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Best Home-Based Recumbent Bikes for Seniors

Man and woman sitting on recumbent bike at the gym

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for seniors to help enhance their overall quality of life and well-being. As people age, it’s not always possible for them to maintain intense workouts or engage in cardiovascular exercise, which often requires significant energy expenditure and added strain on the joints. When looking for ways to work out in the comfort of their own home, many consumers turn to recumbent bikes, which offers the same physical benefits of a bicycle but without the pressure it can place on joints. Here we’ll provide an overview of the best home-based recumbent bikes for seniors as well as their global market value. 

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An overview of recumbent bikes
Global market value of exercise bikes
Recumbent bikes for seniors

An overview of recumbent bikes

Woman sitting on recumbent bike wearing gray exercise gear

Exercise bikes are a popular piece of fitness equipment, both at home and in the gym. However, they aren’t always user-friendly, especially for seniors who may struggle to sit upright for long periods of time or suffer from joint problems. That’s where the recumbent bike comes in, offering riders a more comfortable and reclined position on a wide and comfortable seat. In addition, a backrest provides support, and the pedals, placed in front of the rider rather than below them, make for a more ergonomic riding experience. 

Younger man using a black recumbent bike at the gym

Recumbent bikes are a type of low-impact exercise machine that are suitable for people who suffer from joint problems, back pain, and other movement-related limitations. Similarly to regular exercise bikes, recumbent bikes offer an efficient way for people of all ages to get a good cardio workout without putting too much strain on the body, thus reducing the chance of injury. 

Global market value of exercise bikes

Man sitting on recumbent bike with handles on the side

Exercise bikes are some of the most popular pieces of workout equipment globally, and are often used as an alternative to the treadmills as they are less taxing on the body. They’re also rather compact compared to other pieces of gym equipment, making them suitable for home or office environments as well as, of course, gyms. By 2028, the global market value of exercise bikes is expected to reach US $666.94 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5% between 2023 and 2028.

Two men using recumbent bikes in the gym

Recumbent bikes are also expected to see a rise in popularity as more seniors look to work out at home. These types of bikes are also favored by younger individuals who may find regular exercise bikes uncomfortable to use.

Recumbent bikes for seniors

Woman using a recumbent bike in front of a large window

Recumbent bikes are a popular alternative to regular exercise bikes, especially for individuals who want to minimize strain on their joints or suffer from back problems. Many seniors may find it difficult to go to the gym regularly, which is why a number of recumbent bikes specifically for seniors to use at home have been designed and released on the market. In addition, these bikes are quiet compared to bulkier machines like treadmills.

According to Google Ads, “recumbent bike” is searched for 110,000 times on average per month, with “best recumbent bike for seniors” having an average monthly search volume of 1,900. Looking at the specific types of recumbent bikes, “recumbent exercise bike” comes out on top with 33,100 monthly searches followed by “electric recumbent bike” at 2,900 searches, “recumbent elliptical” at 1,900 searches, “semi-recumbent bike” at 590 searches, and “desk recumbent bike” at 480 searches. Below we’ll take a look at each bike in more detail.

Recumbent exercise bikes

Silver and gray recumbent bike with cushioned seat

The standard recumbent exercise bike remains one of the most popular varieties, and is very easy for seniors to use. It’s standout feature is its reclined, ergonomic seatings, which helps to support the spine and reduce the risk of back strain. A backrest, which can vary in size as well as the level of cushioning depending on the needs of the consumer,  is attached. 

To help reduce stress on the knees, the pedals are situated in front of the rider rather than below, allowing for a more natural and comfortable movement. More high-tech versions of the recumbent exercise bike may also feature an LCD screen, displaying data such as speed, distance, and calories burned.

Electric recumbent bikes

dark gray electric recumbent bike with lcd screen

Electric recumbent bikes aren’t as popular among consumers as the traditional recumbent bike, but they are gaining traction among seniors who want to work out at home. As opposed to standard recumbent bikes, electric versions feature an electric motor to assist the rider. The speed of the motor can be adjusted using an accompanying monitor, giving the user complete control over how much assistance they receive via the pedals. 

Recumbent elliptical bikes

Man using a recumbent elliptical bike for rehab purposes

What makes recumbent elliptical bikes such a popular piece of workout equipment among consumers, especially seniors, is that they combine the ease of use and comfort of recumbent bikes with the upper-body workout of elliptical trainers. 

While the recumbent seating is very similar to that found in traditional recumbent bikes, additional arm handles allow the user to simultaneously engage the upper part of their body while pedaling, providing a full-body workout. However, recumbent elliptical bikes may not be suitable for all seniors as they provide more of a strenuous workout than other recumbent bikes.

Semi-recumbent bikes

Woman using a semi-recumbent exercise bike in her home

Semi-recumbent bikes provide riders with the best parts of both the recumbent bike and the classic stationary exercise bike. This type of bike features a higher seat position than regular recumbent bikes, providing riders with additional support without sacrificing any of the comfort. As well as reducing potential back strain, the semi-recumbent position of the seat may make it easier for some seniors to get on and off the bike and helps to promote prolonged workouts that may otherwise be difficult to achieve in a fully-recumbent posture.

The bike’s handlebars are generally positioned at waist level, which allows the rider to get a slight upper-body workout that is not possible on a regular recumbent bike. Like on most workout bikes, the pedal tension can also be adjusted. Although this is a low-impact piece of workout equipment, the positioning of the seat may be uncomfortable for some senior consumers who prefer a more reclined position when working out.

Desk recumbent bikes

White recumbent bike with a flat desk on top

For consumers who want to take a more active and cerebral approach to home fitness, the desk recumbent bike is a unique option that allows them to juggle both chores and exercise. These machines are very similar to traditional recumbent bikes, featuring recumbent padded seating, adjustable resistance levels, front pedals, and a monitor to track their progress, except with the addition of a built-in desk that provides a place for a book, notepad, or tablet. The desk is also fully adjustable to accommodate different heights of consumers.


Man using a recumbent bike in a large gym space

Which recumbent bike is best for seniors to use at home will depend on their specific physical abilities as well as what they want to gain from the machine. As we noted above, whereas some recumbent bikes focus on the legs, placing minimal impact on the knees and joints, others incorporate an upper-body workout and even tools to allow multitasking. 

Recumbent bikes are the perfect alternative to regular exercise bikes or treadmills, especially for those users looking for a less strenuous workout. Because of that, the demand for recumbent bikes is on the rise among older consumers looking to improve their physical health from the comfort of their own homes.
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