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Popular Trends in Kitchen Design for the Upcoming Year


Kitchens are the soul of any home; the gathering place for the family, the place to share stories, and the place to create amazing food to share with loved ones. For that reason, a kitchen’s design, as the warm heart of the home, is of vital importance to many homeowners. 

Whether built with bold colors, modern lighting, simple design elements, or convenient and space-saving solutions, kitchens this year are being built differently. After reading this article, you will know what to stock for your customers and where to find a great variety of global kitchen suppliers to suit your needs, budget, and location. So, without further ado, what have we learned from the kitchen design market, and what are the latest trends in kitchen design for the year 2022? 

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Kitchen market performance and prospects for 2022
What is expected for kitchen trends in 2022?
Final conclusions

Kitchen market performance and prospects for 2022

The refitting or construction of new kitchens involves many different components that help this market sector’s value consistently grow with changing trends and technology. The home décor market, which includes such elements as kitchen design, kitchen lighting, kitchen flooring, kitchen countertops, and kitchen furniture was valued at $616.6 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $838.6 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027.

This type of growth is thanks to two main factors: the increase in individuals buying houses and the changes in the way individuals are living. Real estate is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.8% from 2019 to 2026, meaning that there are more people buying houses (and therefore fitting kitchens) and they are prepared to spend more money to get what they want in their homes—part of that being the right kitchen for them. 

In terms of lifestyle, recent distancing measures and changes in the way we work mean an increasing number of people working from home. Thanks to this, individuals are looking at the best ways to reshuffle their homes for maximum space and convenience, creating a calming workplace without taking up too much space. This place, for many, is the kitchen.

Kitchen with natural materials and hidden spaces
Kitchen with natural materials and hidden spaces

What is expected for kitchen trends in 2022?

With more time being spent at home and in the kitchen than ever before, designs that reflect personal taste and make for a convenient living space are on the rise. These include choosing the most suitable lighting, whether paneled or luxury, choosing the right colors, and more. Some of the major design trends for 2022 are the following:

Bold colors and mixing

For a proud homeowner who loves to cook, there is nothing better than to show off a personalized statement kitchen. For this, many opt for bold color-blocked choices with softer hues. These can be bold blues, greens, or metallics paired with softer hues, including Alabaster. These are then paired with soft, energy-efficient, under-counter LED lighting to create extra shine and to set off the colors. 

In 2022 in particular, experts are predicting cool green shades to be the color of the year in kitchen designs—a nod perhaps to the desire to get out into nature following months of quarantine. For additional blending and mixing, 2022 kitchen trends are opting for texture combinations, incorporating metals with woods, marbles with golden or bronze taps, glass and wood, and much more.

Sustainable solutions

With energy prices rising, global warming fears, and a desire to be closer to nature, has come a move toward sustainable kitchen trends. From an increase in the demand for low-energy lightings, such as LED lighting, to an increase in sustainable materials, such as wood, bamboo, cork, and more, homeowners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and still have beautiful natural kitchens. There has also been an increase in smart appliances, including taps that control water flow to avoid wastage, and more.

Increased storage space

With the rise in stay-at-home employment, coupled with the need for more sustainable solutions, has come an increase in personalized storage space. Homeowners are looking to fit more in their kitchens without having to extend them—this means floor to ceiling storage, walk-in cupboards or larders, and multiple bins for recycling. Moreover, homeowners are looking to display their new glass jars and other sustainable packaging solutions in a tasteful way. This can be seen by the rise in the need for details and accessorizing, with trends pointing toward oil-rubbed bronze and lighting in kitchen cupboards.

Flexi and blended kitchens

With the rise in kitchens for multiple purposes (such as cooking, dining, and creating a workspace) has come a demand for kitchens that can be tailor-made and multi-purposed. This rise in dynamic multi-use kitchens incorporates two living spaces in a non-invasive way (kitchen/dining room, kitchen/workspace, etc.). For this, consumers will be looking for items to create a “broken-plan” feel, such as room dividers, floor-to-ceiling cabinets to use as dividers between the kitchen and small office space, and other ways to create a concealed and calm space in one room.

Kitchen with bold colors and soft hues
Kitchen with bold colors and soft hues

Final conclusions

With more importance placed on personalization, kitchens will be seeing lots of bold colors combined with softer tones and mixed textures, as well as striking and energy-efficient lighting. Additionally, with our impact on the planet and its climate a growing concern, be prepared for sustainable solutions and nature-focused themes and colors. 

The market valuation for kitchens is growing rapidly, and one key reason for this is the rise in e-commerce. A key player in this sector, offering wholesalers the chance to negotiate and buy directly from suppliers across the globe and make use of dropshipping, is Alibaba.com. Joining the e-commerce trend means having access to a huge range of products at great wholesale prices that are available anytime and anywhere. To step up your store’s kitchen game and make great profits this year, go to Alibaba.com now.

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