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Breathtaking Women’s Woven Top Trends for 2023


Women’s woven tops are shifting from comfort-driven items to more structural ones. As consumers return to the outdoor work lifestyle, they demand pieces to support busy schedules while maintaining an alluring silhouette.

This season, versatility and functionality remain key priorities as these shirts update previous themes with modern aesthetics.

Explore the women’s woven top trends reflecting the changing desire for smart-casual hybrids.

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Is the women’s woven top market profitable?
Woven tops that will attract women in 2023
Rounding up

Is the women’s woven top market profitable?

The worldwide women’s shirts & blouses market amassed up to US$ 110.86 billion in 2021. Despite the constraints of the Ukraine-Russia war, analysts expect the industry to reach US$ 157.58 billion at a 5.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period (2022 to 2028).

Several factors combine to push this global market’s values to new heights. For instance, the number of working women keeps rising, allowing more of them to have increased disposable incomes. Other growth drivers include the rising per capita income and availability of various designs catering to seasonal demand and requirements.

In 2021, the offline distribution channel emerged as the highest contributor to the global market share, accounting for 80% of the total revenue. This segment comprises supermarkets, exclusive stores, retail stores, and hypermarkets. But, most manufacturers and marketers use traditional retail mediums to garner more sales and profit.

On the other hand, experts predict the online distribution channel’s growth at a rapid 6.5% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. The online segment is gaining global popularity as more women turn to shopping portals and mobile apps for increased ease, convenience, and comfort.

Additional research suggests that Asia Pacific will register the highest CAGR (6.1%) from 2022 to 2028. The region is experiencing a demand surge for women’s apparel due to its growing population and rising disposable income. Europe generated the highest revenue share in 2021, accounting for over 33% of global market values.

Woven tops that will attract women in 2023

Hourglass button-up

Button-up shirts are timeless classics that have a place in every woman’s closet. In addition, the piece showcases high versatility and a year-round appeal, making it the go-to for elevated fashion territories.

However, updates in 2023 see this piece with more structured silhouettes, indicating the shift away from comfort-focused items.

The hourglass button-up is one of the shirt styles to emerge this season with a structured silhouette. The attire comes with subtle darts and strategic back-fastenings, allowing wearers to showcase a cinched waist and create the much-loved hourglass shape. In addition, the top’s overall structure counterbalances its wider and softly padded shoulder.

Pantsuits and hourglass button-ups form a classic combination that always looks stylish, especially for ladies looking to show off their feminine curves at a business meeting. The shirt’s versatility makes it possible to tuck in and retain the hourglass silhouette.

Alternatively, women can indulge in a fashion twist by pairing this classic piece with a leather skirt. They may ditch plain hourglass button-ups for more stylish options with exciting patterns and graphics.

Soft corset

Woman in a black corset putting hands in pockets

Corsets started as traditional undergarments for creating an hourglass shape before evolving into statement pieces. They often feature two fabric panels that lace up the back and clasp the front, allowing ladies to cinch their waist according to their desires. In addition, this season embraces softer, less structured variants as a more mature update.

Most modern iterations rest slightly below or above the belly button, allowing women to rock them as crop tops. Pairing a short corset with a mini skirt is ideal for an evening outing or date night. Alternatively, mixed with menswear-inspired slacks, these variants make perfect formal dinner attire.

Ladies can tuck a soft strapless corset into a pair of high-waist skinny jeans for a minimalist aesthetic. They can layer the outfit under a cardigan for warmth during colder months.

Corsets can serve as vintage shapewear, helping to smooth the wearer’s torso while supporting the chest and tightening the waist. Ladies can don them under a retro dress for an authentic Victorian-inspired outfit. They can take a modern route by styling the piece under slim-fitting pieces, like bodycon dresses.

Women with a thing for classic looks can accentuate an hourglass silhouette by styling a corset over a dress. This style looks fantastic when paired with flowy staples, like maxi dresses. Layering a soft corset over fitted pieces will give the outfit an edgy appeal.

Asymmetric satin blouse

Asymmetric blouses provide enough room for women to experiment with various styles and even exude a slightly funky and daring appeal on any occasion. But getting this piece in satin makes the ensemble feel more elegant and shiny.

These items can host various asymmetry detail locations, ranging from the shirttail to the neckline and even the sleeves. Also, a groovy cut choice allows ladies to be more innovative with how they style and accessorize the look.

More importantly, any consumer (regardless of body shape) will find it easy to pull off a look with asymmetric satin blouses. But the secret to this trendy style is finding the correct pattern, color, design, and cut. For example, one route for this outfit involves pairing a brightly-colored asymmetric satin blouse with a bold-patterned saree.

Volume crop top

Masked lady rocking a volume crop top

Crop tops are reemerging as essentials this year with occasionwear experiencing its much-needed revival. This belly-exposing piece is every bit stylish, and this season updates it with more volume.

Although the crop top is incredibly stylish, it’s daring for consumers who don’t like showing skin. However, such ladies can ease into the trend by starting with a simple white volume crop top and jeans combo.

White volume crop tops will match any wardrobe staple, but high-rise denim will feel more natural. Furthermore, ladies can pair the piece with denim shorts for a more sexy yet casual approach.

Striking contrasts can make any outfit pop, and consumers can harness this appeal by pairing a volume crop top with a maxi skirt. The bottom’s long and flowy fabric will counter the crop top’s shortness, allowing ladies to experiment with proportions, colors, and patterns. For instance, a plaid or colorful maxi skirt will make a beautiful pair with plain black crop tops.

