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The Best Eyebrow Extension Kits in 2024

An eyebrow extension kit

There are many ways to enhance beauty artificially: fixing nails, puffing lips, sticking eyelash extensions, and grooming eyebrows

Those last two, eyebrow grooming and extensions, have seen a particular boon in recent years, proving an affordable and temporary way to improve natural brow looks and make a statement. Extensions in particular can help users look effortlessly put together without screaming, “I just got my brows done!”

While eyebrow extensions can be achieved at home, specific tools are required. But knowing which will sell can be tough. In this article, we delve into the top eyebrow extension kits for businesses to stock up on in 2024.

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What are eyebrow extension kits?
5 products consumers look for in eyebrow extension kits

What are eyebrow extension kits?

Woman getting eyebrow extensions by a beautician

Eyebrow extension kits ideally come equipped with everything a novice or expert would need to preen their natural brows. Eyebrow extensions involve attaching natural hairs or synthetic fibers to existing eyebrows via adhesives to make them look fuller – and kits make such a task much easier.

Eyebrow extensions are particularly attractive because they’re an easier and more affordable way to buff natural brows.

5 products consumers look for in eyebrow extension kits

Different eyebrow extension tools on a pink table

Eyebrow extension glues

Eyebrow extension glue placed on a blue table

Eyebrow extension glues are key to achieving a great natural brow look. These specially designed adhesives help stick individual synthetic hairs to the user’s natural brows, creating a fuller, bolder, and more defined look.

Typically, eyebrow extension glues come in liquid or gel form and are designed to provide a strong and lasting bond. They usually contain hypoallergenic and gentle ingredients to reduce the risk of adverse reactions and irritations, making them safe for use on delicate skin and around the eyes.

Beginner-friendly brow extension glues tend to be more forgiving, drying slower so that novices can correct any errors. The only downside is that they don’t last as long as more advanced glues – consumers can expect their lashes to last two weeks maximum.

In comparison, professional-grade brow extension glues are where things get serious. They offer fast-drying formulas that leave no room for mistakes, lasting up to two months.

Eyebrow fiber extensions

Beautician applying eyebrow fiber extension to a client’s face

No eyebrow extension kit is complete without eyebrow fiber extensions. These small synthetic hairs – usually made from nylon or polyester – mimic natural eyebrows, and come in different colors to match various eyebrow shades.

Eyebrow fibers are a fast and non-invasive alternative to traditional methods like microblading or permanent makeup, letting users customize their eyebrow shape and style without long-term commitment. Plus, they can be easily removed at the end of the day.

Consumers looking for natural-looking results are likely to choose eyebrow fibers that match their brow color. Others looking for more brow definition may prefer.

Synthetic fibers may be the most versatile and affordable option for eyebrow extensions but aren’t the most natural appearing. Consumers looking for the most natural look and feel may opt for silk or human hair fibers. However, these are more expensive than synthetic variants, and less colorful. 


Tweezers provide users with the precision they need to pluck fine, individual hairs.

While specialized tweezers for eyebrow extensions don’t really exist, varieties designed for lash extensions work perfectly well. Typically, they have longer handles than regular tweezers to help with removing stray hairs, as well as sharp, thinner tips for picking up fiddly extensions.

One of the most popular tweezer choices for eyebrow extensions is those with slanted tips. These tips give users a clear view of what they’re doing, allowing precise placement and removal of individual brow extensions.

Isolation tweezers are also great for eyebrow extensions, featuring angled tips but with a slight bend that helps to isolate individual brow fibers for easier application and removal.

Straight tweezers are also great for beginners, providing improved impressive grip and control.

Eyebrow extension gels

Eyebrow brush with gel on a pink background

What if consumers don’t want the hassle of applying each hair? They can use brow extension gels, whose mixed, gel-like formula means brow extensions can be easily applied directly to their brows.

Eyebrow extension gels are a fairly new product in the world of eyebrow extensions, allowing for easy manipulation of brow thickness and definition enhancements. 

These gels come in two main types: fiber-infused gels and gel-based formulas. Fiber-infused gels contain tiny fibers that adhere to existing brow hairs, filling in gaps and creating a fuller appearance.

These fibers can be made from nylon, synthetic hair, or even cellulose, and come in various shades and thicknesses to match the user’s natural brows. They’re also easy to use, offer quick results, and last several hours, making them great for consumers with sparse or patchy brows.

In comparison, gel-based formulas don’t contain any fibers. Instead, they use thickening and defining formulas to make existing brow hairs appear fluffier and more voluminous. Some varieties may also have tinting properties to help add color and definition.

Gel-based formulas tend to be more natural-looking than fiber-infused variants. Plus, they work well with all brow types and are compatible with many other brow products.

Brow brushes

A set of eyebrow brushes and tools

Eyebrow brushes are designed specifically for grooming and shaping eyebrows. These brushes come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose in achieving well-defined and polished eyebrows.

Here are some of the most common types on the market:

  1. Spoolie brushes: These brushes feature a mascara wand-like design with soft bristles. They’re used to comb through eyebrow hairs, helping to blend and soften products or extensions.
  1. Angled brushes: Angled brushes typically have short, slanted bristles, forming a flat edge. They’re ideal for applying products precisely, allowing users to define and sculpt their eyebrow extensions.
  1. Brow combs/brush combos: These tools combine elements of a spoolie brush and a comb to offer the best of both worlds. The comb part is used to shape and define the eyebrows, while the spoolie softens and blends the applied products.


Various tools that make up the eyebrow extension kits

The world of eyebrow makeup is evolving, creating exciting opportunities for retailers in 2024. And while brow extensions may be gaining momentum, consumers can’t use them without the right tools. 

Therefore, to maximize market potential, retailers will want to consider investing in eyebrow extension glues, eyebrow fibers, tweezers, extension gels, and brow brushes. These items can be combined into kits for beginners or sold individually to pros looking for replacements.

Whatever your needs, you’ll be sure to find thousands of eyebrow tools and other cosmetic products on Alibaba.com.

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