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New and Exciting Biscuit-making Machine Trends


The biscuit-making machine has become highly qualified equipment of choice in the commercial kitchen appliances industry. Built with care, these machines help baking professionals everywhere improve their products, simplify their processes, and increase total profits. In today’s market, shoppers are interested in a biscuit-making machine that is quick, efficient, and easy to use. In this article, there are a few tips on the latest trends for biscuit-making machines. 

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Commercial kitchen appliances: another market on the rise
Biscuit-making machine trends
Key tips when choosing a biscuit-making machine
Final thoughts about biscuit-making machine trends

Commercial kitchen appliances: another market on the rise

With the rising growth of small and medium-sized businesses, the business appliance industry finds itself on a new stage with an even brighter spotlight. The global bakery machine market was valued at over $1 billion a few years ago, in 2020. In the coming years, there will be more to experience from the global bakery machine market as projections indicate a CAGR of 3.2% from 2021 to 2026.

In today’s society, everything seems fast-paced and business owners are realizing that time holds greater value than ever before. The demand for these products comes from various places, including the increasing need for drive-through meals as individuals fight to navigate their daily lives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The biscuit-making machine continues to trend. When it comes to function, efficiency, flexibility, and compatibility, there is no stopping the popularity of these trends amongst shoppers. Here are some of the exciting trends for biscuit-making machines.

Biscuit-making machine trends

3-Roll sheeter

Kicking the biscuit-baking process off to a good start is the 3-roll sheeter. This device creates a sheet of dough with great consistency and prepares the dough for the forthcoming reduction of thickness. Thanks to today’s evolving technology, the sheeter can receive ready dough from an automated handling system.

Silver 3-roll sheeter with blue conveyor
Silver 3-roll sheeter with blue conveyor

Shoppers in need of a biscuit-making machine will be sure to look out for the 3-roll sheeter trend as it offers great value in today’s market. A key element of this trend involves a conveyor that can transport any dough sheet. Known for its well-suited function, the conveyor takes transformed dough from beneath the 3-roll sheeter to the next station, and business owners will be needing this trend of compatibility while shopping for a biscuit-making machine.

Rotary cutting station

A little further down in the process of biscuit baking is the operation of a capable rotary cutting station. Cutting shapes out of a single sheet of dough, this station is known for both its accuracy and consistency. There is often leftover dough, also known as scrap dough, that the handling system has ample opportunity to reuse for future sheets in need of cutting, proving to be cost-effective for users.

Rotary cutting station working on a sheet of dough
Rotary cutting station working on a sheet of dough

The rotary cutting station trend holds merit that only amplifies the biscuit-making machine’s growing popularity. Worth noting is the necessity of die rolls, used for either unique shape changes or various products on the same assembly line. Thanks to the station’s ability to be changed, it efficiently decreases downtime for production, offering flexibility that shoppers looking for a biscuit-making machine cannot ignore.

Rotary molder

Once biscuits are soft and ready for molding, they go through what is known as a rotary molder. Filled with increased pressure and continuous suction, the molding process creates and extracts dough pieces in fine form. When shoppers run a business that requires a process for biscuit baking, the presentation of said biscuits will help determine which machine on the market is worth looking out for.

Rotary molder working on mini biscuits
Rotary molder working on mini biscuits

Whenever dough products need to be produced with a high definition, the rotary molder trend shines as a leader in operational effectiveness. In addition to 3-dimensional biscuits, this molder may be used for cookies and treats for pets, standing out against competitors that lack the same level of versatility. What’s more, the rotary molder offers a die roll that is interchangeable and able to be provided with segmented rings for different shapes, confirming its formidable feature that every biscuit-making machine shopper will want to enjoy.

Key tips when choosing a biscuit-making machine

If customers around the world are looking to improve their products, processes, and profits, the choice of machines is very critical. Here are some tips shoppers should consider when getting ready to purchase a biscuit-making machine.

Gauging station

Having the proper biscuit-forming equipment will make the biscuit-baking process so much easier for business owners everywhere. The gauging station helps to reduce the thickness of a transported dough sheet, and this is done before shape forming takes place. After leaving the sheeter and becoming gauge rolls, the dough achieves a well-controlled flow, maintaining finished product weights. This part of the process is key and must be executed with the right gauging station before biscuits can be cut.

Customized oven

While having reliable biscuit-forming equipment is essential to a smooth biscuit-making experience, so is having the necessary biscuit-baking equipment. Ovens come in all shapes and sizes, and skilled designers work to make sure that these ovens are customized to the needs of a shopper’s business. From 3D modeling software to oven airflow analyses to thermal imaging, each design serves as a testament to the sophistication of biscuit-making machines.

Production capacity

Thanks to the advanced technology that is heavily researched and vetted by machine-making companies, the production line for a biscuit-making machine is a sought-after trend for shoppers, and the production capacity of these machines is a key factor to consider when making a purchase. Competitive biscuit-making machines today can produce anywhere between 100kg and 900kg per hour. This is a great way to ensure that production plans are executed in a timely fashion, and entrepreneurs can use such stellar performance to influence how business-related expectations are set.

Packing type

After deciding on a biscuit-making machine that has the appropriate production capacity, business owners are keen on finding a product that offers the option of packaging biscuits. Luckily, there are many highly-automated production lines designed to both stack and pack baked goods after they are formed and cooled. Longer machinery is often recommended as it provides shoppers with equipment capable of respective stage-fulfillment. The average weight that baking-packing machines can work on is 500kg, making them very reliable during the biscuit-making process.

Biscuit type

Production lines should be able to fully operate on behalf of hard and soft biscuits that need to be made for growing businesses. Ingredients for some of the most popular biscuits include flour, water, sugar, milk, cream, oil, and eggs. This mixture is great for machines that need to make different types of biscuits. With versatility being one of the main trends when searching for a biscuit-making machine, the ideal machine purchase should be able to make products like rich tea crackers/fingers, ginger nut cookies, morning coffee biscuits, and even cookie sandwiches.

Final thoughts about biscuit-making machine trends

It has been made clear that 3-roll sheeters, rotary cutting stations, and rotary molders are key trends for biscuit-making machines today. Baking professionals are commonly looking for intuitive and effective biscuit-making machines that are great in efficiency, speed, versatility, and function.

These listed tips for buying a biscuit-making machine are quickly making the food-making experience something truly special. Businesses selling baked goods are prioritizing the many trends setting these products apart from the rest. The market for biscuit-making machines will continue to grow, and knowing which ones to offer to catch the attention of shoppers is exactly what enhances the value of a seller.

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