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The Best Exercise Balls for The Gym in 2023

Woman using large blue exercise ball for the plank

Exercise balls are a versatile fitness tool that can add a little extra to any workout routine. They not only help people to improve their balance but they are also ideal for working on stability as well as overall core strength. The exercise ball is a very simple tool to use in the gym but it has many benefits both for people just starting out at the gym and for avid gym enthusiasts. 

When choosing the best exercise balls for the gym it’s important to take into account the different skill levels of the individuals who will be using them as well as what type of workout they will predominantly be used for. They may look relatively simple to use but there are a lot of varieties now available in today’s market to choose from. 

Keep reading to learn more about the key features of the top exercise balls for the gym in 2023.

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Global market value of exercise balls
Types of exercise balls for the gym

Global market value of exercise balls

Women using small exercise balls in a pilates class

Exercise balls, also known as fitness balls, can be used in a wide variety of dynamic workouts as well as for rehabilitation and physical therapy. In recent years there has been a drastic increase in the number of consumers becoming more active and taking on more physical activities in their day to day lives. Exercise balls have quickly become a must-have piece of fitness equipment both at the gym and at home since they can be used for more than one purpose and can target different parts of the body. 

Man throwing a weighted exercise ball against the wall

By 2028 the global market value of exercise balls is expected to grow to approximately USD 495.5 million with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% between 2023 and 2028. These exercise balls come in different sizes so they can be adapted to the individual and the market is seeing the highest number of sales from the Asia Pacific market due to the large number of gyms and fitness clubs on the continent. Their market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% in the projected period.

Types of exercise balls for the gym

Three large exercise balls next to black gym mat

Exercise balls aren’t all designed with the same target area in mind so what may be helpful during one workout routine won’t necessarily work in another. The different types of exercise balls for the gym vary both in size and in the workouts that they’re designed for and each style has a number of key characteristics that consumers will consider before using them. 

According to Google Ads, “exercise balls” has an average monthly search volume of 74000 searches.

When looking at the most searched for types of exercise balls Google Ads shows that “medicine ball” comes out on top in terms of average monthly searches with a total of 110000 searches. This is followed by “bosu ball” at 90500 searches, “swiss ball” at 60500 searches, “balance ball” at 27100 searches, and “peanut ball” at 22200 searches. The sheer volume of all of these searches shows just how popular exercise balls of all kinds are. Keep reading to learn more about each of these exercise balls for the gym.

Medicine ball

Crossfit class with three adults using black medicine balls

Medicine balls are a very versatile fitness tool that range in weight starting at 1 kg and going up to more than 15 kg which allows for the individual to choose a ball based on their own fitness level. These exercise balls are weighted so that they help to provide a good power or strength training workout but they can also be used for functional movements and core exercises. Due to the weight of these balls it’s important that they’re made of a durable material such as rubber or synthetic leather in order to withstand heavy and consistent impacts.

Medicine balls need to be gripped by both hands so the majority of them will have a grip or handle of some sort on the outside to make them easier to handle with a sweaty grip. What consumers enjoy about the medicine ball is that as their fitness level improves they can graduate to another weight of the ball which is called progressive overload. These exercise balls for the gym are perfect for training and enhancing overall fitness levels. 

Between March and September 2023, the average monthly searches for “medicine balls” are steady with 110000 searches recorded for most months of the year showing they are in high demand regardless of the season.

Bosu ball

Two adults using bosu balls for upright plank exercise

The bosu ball is a unique type of exercise ball for the gym that has two completely different sides to choose from – a flat platform and a rounded inflatable semi-circular side. Bosu balls are predominantly used for working on stability and balance as they make the user engage their core muscles to maintain their balance while standing on either side. They are also heavily used in rehabilitation programs to help strengthen areas of the body after an injury.

As well as balance and stability, bosu balls can be used for other exercises such as squats, lunges, and even push ups which makes it a very versatile tool to have on hand at the gym. Bosu balls can be difficult to handle at the start so it’s important that complete beginners start with easier exercises and then gradually progress from there in order to avoid any injuries or strains.

Between March and September 2023 the number of monthly searches for “bosu ball” remained stable at around 90500 for most months. The highest search volume comes in April and August at 110000 searches per month.

Swiss ball

Woman taking a break next to large blue swiss ball

Swiss balls are often referred to as yoga balls or stability balls and are a classic example of exercise balls for the gym. These large inflatable balls are quite versatile and can be used for balance training, core strength by leaning or lying on the ball and doing core exercises, and stability. Swiss balls are also popular because they can activate stabilizer muscles which help in maintaining proper posture. 

As well as using the swiss ball solely for core or balance exercises, many consumers will use it as a substitute for a bench since it offers comfortable back support and won’t cause as much discomfort as sitting on a hard surface. 

Between March and September 2023 there is a decline in average monthly searches for “swiss ball” of 22%, with 60500 and 49500 searches respectively over a 6 month period. The first few months of the year is when the most searches appear at 60500 per month.

Balance ball

Woman using small blue balance ball for core workout

Balance balls are similar in design to swiss balls but they are significantly smaller. These small inflatable balls are lightweight and portable making them easy to store away when not in use. They are predominantly used for core engagement and are a popular fitness tool for yoga and pilates since they are used for coordination and balance. 

Since these balance balls are inflatable consumers are able to adjust the level of firmness and difficulty by adding more air to them and they can choose to use weights as well if they prefer. They are steadily becoming a popular fitness tool to use for a variety of workouts.

Between March and September 2023 the number of average monthly searches for “balance ball” was stable at around 27100 searches over a 6 month period. The highest number of searches comes in February at 33100.

Peanut ball

Woman using blue peanut massage ball on her neck

The peanut ball is an oblong shaped ball that resembles a peanut, with two connected rounded balls at either end which provides additional stability not found in regular exercise balls. Peanut balls are popular for exercises that require core engagement but they are also ideal for massaging parts of the body that may feel tense or sore thanks to the shape of them.

Peanut balls need to be used with the proper technique in order to be effective and to reduce the risk of injury. They are predominantly used for rolling or self-massage techniques which makes them the perfect addition for any gym space.They are also heavily used by consumers from the comfort of their own home since they are easy to get the hang of.

Between March and September 2023 the average monthly searches for “peanut ball” was around 18100 searches over a 6 month period. The highest number of searches appear from October to February at 22200 per month.


Various colors of different sized exercise balls in a gym

There are a variety of exercise balls for the gym to choose from and each one offers something a little different to the consumer’s workout routine and targets various parts of the body. Some exercise balls are inflatable and the resistance can easily be adjusted whereas others are solid weighted balls that can be used for progressive overloading. Consumers enjoy having different options of exercise balls while they’re in the gym so it’s worth having a variety of them available for both beginners and hard core gym goers who want to focus on strength training. 

Exercise balls are quickly becoming a must-have fitness accessory since they can be easily used by individuals and at the same time can be incorporated into gym classes such as pilates or stretch and core. And as they are a cost effective tool to have on hand most gyms will have them readily available for all of their members to take advantage of.

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