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How To Select the Best Eyebrow Stencils for 2024

Woman using a pair of white eyebrow stencils

Even with spectacular full-face makeup, a look won’t reach its full potential without properly shaped eyebrows. In fact, eyebrows are such a critical aspect of any cosmetic procedure that they can make or break a look.

While shaping one’s eyebrows was once a time-consuming and delicate task, the process is now easier than ever with eyebrow stencils. Whether consumers don’t feel confident about doing their eyebrows or have weak eyesight, stencils can help them achieve perfectly shaped brows without errors.

Keep reading to learn more about these outstanding tools and how retailers can select the best options to ensure success in 2024.

Table of Contents
What are eyebrow stencils?
Why do more consumers want eyebrow stencils?
The major types of eyebrow stencils
Three tips to help businesses select eyebrow stencils
Wrapping up

What are eyebrow stencils?

Eyebrow stencils are templates consumers can use as a guide when shaping or filling their brows. These tools are so revolutionary that thousands of consumers have turned to them as an easier method for rocking flawless brows.

More importantly, many consumers use eyebrow stencils to transform their brows at home without microblading or other brow beauty procedures. The best part is these tools are incredibly easy to use.

Consumers only need to place the stencil over their brow line and fill it with their preferred products (typically eyebrow pomade). This simple routine will also help conceal unevenness or sparseness. The stencils are perfect for women new to eyebrow shaping—as they won’t have to guess where to start.

Some eyebrow stencils come in kits, giving consumers different shapes and styles. However, the specific amount of stencils consumers will get in the kit depends on the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, stencil kits often come in different sizes to help users find the perfect style for their unique brows. In addition, most kits offer brow pomade and applicators to help beginners and experts apply their favorite colors easily.

Why do more consumers want eyebrow stencils?

An eyebrow stencil kit on a cream background

They help discover natural eyebrow shapes

Consumers must know their natural eyebrow shape, especially if they hope to get semi-permanent treatments like microblading. One of the best ways consumers can work with their natural features is with eyebrow stencils.

Consumers can try different styles

Speaking of different shapes, eyebrow stencils are the perfect way for consumers to test different styles before trying them. Their designs will help users find the best style without messing up their experiments.

These tools offer precise eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow stencils are all about precision! Because the shapes are already on them, consumers will find it easier to create precise eyebrow looks with these tools.

It’s a handy benefit for beginners experimenting with different eyebrow shapes and styles. Even professionals love this enhanced precision because it helps cut down the procedure’s duration.

They can help correct bad eyebrow shapes

If consumers have botched eyebrow jobs or if they are dealing with super thin brows due to over plucking, eyebrow stencils can help.

The major types of eyebrow stencils

Flexible eyebrow stencils

Lady using a pink eyebrow stencil

Manufacturers make these eyebrow stencils from flexible plastic materials, allowing them to bend and flex to fit the user’s face. Their flexibility allows them to hug the consumer’s brow bone, which makes them incredibly easy to use.

These eyebrow stencils are also easy to clean, making them one of the best reusable types. Flexible eyebrow stencils are the go-to for consumers experimenting with different eyebrow styles. Usually, manufacturers add them to kits in various shapes and sizes.

Transparent eyebrow stencils

Consumer using a transparent eyebrow stencil

These eyebrow stencils offer the highest precision. They feature transparent plastics with lines and measurements printed on them—and they’re reusable, too!

For this reason, consumers prefer transparent eyebrow stencils for drawing clear, detailed, and precise eyebrows. They also add a beautiful sense of symmetry to the user’s face. More importantly, these tools are perfect for beginners and skilled users.

Printed eyebrow stencils

Instead of plastic, these eyebrow stencils use paper to create impressive templates for unique brow styles.

However, not everyone has the time and patience to pull it off. In such cases, consumers would rather purchase ready-made ones. Typically, printed eyebrow stencils appeal to users who are always on the go. They’re disposable and useful for a quick touch-up while traveling. 

Metal eyebrow stencils

Lady holding a metal eyebrow stencil

Metal eyebrow stencils stand at the top when it comes to durability. These tools are a one-time consumer investment—as they last long enough to survive multiple eyebrow-shaping sessions.

Metal eyebrow stencils are the go-to for professional use. Beauty technicians use them for drawing eyebrow outlines before microblading procedures because these eyebrow stencils don’t fold or bend. 

Three tips to help businesses select eyebrow stencils

Invest in multiple shapes for different faces

The first thing to consider when purchasing eyebrow stencils is the target consumer’s facial shape, structure, and features. Not all stencils offer the same shape, so there’s a lot of diversity regarding these tools. 

Some things to look out for when choosing eyebrow stencil shape include arch, thickness, and high points (or roundness). These aspects help determine the closest one to the consumer’s original brow shape. 

Check the table below for the different eyebrow stencil shapes and who they’re perfect for.

Eyebrow stencil shapePerfect use/consumers
NaturalThe classic, everyday shape that’s perfect for most face shapes (usually oval, heart, and diamond). It has a soft arch and light to medium thickness.
ArchedThe more dramatic shape is ideal for consumers who want to make their eyes look bigger or those with round/square faces. This shape has a high arch and medium to chunky thickness.
RoundThis shape is the go-to for those who want to soften their features. Oval, heart, and diamond-faced consumers can use these stencil shapes. It has a low arch and a light to medium thickness.
Soft angledThis shape is the most versatile. It mixes natural and arched, making it compatible with oval, heart, diamond, round, and square faces.
ThinPeople who prefer more delicate eyebrow styles will love this stencil shape. It offers the finest line possible for eyebrows.
ThickConsumers who want bolder eyebrow features will gravitate toward this shape. It offers the thickest lines possible for eyebrow styling.

Don’t compromise on material quality

Consumers often use their eyebrow stencils, so compromising material quality is a big no.  This means always opt for eyebrow stencils made from good-quality and non-breakable materials. The best variants don’t rip or break when consumers peel them off their faces.

As a rule of thumb, the eyebrow stencil should be durable enough to withstand regular use. If consumers are after durability, sellers can offer metal eyebrow stencils. However, flexible plastic stencils are the best overall due to their ease of use and brow-hugging design.

For eyebrow stencil stickers, check for their adhesive sticking ability. These variants should stick and peel off easily without pulling the user’s skin. 

Check out other additional features

Eyebrow stencils, especially those in packs, should have the tools consumers need to fill or shape their brows. However, printed (or sticker) eyebrow stencils need special consideration.

Sellers must prioritize sticker packs with larger quantities, preferably 12 to 24 stickers. The stencils should also be user-friendly, comfortable, soft, and lightweight to provide the best experience. The adhesive must also be skin-friendly to avoid unwanted reactions.

Wrapping up

Eyebrow stencils are impressive! They help consumers shape their brows perfectly without any hassle. In addition to easy styling, eyebrow stencils can help maintain the natural eyebrow shape.

With 18100 monthly searches, many consumers are still on the search for the perfect eyebrow stencil kit. So, don’t hesitate! Use the tips discussed in this article to invest in the most profitable eye stencils for 2024.

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