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Baby & Toddler Soft Focus: 4 Awesome Trends in Autumn/Winter 2022-23


Babies and toddlers are the talks of this article with trends that every parent loves, scaled down to tiny adorable sizes for the young ones.

Retailers in the apparel industry will benefit from this article as it delves into trends like plush wear that keep children warm all the time and crew neck sweaters that are easy to pair.

But what is the size of the baby and toddler clothing market? Read on to find out.

Table of Contents
The market value of baby and toddler clothing
Four fast-selling baby & toddler soft focus trends
Final words

The market value of baby and toddler clothing

The size of the worldwide infant apparel market was USD 62.04 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to USD 82.54 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.2 percent.

The children’s clothing market has been significantly impacted by growing social media influence and shifting fashion trends. The desire for stylish apparel is driven by modern parents who are particular about the clothing options they give their children.

On the other hand, eco-friendly clothing is being promoted worldwide and is currently popular in the baby apparel industry.

The market expansion will be accelerated by increased access to clothing and accessories and the infrastructure development of retail outlets in emerging markets. 

Four fast-selling baby & toddler soft focus trends 

Fleece jacket

Baby rocking a beige fleece jacket and green hat

The item of clothing that kids wear the most frequently is undoubtedly a fleece jacket. They are always brought along on mountain hikes and camping trips, and the kids live in them to stay warm under their ski coats in the winter. They are used daily in the fall weather as well.

Children’s fleece jackets feature warm, fluffy fleece yarn in windproof patterns, high neck collars, and adorable print designs that are perfect for keeping kids warm on chilly days.

A fleece jacket is a great way of injecting a playful dash of color into a look. Many patterned examples are available, but some favorites include adopting a ski-inspired look with color blocking.

Baby wearing a dark gray fleece hood jacket

Kids would love fleece panels with various color shades—and paired with neutral chinos or pale jeans for an easy look.

Fleece jackets are no exception to the current trend of oversized proportions in outerwear products. Children can layer a hoodie over something with a collar, such as an overshirt. With no weight and all the warmth of a thicker coat, it’s ideal for transitional weather.

A fleece vest is a wonderful alternative when a full jacket would be too much. It’s sort of like a more playful version of the down gilet, which can make kids look like an off-duty hedge funder. There is all the warmth in the midsection with the added advantage of arm mobility.

Intarsia sweater

Toddler rocking an intarsia sweater with illustrations

There’s nothing like a crew neck when it comes to easy-to-style t-shirts and sweaters. It’s timeless, comfortable, and straightforward. The traditional crew neck is frequently seen as a generally flattering design that goes with just about everything, unlike V-necks, scoop necks, and turtlenecks. 

There is a good chance that everyone has one or more crew necks in their wardrobes. They can be worn with t-shirts, regular shirts, or even thermal pajamas. But because they are a basic item of clothing, they are not always associated with a sort of personal style and expression when considered.

Many crew neck sweaters are made to be worn over another garment, especially the more sophisticated ones. These crew neck jumpers are typically made of lightweight cotton or cotton blends and are designed to provide the stylish, long-sleeved jumper’s pleasing style and fit without adding undue bulk or warmth. 

Because of this, lightweight crew neck sweaters often look translucent or unattractive when worn alone. Children can wear a base layer under the crew neck to get enough warmth during winter or autumn.

Young kid rocking a green intarsia jacket

It is always also great that the t-shirt that is chosen under the crew neck sweater has a crew neck as well. The sweater will seem more professional, feel more comfortable, and stay in position as mobility is maintained when the seams and necklines are aligned.

It’s advisable to avoid necklines like V-necks or scoop necks because they usually show through the sweater’s neckline.

Rib knit set

Baby rocking a rib knit set with hat

Selecting a holiday suit for oneself is one thing; selecting a child’s outfit is quite another. The older children may have their own ideas about how to dress up a look; for the newborns in the family, their first Christmas costume may be one that parents want to make memorable.

These rib knit sets offer textures that come with a natural stretch. Children would love jerseys with an oversized plump rib construction in organic cotton or cotton velvets.

Rib knit sets come in bright hues that appeal to kids like pink, butter hues, blue, vanilla, and purple.

Some of these sweater tops come with matches or buttons at the shoulder top for easy wear and to promote extended usage.

Knit fabric is extremely flexible and can stretch in both breadth and length since it’s made of a series of loops. This kind of fabric is ideal for form-fitting garments without zippers. Since the knit fabric has a fluid and unstructured feel, it will stretch or drape over most shapes.

Toddler wearing a rib knit set, holding a ball

A hand-knitted sweater with a pixie design showcases a lovely display of the cable stitches and blackberry. Additionally, it comes with a side opening and traditionally styled buttons. It’s made of merino wool and is available in the original bain, making it incredibly pleasant to the touch. It’s a gorgeous, distinctive item of knitwear suitable for a child’s winter outfit.

Hand-knitted sweaters are usually preferred over ready-made ones because of durability and wearability. Also, they are thicker to ensure that kids are completely covered up at all times of the day.

Plush lounge set

Little girl wearing a multicolored plush loungewear set

Plush sets of clothes constitute an array of soft and warm fabrics like synthetic fibers, polyester, fur, and faux fur. Wool is also great for warmth and feels great against the skin.

Kids can try on a thick knitted or woolen vest as an undershirt. Pairing this with a thick hoodie on top and plush pants is a good way to go to ensure that warmth is not an issue during activities.

Some oversized silhouettes with the turtleneck classic shirt and some checkerboard graphics are great for matching set prints

For more sustainable products, fibers that are biodegradable and more eco-friendly to nature can be adopted for no-shedding fabric qualities. 

Young boy wearing a red plush loungewear set

Final words

Kids’ clothes like sweaters and tracksuits for the autumn and winter periods are great, but babies and toddlers are not talked about enough. As seen in the article, there are quite a good number of items babies would indeed love this year.

The plush sets are super soft and great for the chilly weather. Knitted matching sets and crew necks can be paired with each other and are durable fabrics as well to improve extended wear. All these trends are coming steadily, and businesses would not want to miss out on good potential deals.

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