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6 Sports Bottle Trends To Watch Out for in 2024

young woman drinking water from a sports bottle

More people are getting interested in sports activities, but they’ll need to stay hydrated while working up a sweat. And there’s no better way to ensure on-the-go refreshment than sports water bottles.

The market is bursting with multiple choices, offering consumers the opportunity to select the ideal bottle that suits their personal preferences. However, for businesses, navigating this market to find the best options to offer can be a bit challenging.

Nevertheless, this article will help businesses narrow their search efforts by exploring the hottest sports bottle trends in 2024.

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How big is the sports bottle market?
6 sports bottle trends to tap into in 2024
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How big is the sports bottle market?

a man drinking from a sports bottle

The new fitness and health wave has caused consumers to grow more interested in sports bottles, which are also experiencing a surge in popularity due to environmental awareness and diverse aesthetics.

It’s no wonder the global sports bottle market records US $5,428.8 million as its current size, boasting a potential leap of a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% between 2023 and 2028. Asia-Pacific also dominates the market with a 35.45% market share. 

6 sports bottle trends to tap into in 2024

1. Filtered sports water bottle

a white filtered sports water bottle placed on a pitch

Filtered sports water bottles are the smart choice for those who want clean, pure water on the go. These bottles come equipped with built-in filtration systems that work like water purifiers. And they’re popular too—reports (from Google Ads) show they attracted 27,100 searches in October 2023.

The filtration process can differ depending on the type of filtered sports bottle. Some, like carbon-filter bottles, are experts at removing chlorine—while others, like those with alkaline filters, kick impurities to the curb by adjusting the water’s pH levels.

a female holding a filtered sports water bottle

For outdoor fitness enthusiasts, filtered water bottles are like having a nature-friendly water upgrade. They’ll make the water taste better and give it a pure crisp quality. So whether they’re hiking, running, or biking, consumers can trust these bottles to keep them refreshed.

2. Straw sports water bottles

male athlete drinking water from a straw sports water bottle

Straw sports water bottles have gained popularity due to their convenient design, allowing users to drink without twisting or tilting the bottle. They’re also available in various materials like steel, plastic, and silicone, catering to consumer’s preferences and intended use.

More importantly, their convenience makes them consumer favorites. Data shows that consumers search for straw water bottles 40,500 times monthly—and it’s been this way since May 2023.

a young girl drinking from a straw sports water bottle

Consumers who value convenience often favor straw sports water bottles for their spill-proof design. However, it’s worth noting that these bottles may not be the most durable choice. The straws are typically made from materials like plastic, which is prone to wear and tear over time.

3. Collapsible sports water bottles

man holding a collapsible sports water bottle

Collapsible sports water bottles are portable compact containers made from a flexible material. People love them for their design that takes convenience to a whole other level. Plus, they generate 40,500 searches on average, cementing them as one of the most popular sports bottle trends (based on data from Google Ads).

One of the several benefits is their lightweight design, which makes collapsible water bottles easy to carry around. The best part is their foldable designs don’t hinder their ability to hold water. In fact, they can store them at hot or cool temperatures without taking any damage.

collapsible sports water bottle with paper cups in the background

Another amazing aspect of collapsible water bottles is their reusability and durability. Manufacturers make them strong enough to endure the constant folding and unfolding, allowing consumers to use their bottles without worry. Plus, their compact design also means they’ll occupy little storage space.

4. Insulated sports water bottles

a young female holding an insulated sports water bottle

Insulated sports water bottles have a vacuum treatment capable of impressive temperature control. Depending on the user’s choice, the insulated sports water bottle can keep liquids hot or cold for a long period.

They are also durable as manufacturers make them from stainless steel and high-quality food-grade plastics with thermal functions. More importantly, insulated water bottles come in various sizes to match the consumer’s preferred style.

woman with orange gloves holding an insulated sports water bottle

However, insulated sports water bottles are heavier than regular sports water bottles. And because of the materials used in their design, insulated sports bottles are often more expensive.

Regardless, they are the best choice for consumers planning long hikes or jogs—they will help keep water at the consumer’s desired temperature for longer. Google Ads data seems to agree as it shows that these bottles averaged 74,000 monthly searches in 2023.

5. Squeeze sports water bottles

male athlete drinking from a squeeze sports water bottle

Squeeze water bottles have flexible bodies that release liquid when pressure is applied. The materials used in making the squeeze bottle can withstand constant pressure on the body, e.g., silicone, polyethylene, and polyurethane.

What’s even more interesting is that these bottles are trending because they offer consumers easy access to all their favorite drinks. Plus, they provide a leak-proof, easy-flow design that levels up their functionality and aesthetics.

middle-aged man drinking from a squeeze water bottle

Some squeeze water bottles feature insulated double walls to keep liquid cold or hot. And they’re easy to clean! So consumers can rest assured they won’t drink contaminated water from these bottles.

Squeeze water bottles may not perform excellently like the other products, but it doesn’t mean they are not trending. Google Ads data shows that they’ve witnessed a surge recently, boosting in searches from 6,600 in 2022 to 8,100 in October 2023.

6. Hydration packs

young male drinking water from a hydration pack

This trend takes a different approach to keeping consumers hydrated. Interestingly, hydration packs are bags featuring a built-in water reservoir and a little hose for consumers to drink from.

It’s the perfect innovative product for consumers who need something for more than just drinking. Here’s the kicker: consumers can use hydration packs as water storage units, allowing them to use them for other purposes if necessary.

In addition to storing water, hydration packs have various compartments similar to a regular bag for users to store other items. And they typically have a snug fit, making them the go-to for hands-free refreshment. Although they’re not technically “water bottles,” hydration packs serve the same purpose and are kicking up quite the storm among consumers. 

female hiker drinking from a yellow hydration pack

Google Ads data reveal that branded hydration pack searches have grown from 165,000 in 2022 to 201,000 in October 2023. And the unbranded variants are drawing in significant performance. They attracted 49,500 searches in October 2023, showing that consumers love these hydration packs.

Wrapping up

Sports bottles have become trendy among consumers because they offer a sustainable and convenient way to stay hydrated. The best part is there’s a product available for every consumer preference.

Those looking for convenience can opt for hydration packs, straws, and squeeze water bottles, while consumers prioritizing healthy lifestyles will prefer filtered variants. Also, space-conscious users will love collapsible water bottles, and insulated ones are perfect for people with a thing for controlling their drink’s temperature.

It is time for businesses to boost profits and attract more sports-savvy consumers with these sports bottle trends in 2024.

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