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Baby and Toddler Fabrics 2022: 4 Amazing Trend Styles


2022 is a great time to be a seller in the baby and toddlers’ fabrics industry. The projected 3.23 percent CAGR from 2022 to 2026 gives strong pointers. In other words, the volume of sales in the baby and toddler segment will experience huge growth in the next 4 years.

So, it’s the perfect time for businesses to be at the forefront—as things evolve in the industry. Here are four astonishing baby and toddler cloth trends with huge profit potential this year and beyond.

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Baby and toddlers fashion: the rise of trendy looking kids
Four remarkable baby and toddler styles to jump on this S-S 2022
Jump on these moving baby and toddler fabric trends

Baby and toddlers fashion: the rise of trendy looking kids

The baby and toddlers’ fabric market is experiencing a big boom with parents. Discover how you can be profitable with this trend in 2022.

Parents’ purchasing habits are shifting towards the fancy and fashionable styles of baby and toddler clothing. And it’s because they want their kids to look trendier. So, it’s safe to say that kids influence their buying decisions.

The popularity of these fashionable trends among babies and toddlers began from social media platforms—where parents started wearing matching outfits with their kids.

Today, the twinning trend with parents and kids is gaining huge popularity. And leading fashion brands are driving the trends further by creating age-appropriate and smaller versions of adult fashion styles.

Thus, consumers are willing to indulge these fashion collections below, notwithstanding their costs—resulting in increased market growth.

Four remarkable baby and toddler styles to jump on this S-S 2022

This section of the article will be listing the various styles kids will likely rock this summer-spring 2022. 

1. Stripes & plaids

Toddler rocking a green and white striped shirt

The stripes & plaids fabrics are incredibly popular today. But they aren’t so new; they have always been around. 

First off, the plaid fabric dates back to the 1500s. Interestingly, the fabric typically features crisscross patterns or color bands intersecting to form squares. Also, it offers a great selection of classic and playful patterns that work perfectly for baby and toddler clothes and shirts.

The plaid fabric comes in various patterns like check madras, tartan, glen, gingham, etc. The tartan plaid usually combines vertical and horizontal lines to form different square sizes. Hence, they are perfect for 0 to 24-months baby overalls or toddler casual plaid shirts.

The gingham plaid pattern is another versatile option with uniform squares with some transparency gradient. So, they work as great fabrics for summer baby girls’ sleeveless dresses or romper shirts for boys.

On the other hand, the stripe fabric originated in the 13th century. In truth, it features continual and seamless bands in either diagonal, horizontal, or vertical directions. So, striped patterns are ideal for blender patterns or making a bold statement.

Another stripe fabric type is the candy fabric, a playful option for baby and toddler clothing. It features a thin vertical stripe of two contrasting colors, usually yellow, white & pastel pink, or blue. 

People who want to achieve a neoclassic style for their kids go for the regency stripe fabric. Indeed, It’s ideal for children’s corporate wear like romper shirts and pants. The fabric features a combination of a symmetric single-colored wide stripe with a different color in narrower stripes.

Smiley cute toddler rocking a plaid shirt

2. Linen

Beautiful little girl rocking a lilac linen dress in the sunset

It’s almost impossible to exclude linen when writing a list of popular natural fabrics that are baby and toddler friendly. First off, the linen fabric is natural and non-toxic. Why? Because the fabric is a product of woven fiber from flax plants with non-toxic dyes that makes it safe for babies. Also, the fabrics come in pretty hues of white, blue, etc. 

Second, the linen fabric has breathable and moisture-wicking properties. Hence, the structure and weave of the fabric boost shading and airflow. In other words, it has cool and breezy properties—even on the hottest of days. 

But that’s not all. This fabric is super absorbent with the ability to hold about 1/5 of its weight in water before it becomes damp. So, water evaporates quickly when the material is damp—thanks to its molecular structure. 

Linen is a non-clingy fabric that keeps little ones comfortable and cool in humid and warm weather. Hence, parents love to wear this fabric style on their babies during the spring-summer season.

Another highlight of this rare fabric is that they get softer with every wash. In other words, the more kids wear them, the better they get. Plus, the fabric requires low maintenance. 

The linen fabric can pass for 0 to 24 months as summer infant girls romper bodysuits, casual SS baby romper overalls, female toddler dresses, or unisex toddler long sleeve romper jumpsuit.

Toddler with white linen shirt posing with his mom

3. Terry toweling

Smiling baby rocking white terry toweling

Terry toweling or terry cloth is a woven fabric that features long loops and a soft texture.

The terry towel fiber fabric has four key features that make it stand out:

  • Remarkable mechanical comfort
  • Exceptional surface texture
  • Quick drying
  • A high rate of water absorption

Also, this fabric has other variants like the French terry and terry velour. 

The French terry fabric consists of two sides: one side is flat, and the other has cross loops. Also, this SS variant fabric consists of 100% cotton—which translates to breathability and comfort for kids. Alternatively, it may have a bit of spandex to give a more athletic feel.

The other terry cloth variant, terry velour, has a smooth and flat side that gives it a velvety look. Hence, it feels plusher than the French terry.

Generally, the terry toweling fabric comes with a ton of weight (within 10 to 21 ounces), pattern, and color options. Also, the fabric qualifies for endless applications due to its versatility, durability, and easy maintenance. 

So, asides from children’s apparel, the fabric is useful for baby bibs, burp cloths, kids’ towels, etc.

The terry towel fabric can go for 0 to 18-month apparel like the infant bodysuit, sweatshirt romper, toddler overalls, or sleeveless singlet onesies for kids.

Toddler posing with his mom on gray terry toweling

4. Crinkle gauze

Cute little girl wearing a pink crinkle gauze dress

The crinkle gauze is a slightly airy fabric that’s soft and light. This popular apparel fabric combines two thin layers of cotton with stitches, creating light embossing on the entire material. Plus, its breathability is above par.

Interestingly, the double gauze fabric is ideal for kids to wear during the spring-summer season, thanks to its high moisture absorption rate. Also, the fabric doesn’t wrinkle. So, it can easily slip into any suitcase without a crease.

When it comes to creative ideas, the crinkle gauze or double gauze fabric applies to different apparel for children within 0 and 5 years like romper dresses, unisex sleeveless romper vests, newborn SS romper jumpsuits, sleeveless toddler dresses, etc.

Beautiful girl rocking a print-designed crinkle gauze dress

Jump on these moving baby and toddler fabric trends

More parents are gaga for the baby and toddler’s S-S 2022 fashion styles listed above. The style, comfort, and evergreen feel of the fabric designs make them stand out. Thus, it’s wise to capitalize on these fashion styles to boost your retail sales.

You can’t go wrong with whatever fabric type you decide to use; linen, stripes & plaids, crinkle gauze, or terry toweling. However, the linen and crinkle gauze fabric types tend to be more breathable and airy, making them better summer options for babies.

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