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Baby and Toddler Apparel: Useful Insights 2022


The global baby and toddler apparel industry is exhibiting rapid growth and popularity amongst investors since it enjoys a large customer base. Baby apparel buyers today are increasingly familiar with the best baby products available in the industry to relay them to respective customers for an overall profitable business and for helping customers purchase as per their baby apparel needs. Providing good viable baby and toddler apparel is essential for improving the general customer experience and thus building customer retention for your products.

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Baby and toddler apparel: key market insights 
Major designs and trends
Comfortable, affordable yet stylish apparel on the go

Baby and toddler apparel details: key market insights 

In 2019, the global baby apparel market size was estimated by researchers to be  USD 62.02 billion. This value is slated to reach USD 82.54 billion by 2027, thereby presenting a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period. The main reason for an increasing surge in demand for baby and toddler apparel is the evolution of social media and the desire of modern age parents and guardians to dress up their kids in fashionable, click-worthy attires. Despite keenness in fashion trends, the preference for quality over quantity still prevails. 

Major designs and trends

The major designs and trends dominating the baby and toddler apparel industry are wide and varied. Like adult fashion, baby and toddler fashion also evolves with seasonal and festive periods. Let’s have a look at the leading baby and toddler apparel designs, key thoughts, and utility behind each.

Natural buttons

Natural buttons

The usage of natural buttons is a trendy style influencing the baby and toddler apparel industry. Whether boys or girls, natural buttons are frequently used to stylize baby and toddler dresses. Natural buttons are normally made of bamboo wood. They come in various holes, two, three, or four, and can either be sewn on the clothes or attached with the help of fabric glue. For baby and toddler girls apparel, they are popular in dresses, dungarees, and pajamas. In baby and toddler boys apparel, natural buttons are popular in polo shirts, button-down formal shirts, and jeans or linen trousers.

Statement collars

Baby blouses with statement collars

Statement collar tops for babies and toddlers are all the rage in the apparel industry. These days, many brands are making baby and toddler outfits with statement collars. They exhibit pearly, beaded, furry, bow-shaped, lace-edged, embroidered, peter pan, and polo collars. For girls, they help them stand out by adding a pinch of exquisiteness to the overall cute theme of their outfit. Statement collars are a good way for boys to add oomph to their mini yet masculine outfits. 

Soft utility details

Red black soft utility baby top trouser set

Babies and toddlers have tender skin. If their apparel fabric is not comfortable, it will be brushed harshly against their skin, leaving them cranky and annoyed. As parents and guardians are always on the lookout for comfortable wear for their babies and toddlers, outfits with delicate utility details are always sought after. Outfits with soft utility details are soft yet strong because they are made from soft cotton. Besides, they offer gentleness to babies and toddlers and can adorn these outfits during daytime and nighttime since they are super comfortable. 

Lace edging

Peach jumpsuit in peach neckline lace edging

Baby girl and toddler dresses feature lace edgings nowadays. This trend is emerging as super popular to add femininity to baby girls and toddler apparel. Made of a soft net, embroidered crochet, velvet ribbon, or silk patterns, lace edgings come in various colors and shade combos. They are great for baby and toddler pajamas, doll dresses, blouses, frocks, etc.

Scalloped edges

Lemon dress with scalloped hem

Scalloped edges are popular in dresses and blouses for baby and toddler girls. They add a cute aesthetic to an otherwise plain outfit and are a good choice for occasional wear. They usually are worked on the neckline, cuffs, and hem edges of a dress or a blouse. Whether babies and toddlers have to be dressed for parties, wedding ceremonies, birthdays, or photoshoots, scalloped edges apparel is a good choice.

Embroidered patterns

White blouse with floral collar embroidery

Embroidered patterns add a rich and exquisite texture to baby and toddler apparel. They are typically prominent in girl apparel such as dresses, tops, and blouses. Still, they are also increasingly used to designing baby and toddler boy apparel such as polo shirts, dress shirts, and kurtas. Good quality embroidery does not fade easily despite numerous washes of the garment. Embroidered patterned outfits are suitable for daily as well as party wear—they can be worn for any occasion.

Backless designs

White peach backless dress

Baby and toddler girls’ apparel features backless designs to add modernity to an otherwise conservative outfit. Typically seen in birthday dresses, backless designs add glamorous elements. They are featured in netbacks as well as cotton backs of apparel. Great to beat the summer heat, these dresses help baby and toddler girls be comfortably dressed in the soaring hot weather. 

Comfortable, affordable yet stylish apparel on the go

Since baby and toddler apparel is exhibiting good growth, business buyers today invest in baby and toddler apparel to provide comfortable, affordable yet stylish apparel to consumers. This will also help them in the lucrative financial opportunities this business provides and hence be a gamechanger in business growth. 

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