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Best Headphone Cases for 2023

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Searches for “headphone case” increased by 18.2% in the last six months, according to Google Ads. In addition, the term “headphone case” has a higher search volume than other related keywords, indicating that they’re consistently trending. 

With plenty of great cases in the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the best headphone cases of 2023 and the factors you should prioritize when choosing which headphone cases to stock.

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Best headphone cases of 2023
How to choose the best headphone cases

Best headphone cases of 2023

With headphones becoming more popular and prevalent among consumers around the world, finding the right protective case is crucial for them to keep their audio investments safe. For retailers, understanding the key features and benefits of the top-selling headphone cases can help inform smarter product selection strategies. Below, we’ll list some of the best options to do so in 2023.

1. Koss Porta pro carry case

black headphone case on a white background

The Koss Porta Pro carry case is a stylish, lightweight, and padded headphone case that features a zippered closure and a convenient handle for easy carrying.

Its minimal design safeguards against scratches and minor impacts while being compact and low profile. In addition, the interior lining helps prevent the headphones from getting tangled or damaged, while an internal pocket provides space for storing a short audio cable or other small accessories.

Made of durable nylon, this case is built to last and comes in four classic colors to match anyone’s style. For under US $15, the Koss Porta Pro carry case is an affordable way to keep headphones safe and scuff-free for years to come. Overall, this case perfectly balances protection, portability, and price.

2. Homevare hardshell case

black EVA headphone case with blue headset

The Homevare hardshell case offers durable protection without the added bulk. Made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a lightweight, high-density, and impact-resistant material. This rigid shell helps to shield headphones from scratches and dents without adding significant weight.

The Homevare case also boasts a sturdy zipper and convenient carry handle for easy transportation. At only 7 ounces, users will barely notice it in their bag or backpack. Despite its light weight, the Homevare’s rigid, molded design provides ample protection for most over-ear headphones.

The Homevare case offers a tailored fit for many popular over-ear headphones, including Beats, Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Bose models. Its interior features a plush lining and mesh pocket to keep headphones securely in place and accessories organized. While snug, the case still has enough give to accommodate most types of headphones.

3. Mpow EVA carry case

red headphones in a black EVA case

The Mpow EVA carry case is a solid, affordable option for protecting audiophiles’ kit. This hard-shell case is made from high-quality EVA material that is durable and lightweight, preventing potential damage and keeping headphones free from scratches thanks to a soft inner lining. 

An integrated mesh pocket further provides storage for wires, adapters, or other small accessories. In addition, a secure zipper closure ensures the gear stays put. 

With its compact and minimalist design, Mpow’s carry case slips easily into any bag or backpack. Available in black, blue, gray, and pink, the case has an understated look that suits any style and won’t break the bank at US $15.99.

4. Slappa headphone case

opened black headphone case with headphones

Slappa is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality gear bags and cases. Their product lines include extremely durable and long-lasting products that provide peace of mind when transporting expensive electronics. One such product is the Slappa headphone case.

Durable yet lightweight, this case’s hard-shell exterior is padded with high-density foam to absorb impacts, while the plush interior lining prevents scratches. An easy-access double zipper allows quick access.

With a sleek, low-profile design, the Slappa headphone case slips easily into any bag or backpack, and comes in a variety of sizes to fit everything from earbuds to over-ear studio headphones. It also has an exterior pocket that provides storage for cables, adapters, or other small accessories. 

Buyers seeking maximum protection without a lot of bulk will find an innovative, lightweight choice in these Slappa cases.

5. Ofixo headphones shell case

The Ofixo headphones shell case provides a perfect blend of durability and lightweight design, ensuring excellent protection. Crafted from semihard EVA material, it effectively safeguards against scratches and minor impacts without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

The Ofixo case also boasts a spacious interior equipped with convenient mesh pockets to neatly organize and store headphones, cables, and other accessories. Its generously proportioned design offers ample space for accommodating larger headphones and sufficient room for cords without causing compression or damage.

An elastic strap inside the lid ensures that all components stay securely in place. Weighing under 1 pound, the Ofixo case adds minimal weight to a gear bag or backpack, while its affordable price makes it a reliable and budget-friendly solution for all consumer segments.

6. Tizum headphone case

Tizum headphone case on a white background

The Tizum headphone case is a sleek and fashionable option for safeguarding headphones. This premium case is made using top-quality aluminum and polycarbonate materials for maximum protection. Its hardshell exterior defends against knocks, while the padded interior shields the device from scratches.

The case has a sleek finish with a subtle Tizum logo embossed on the front, its minimalist design perfectly complementing the headphones within.

The case also features a secure closure that ensures headphones are safely stored inside, while its zippered clamshell design provides a full enclosure that offers impressive water-resistant protection benefits.

For enthusiasts who value high-quality sound, protecting their expensive headphones is a must. The Tizum headphone case does just that, providing both style and superior defense.

How to choose the best headphone cases

When choosing headphones cases, you’ll want to consider a few key factors:

Style and designs

Headphones cases come in various styles, from utilitarian black to bright patterns and colors. Shoppers will want a style that fits their personal tastes and needs. For instance, a low-key black case may be better for work, while a boldly-patterned case may be better suited for travel or leisure use.

Protection and durability

headphones case made from soft material

The amount of protection provided plays a huge role when choosing which type of headphone cases to stock. Buyers will most likely look for a case that will shield their headphones from damage. A hard case or shell will better prevent scratches, dents, and cracks than a soft case, but are often bulkier.

For over-ear headphones, consumers may want a case with thick padding, while softer materials like neoprene or fabric may are ideal for easy carrying as they are lightweight.

Material propertyExamplesAdvantage
SoftNeoprene FabricLightweight Easy to carry
HardshellEthylene vinyl acetatePlasticBulkyProtective

Finally, rubber or water-resistant materials will also guard well against weather and spills. For travelers, a case with extra padding or a hard outer shell will help to protect their headphones when stored in a bag or backpack.

Compatibility and fit

Choosing a case specifically designed for a specific type of headphones or size is integral. An ill-fitting case won’t protect well, and headphones could slip out or move around inside. Before buying, users will want to measure their headphones and compare them to the case’s listed internal dimensions to see if they’re compatible.

Zippers and closures

headphone case with a zipper

Pay close attention to how the case closes. Some materials, like zippers, Velcro closures, or hardshell clasps, provide a secure seal, while others, like drawstrings, may provide less protection. Buyers should, therefore, ensure the closure method they pick aligns with their preference for security and ease of access.


This guide provides an overview of the best headphone cases in 2023 and the factors to consider when choosing the right variety for you. Whether you’re looking for maximum protection for travel, something to show off a little style, or basic coverage at a good price, this list has something for everyone. Most importantly, these cases help buyers rest easy in the knowledge that their headphones are protected and hopefully have a long life ahead of them. Discover these products and any more by visiting Alibaba.com today.

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