could be a tad restrictive on movement and creative fashion pairing options. 

These relaxed vintage types of denim are a top trend this year among kids and parents who are craving a specific retro look through washed jeans, patches and badges, and the appearance of worn-out fabrics.

Because these jeans appear old and worn out, they come in a great range of colors, from light blue to a deep and dreary black. Some also come in stunning looks and give off a digital-print feel.

For casual outings, kids can wear their vintage jeans with an undershirt, and pair this with an outer coat or bomber jacket. These staples help keep the cold out but are also super fashionable. Extremely colorful shirts, like floral pattern designs, would also work great to add a tinge of mystery to the whole ensemble.

Boys can always opt for a matching vintage denim set. They could also go for darker denim jackets and pants, and balance that with an undershirt in bright colors such as buttery yellow, pewter blue, and lime green.

Kid in jeans by a river with a dog

Oversized jeans never get old, and boys and girls are allowed to get in on some of the baggy action. These jeans pair well with a corresponding baggy shirt, sweater, or hoodie. Kids can contrast colors like dark blue with brown to give off a deep, dark color spectrum.

Rounding up

The ‘skate of mind’ trend of 2022 and 2023 aims to create an urge and renewed love for skateboarding among prepubescent and teenage kids. From skater socks to vintage jeans, the attire is promising to look as great as the activity feels.

These styles are perfect for typical daytime indoor and outdoor wear for various activities. The sweaters are great for going to the park or a movie theater, while the vintage jeans can be for simple yet elegant house parties and other gatherings.

Businesses should go after these trends as they will likely sell out.

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