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Car Seat Cover Trends: Ride in Comfort and Style


The right car seat cover can be a lifesaver. Whether they’re improving the look of a car’s interior, or protecting seats from kids and pets, car seat covers are highly useful.

If you’re thinking about selling car seat covers, you’re in the right place. Here you will read why that’s a great idea, and receive help to make the best decisions for your business.

Table of Contents
Why consumers buy car seat covers
Types of car seat covers
Types of fit
What to look for when searching for car seat covers
Tips for selecting car seat covers to sell

Let’s examine why people buy car seat covers, the different types of covers, and what to look for when considering which products to sell.

Why consumers buy car seat covers

A car is like a second home. Drivers want their cars to be comfortable, in good condition, visually appealing, and clean. Car seat covers offer all that, and more.


Daily use can cause wear and tear. Car seat covers offer protection for vehicle seats and keep them looking new for longer.

A polished, sleek car interior with new-looking seats

They’re also easier to clean. Some covers can be put right into the washing machine, while others consist of materials that prevent staining and messes from damaging seats.

Protecting car seats is essential if you’re ever considering reselling your car. Keeping seats in pristine condition allows drivers to get a great resale value.

Express themselves

Some people buy cars to express themselves. Sure, they have functional benefits too, but these consumers want their vehicles to look good. Car seats help add a customized flair.

A car with a stylish, red, interior

There are so many choices when it comes to car seat covers. Drivers can turn boring stock seats into fancy seats and give their ride some style.

Comfort is key

Comfort is essential when it comes to cars and driving. And stock seats are often made with uncomfortable, stiff, or scratchy fabric. Car seat covers can elevate comfort and affect temperature, making every drive a comfy one.

Types of car seat covers

A few types of car seat covers are most popular. That’s because they address common consumer concerns.

Pet car seat covers

Pet car seat covers provide the ultimate projection for an entire back seat. Pets can be dirty and messy, and they can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s interior. A pet car seat cover stops damage and mess from ruining your car’s seat.

Infant car seat covers

Infant car seat covers protect babies and cars. They can prevent messes and keep seats in the best condition possible while also protecting infants. A baby car seat cover is a great item to sell, as consumers want to protect both their children and their car seats.

Waterproof car seat covers

The ultimate cover to avoid messes is a waterproof car seat cover. Neoprene is a fantastic fabric for waterproof car seat covers, and it helps on a hot, sweaty day.

Types of fit

There are three types of fit for car seat covers: custom, semi-custom, and universal. Custom is the most expensive option and is ideal for brick-and-mortar stores, as experts should complete the installation.

Interior shot of black with red trim leather car seat covers

Semi-custom fit offers a high-end look without a hefty price tag. A significant benefit of getting semi-custom car seat covers is that although made of one type of seat, they’re also able to be used on other seats that are similar in size.

Universal car seat covers will fit any car seat, making them versatile and affordable. They are the best option for any e-Commerce business as customers can install their car seat covers independently.

What to look for when searching for car seat covers

You know the types of car seat covers and the types of fit, but there are even more details to be aware of. When looking for car seat covers, you’ll also want to consider style, fabric, and durability.


If you want to offer your customers stylish car seat covers, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. A few popular styles dominate the market: sporty, flashy, and decorative.

Car Interior photo with white, beige car seat covers

Sporty car seat covers are great for customers who spend their days outdoors. Mesh material with a sporty aesthetic will elevate any car’s interior.

Flashy car seat covers are a hot item on the market. The options are endless, and you can choose to sell whatever style you want. Go for a girly pink with bling and crystals or a bright blue to express a favorite color.

You can also offer your customers decorative or themed car seat covers. Whether it’s a cartoon car seat cover, giving your car seat an entire personality, or a cute car seat cover, making their interior feel more like home.

Fabric and durability

Car seat covers are made from many different fabrics. And different fabrics have various benefits and durability.

As mentioned earlier, neoprene is a great waterproof option. It also protects against food stains and dirt. It’s highly durable and robust to withstand high pressure and high temperature.

Leather is an excellent option for colder climates and for drivers who want their seat covers to last a long time. It’s also a great option visually and can make any car feel brand new. And if you want to get luxurious, offer your shoppers sheepskin car seat covers.

Mesh is highly breathable and perfect for fighting odors. This makes mesh an excellent option for pet seat covers. It also has a sporty aesthetic, making it a stylish choice too.

Tips for selecting car seat covers to sell

It can be tricky when searching for wholesale products to sell. This article has the tips to help make your decisions easier.

Backseat photo of a couple driving in the countryside

Understanding your customers and their needs is essential. Do your research to understand your customer base and their preferences. Know their geographic and demographic information, so you can offer them products they’ll love.

Before placing an order with a manufacturer, order a sample. Then, you can ensure the car seat covers you sell are of the best quality and offer a proper fit.

When searching for wholesale products, ensure that your supplier’s output capacity and lead times meet your demand. You’ll also want to ensure their minimum order quantity will suit your financial requirements.

Finally, check shipping times and costs as they can severely impact your business.

Take a seat, let’s talk

Drivers enjoy making interior modifications to their cars and you can give them a hand!

There are many types of car seat covers, and they offer different looks, comfort, fits, protection, and durability.

Whether you choose to sell pet car seat covers, infant car seat covers, or leather car seat covers is up to you. When selecting your products, be sure to evaluate their types of fit, fabric, durability, and any other unique features.

Then, you can be sure to offer your customers car seat covers they’re going to love.

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