While blazers are essential for semi-formal attires, female consumers can tap into a smart-casual aesthetic by layering them over a short-sleeved crop top.

Crinkled blouse

Woman posing near leaves while wearing a crinkled blouse

The crinkled blouse is the personification of femininity. Its style gives a rustic, love-worn aesthetic to otherwise clean and sleek looks. Most crinkled blouses are particularly conservative, giving zero space for showing off cleavage or even skin.

Ladies with long, slender necks and torsos can effortlessly use crinkled blouses to compliment their body types. Businesses must offer pieces made with lightweight fabric to allow more movement and avoid an overall heavy or chunky style.

Crinkled blouses can look breathtaking with denim pants or skirts. Consumers may even style them with suit pants for sophisticated attire.

Classic shirt

Classic shirts are quintessential wardrobe staples that serve as a base for some of the most stylish outfits. Although they feel boring or basic, the humble shirt offers unrivaled versatility as consumers can wear them in various styles.

One effortless way to transform this flat piece into something stylish is by leaving it unbuttoned and tying it into a crop top. Ladies can pair this attire with high-rise jeans, silky slip skirts, or even layer it over a dress.

Tired of wearing classic shirts with pants? Consider layering it under a trendy sleeveless dress. Ladies can rock this effortless preppy look for various formal occasions.

Classic shirts are more than just blouses. They also double down as fashionable outerwear. For example, women can rock an oversized button-up shirt with simple jeans while leaving the top open. Then, add a bodysuit underneath the outfit for a last-minute feel before hitting the streets.

Women can also channel a 70s vibe by a 70s vibe by matching an oversized oxford-style shirt with bright-colored flared jeans. The look spells groovy and memorable in an effortless manner.

Feminine blouse

Woman in a feminine blouse resting on a colorful wall

Feminine blouses are fantastic pieces ladies can mix and match with other wardrobe staples. The piece closes the gap between parties, office, and leisure outfits.

A monochromatic look is one of the best ways to rock this piece. Consumers can team up their white feminine blouse with matching denim or shorts for a picture-perfect look.

Sleeveless blouses are trendy layering items for winter. Besides being a stylish winter staple, these pieces offer a bold and fashion-forward appeal. For the dressiest look, swap regular trousers for trendy Capri pants, and layer the top underneath a blazer for added flair.

In addition, consumers can easily incorporate a feminine blouse into their work outfits. Ladies without specific office attire can opt for a traditionally-styled floral feminine blouse. Matching the piece with simpler bottoms, like beige pants, will help keep the ensemble work-appropriate.

Utility shirt

Smiling woman rocking a multi-colored checked utility shirt

Utility shirts are all the rave as this season gives them an elevated approach with subtle utilitarian details. Chunky zips, Western-style yokes, and patch pockets are core utility details making this shirt feel more functional.

Jeans look fantastic with anything, and the utility shirt is no exception. Ladies can style an olive green utility shirt with distressed jeans for peak casual styling. They can leave the shirt open (and wear a sweatshirt underneath) or button-up outfit.

While those who want to avoid wearing jeans can rock a utility shirt with black pants instead. Consider blending cropped black trousers with a moody gray utility shirt for an impressive street aesthetic.

Leggings are up there with jeans regarding versatility, making them a perfect match for utility shirts. Since these shirts are often longer than their standard counterparts, they’ll easily match the bottom’s sporty aesthetic. Grab a pair of black leggings and a gray utility top for an eye-catching blend of streetwear and athleisure.

A utility shirt layered over a dress creates a utilitarian-inspired attire for date nights and work. However, keeping the dress longer than the shirt will maintain the outfit’s work-appropriate appeal.

Bohemian blouse

Woman rocking a flowy white blouse

The Bohemian style waltz into 2023 to update the classic blouse with soft volumes balanced with playful details and feminine silhouettes. The Bohemian blouse adopts a minimalist approach to boho and draws influence from retro themes.

Like every Bohemian piece, this blouse avoids dull, neutral hues and opts for eye-catching colors and patterns. Retro prints, whimsical patterns, and tribal designs combine to add more personality and fun to this piece.

Bohemian blouses move toward breezy and natural silhouettes to thoroughly soak in the boho style. Avoid pairing this flowy top with skin-tight bottoms or skinny pants. Instead, go for maxi skirts with flowery patterns or prints.

Ladies can mix this blouse with flared jeans for a complete Bohemian aesthetic. They may also try experimenting with different textures, colors, and patterns to keep the theme fun and vibrant.

Oversized shirt

Lady in a yellow oversized shirt posing near a wall

Although classic shirts are everyday wardrobe staples, oversized variants are catching up to become the most versatile option in any woman’s wardrobe. No matter the personal preference, there’s always a style ladies can rock anywhere.

Tying oversized shirts into a knot can quickly spruce up any look. Women can match them with high-waist jeans or long skirts to emphasize their proportions. Bottoms with playful details like patterns or ruffles will make this ensemble more exciting.

Oversized shirts paired with shorts are a natural combo for business-casual themes. Ladies can rock this outfit for an effortless look when grabbing drinks around time or hanging out at a backyard barbecue.

While oversized shirts are more of a maximalist style, consumers can still enjoy a minimalist aesthetic. For example, consider styling an oversized muscle shirt with baggy trousers or leather joggers.

Rounding up

2022 was all about comfort-focused pieces, but this season traces back to more structured dress-up styles. Retailers must also prioritize longevity with designs that have a year-round appeal.

These women’s woven top trends drive volume with smart-casual hybrid styles perfect for various occasions. Sellers can discover reputable trend types to help build an irresistible catalog for this year’s autumn and winter season.

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