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US E-commerce Weekly Update (Sep 11-Sep17) : Amazon Unveils Supply Chain Service, TikTok Shop Offers Black Friday Subsidies


Amazon: Expanding services and innovating customer experience

Amazon launches end-to-end supply chain service

Amazon has rolled out a comprehensive, fully automated supply chain service named “Supply Chain by Amazon.” This service aims to manage the entire supply chain for sellers, including inventory extraction from global factories, cross-border shipping, and direct delivery to customers. The new feature allows sellers to focus on product development and customer satisfaction, while Amazon takes care of logistics.

Amazon introduces new features in ‘Buy with Prime’

Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ service has been enhanced with new features aimed at boosting sales for merchants. These include a shopping cart function, the ability to display Amazon reviews on sellers’ own websites, and 24/7 live chat support. The service has seen significant growth, with a tenfold increase in brands using it during this year’s Prime Day compared to last year.

TikTok shop announces Black Friday seller subsidies

TikTok Shop is offering up to 50% in seller subsidies for its Black Friday shopping festival running from October 27 to November 30. The platform will also launch Cyber Monday promotions and collaborate with content creators to boost brand and product visibility. Special banners and pop-up discount coupons will be featured to increase conversions.

Shopify unveils new TikTok shop plugin

Shopify has introduced a new TikTok Shop plugin that further integrates the two platforms. The plugin allows sellers to sync their Shopify product catalogs to TikTok Shop effortlessly, manage sales data through an integrated Shopify dashboard, and directly link data between the two platforms, eliminating the need for third-party software.

US online prices record largest drop in 40 months

According to Adobe’s Digital Price Index, online prices in the US saw a year-over-year decline of 3.2% in August 2023, marking the largest drop in 40 months. This decline was driven by significant price reductions in categories like electronics, computers, and sports equipment.

AliExpress introduces Pay After Delivery in the US

AliExpress, in partnership with fintech payment company Splitit, is launching a Cash on Delivery service in the US. This comes after successful rollouts in various European countries. The service allows consumers to pay using their existing credit cards after delivery.

eBay ads release 2023 holiday shopping insights

According to a report by eBay Ads, 71% of surveyed US consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online, with eBay being one of the top destinations for deals. The report also found that advertising significantly influences holiday purchases, especially among millennials, who reported that nearly half of their gift purchases were different from their original plans due to ads.

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